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Pressure To Have Sex

One of the best things about locking your man is the complete removal of pressure to have sex. Previously I would feel like we would flirt through the day and I would feel pressured that sex was expected that night. When he is locked up, the pressure is completely removed. The pressure would sometimes make me feel like I couldn’t tease him through the day – grab his butt, be overly flirtatious because he would then have expectations that night. Now, the GOAL is for him to have unfulfilled expectations with the looming reward being the ever-dangling carrot of sweet release.

Now I tease freely with zero regard for consequences, anxiety or pressure. I simply see his nice butt and give it a squeeze. I see his caged cock and give it a nice tug to make sure everything is secure. Short blog today but I was just thinking about then when I got out of the shower this morning, walked up behind him and started kissing his ear and blowing my warm breath on his neck. He moaned pleasurably and then grimaced as he undoubtedly felt the strain on his cage.


I wouldn’t call us an overly kinky couple, in fact we were fairly vanilla until we discovered the cage less than a year ago but it has absolutely changed things for us. Our relationship is now so much more fulfilling by harnessing one little thing and using it to take things up a level. If you’ve been on the fence about locking your guy, I encourage you to give it a shot. I can really understand how these things are quickly losing their taboo and becoming so mainstream.


We had some family in town and a bit of a rough weekend so he missed his regular Sunday release so it is going to be a long week.  For him.



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