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Holding the Power

We had a discussion today that made me think of this. My guy trusts me to hold the power of his orgasms and I ration them back to him over time. This is akin to a starving man who is given food. If I gave him unlimited access to food, he would gorge himself and quickly become overweight and unhealthy. When he entrusts me to hold his sexual rewards, he is allowing me to ration them to him and allow him to work to ensure that his sexual pleasure is balanced with the rest of his life. This ensures that he has a higher level of mental and relationship fitness.

Stupid Question

Make no mistake, he willingly gives the power to me with the understanding that he may earn it back at my whim. He chooses to put my happiness first in the relationship because he realizes that it will come back to him ten-fold. Rather than see him as a beta, cuck or whatever derogatory, disrespectful term the kids are using these days, I see him as a strong partner in our relationship. By allowing me to harness his sexual energy, he acknowledges the male sex drive can be overpowering and control his thoughts and actions. For the ability to have such a heightened level of self-awareness, he earns my greatest respect.

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I can think of no better way to support him and help motivate him to be his best self. Additionally, your desire for the man will continue to grow as you see his genuine self come forward. When locked, he will eventually resign control over to you and you will see a change in him. The change will quickly allow you to see the good in him and your desire for him will grow. His attention to your needs is amplified and he will genuinely want you to be pleased in any way that you desire. This seems like a parlor trick and at first I felt like he was telling me what I wanted to hear. I started to get upset with him for acting too perfect but quickly realized that his mind had signed control of his penis over to me. After the first few weeks, I realized that he was getting stimulation by making me happy. When I was pleased, he was letting off some steam.

Week Ago

If this all seems too good to be true, that is because it is. Orgasm control is truly the secret to a happy, healthy relationship. The secret to a man’s heart is through managing his hormones. With time, he starts to understand and separate his hormones and desire for release and separate the sexual overtones from your relationship. Sure, he has needs. We all do. They just need to be met in a way that doesn’t damage or manipulate your relationship.

Short blog. I had something to say so I figured I would say it. Blogging is new to me but I really like being able to get my thoughts out. It reminds me of keeping a journal back in middle school. You know. The pink one with the cute little lock on it.




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Man who retains,is a real Gentleman who respect women,he care about their happiness,needs and desires,he puts them before his needs,because he gets more pleasure from pleasing and taking care of her needs and desires.Orgasm denial helps men to understand better female nature,return love and passion in relationship.When he retains,he naturally wants to court and please his queen,she is his priority,he puts her happyness on first place,his pleasure becomes secondary. His life gets bigger sense. Men who gives his woman control over his orgasm is a strong man ,because he is not afraid to recognise his weakness. He is not afraid to ask for help. Women who are sexually stronger by nature should help their men to manage their orgasms.Man who retains is must be standarts for man, it’s absolutely normal and natural for man to practice semen retention. Frequent ejaculation is unhealthy and unnatural for men. Men have been practicing orgasm denial since antient times, this is described in Tantra and Tao. It has infinite benefits for his health. Man who practice semen retention last longer,has better stronger erection instead of man who abuse himself everyday. Man who often ejaculates can’t satisfy women’s needs and desires,he can’t make her happy.It’s very difficul for woman to experience sexual pleasure and orgasms with man who doesn’t practice orgasm denial.It’s so sad because women are naturally multiorgasmic,they can experience much much more pleasure.Women are thought frigid,because of these men who don’t care about their pleasure,needs and desires. I think men who don’t retain are unappealing for women who respect themselves.Women are much more pleased, appreciated,loved,honored with man who retains.l am happy and proud for women like you Emma,who don’t let their man to be abused and taken for granted.There should be more women like you.l am agree with you orgasm denial is a secret to happy and healthy relationship.

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