26 Reasons to ? the ? in your modern marriage.

A bunch of reasons in no particular order. I’ll probably add to them over time as the benefits keep rolling in. Feel free to add your own in the comments below.

  • He has no choice but to be faithful to you while he is out.
  • He can no longer masturbate without your approval. I was amazed to find out that his masturbation habit was daily. No wonder!
  • His tone toward you will become more respectful and appreciative of you.
  • He will no longer be subtly trying to seduce you with his daily conversation. Yes. He is doing this whether he knows it or not.
  • He will become less obsessed with his penis as the embodiment of his sexuality.
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  • He will start to associate other parts of his body and other activities with sex to the point that he will feel more comfortable when his penis isn’t on the menu. Sex does not have to equal penis.
  • His communication will increase significantly both in quantity and in honesty.
  • A more sexual side of me comes out when I feel a greater level of comfort.
  • I enjoy seeing him nude, his cage brings a smile to my face nearly every time I see it.
Male Chastity
  • The level of control is ?
  • Knowing that he has allowed you control over his most valued possession is a huge turn-on.
  • He no longer feels ashamed at his masturbation habits since they are now greatly reduced.
  • He will have more sexual energy for you. This needs an outlet and more often than not this turns into massages and the gentle caresses that you’ve been asking for all along. You won’t ask for this, it will simply happen.
  • His attention to detail on tasks that I ask him to do is significantly improved. He doesn’t want to disappoint me.
  • He will help out around the house more. He will probably even volunteer to do chores (imagine that).
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  • He will start to ask about what you want.
  • Sex stops being about him and his needs and becomes about you and your needs.
  • Easy to get his attention regardless of what he is doing. If I say the word “attention”, he immediately shifts his attention from what he is doing to me.
  • Overall sex life will improve significantly.
  • Relationship and bond between the two of you will increase greatly.
  • He will have much more energy since so much of his energy is now built up with no place to go.
Tumblr P1P19Rxnfg1Wonq2Ko1 1280
  • He will become smarter. No, seriously. He will. A massive increase of dopamine will decrease prolactin and will lead to increased brain function.
  • If I set his cage out on his night stand, he knows that he is to lock himself up and bring the key to me.
  • He will do better at work due to improved brain function and increased energy.
  • You will find that this very quickly goes from a punishment/reward system to approval and affection seeking.
  • What better way to demonstrate devotion?



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Makino from Japan

It is a very interesting article!
I learned that locking up our genitals has a positive impact not only on our sexuality but also on our daily lives and our relationship with our girlfriends and wives.

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