Teasing is one of the best things about having your man on a release cycle as it allows you to exert your dominance on him. Whether locked or not, make sure you do lots of touching, brush by him grab his butt. Lean down in front of him to pick things up and grind yourself against him. Go over-the-top with your teasing while he is locked to amplify the effects of his lockup time. I especially like laying on the bed sticking my butt out and “presenting myself to him”. Maybe even shaking my butt a little bit knowing full well that he is quivering and aching in his cage wanting nothing more than to get out. After doing some of these things, make sure you ask for a back massage or shoulder rub so he can redirect some of that pent up energy back toward you!

Peg Him

I know. You do this already but this time, why not try leaving him caged if you don’t normally? Spank him before you peg him if you don’t already. Make his butt all red and tender before you start pushing yourself into him. Teasing is all about mixing things up. The more routine things get, the less stimulated your teasing will get him.

Masturbate For Him

Play with yourself! Either keep him locked in his cage or handcuff his hands behind his back to ensure that he doesn’t touch. You can even have him go down on you to kick things off.


Strap-On Reversal

Give him your strap-on and ask him to fuck you. Do not release him from his cage and don’t use one of those thick penis extender sheaths. You want him to remain locked and you want him to see you being penetrated while feeling nothing from the experience. All he will feel is pressure from his cage. If you are truly evil, get a cage with spikes. Don’t use one of those penis extender/sheaths, he can still get some pleasure or pressure from those. You want him to watch it slide into you and instead of feeling glorious, he feels absolutely nothing. You may even go over the top with the moaning or go over-the top with your compliments about it. Pick something bigger, longer, wider, longer, shorter or curvier. Just pick something different and tell him how much different it feels. This should really accentuate your play.


When I Say Stop

Eventually you are going to let him cum but he needs to remember your authority. One of the hardest times for him to follow your directions is when he is almost ready to cum. To get him better at listening, I’ve talked about how important it is to stop him prior to cumming and cage him up for release on another day. This reminds him that you are the ultimate word in your relationship and the importance of following directions. If you give the instruction to stop and he doesn’t do so immediately, start counting. 1,2,3 representing the amount of days he will go without release next time. If it continues too long or he finishes, skip a few numbers. There is no reason to keep things sequential. 1,2,5,7,14. or 5, 10, 15, 20. As with everything, have fun with it and keep him paying attention to your directions.


Poker Chips

I got some poker chips through a trade show that I attended and put them to good use. I have five red poker chips. Each poker chip is worth an orgasm for the boyfriend. He can orgasm as he wishes but he must remove a poker chip from my bedside table each time he gives himself an orgasm.  At any point, he may put his cage back on for a week and earn a chip back. If he ever reaches zero chips, he must go all five weeks in his chastity cage to get all of his chips back.

Too Tight?

Tease him by rubbing your body against him, dressing provocatively, reaching out and touching his cage. Just give him enough for him to know that you are allowing his poor deprived guy have a little bit of attention. Ask him if his cage is getting tight, this one is very impactful. Just enough teasing to remind him that you are fully aware that he is locked up and fully aware that you are in complete control. It doesn’t take much to get his attention so, tease away! There is no pressure to have sex since he is quite literally incapable without being unlocked.

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Great article. I agree and love that you assert your dominance. Society has it wrong. Women are by nature the dominant. Look at courtship. It is a process where a man displays his submission to her. Marriage is the same thing. A union where a man gives(usually)up the ability to have multiple partners.
love your blog❤️

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