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Over the course of the last few months I’ve been telling my girlfriends about the benefits of chastity (much to the dismay of their boyfriends/husbands). One of my best friends suggested that I get off wordpress and make a site that is more than just a blog and she even offered to build it for me. Now that I’ve discovered chastity, I feel like I am going to be part of this community for quite some time. Maybe giving something more than my random thoughts and experiences would be worth it. What would you all like to see?

Reply here or send me a note and I’ll edit/add ideas as I receive them.

You are reading the blog at my website’s new home, the previous one was at a site.


Thanks to those that have sent me messages. I’ve gotten feedback from a few people and here are a couple of the more popular suggestions.

  • How do I get my boyfriend into this? How do I even approach it?
  • How do I go about picking a cage? Can I purchase the cheap ones or do I have to spend $300 on one? Where can I find the best cage?
  • A few of you have asked to share your experiences on the blog as a guest post.
  • A list of other chastity blogs written primarily from the female perspective.

All of those seem like great ways to move forward. I do like the idea of reviews, blog list and guest posts if we can figure out how to do those. Helping couples add chastity to their relationships is what this blog is all about so you can count on some great posts to help with just that subject.


It looks like we are getting almost 1000 views per day which seems like quite a lot so I am excited to see where this takes us. Thanks for coming along for the ride. My friend is going to come over this weekend to help work with me on building a better site. With that, she said that the site may need to move from so I hope that you choose to follow!

If you want to test the new site, drop me a note and I’ll get your feedback once we get something up and running. Word to the wise, it won’t be pretty!


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