New Site, Who Dis?

Alright so my friend Andrea (not her real name) and I spent the last week or so and most of the day today working on the idea and programming for the new site. Yay!

I take no credit for the programming, that stuff is all way beyond my skillset. After all is said and done, it does seem to be a bit more fetishy than I had wanted it to be. I am debating on keeping both this wordpress and the new site. Maybe it will grow on me but I really don’t want to turn anyone off by seeming to be just as fetishy as everything else that is out there.

We decided to go with the name Cage Guide since the number one question I’ve received is “Which Cage Should I Get”? I won’t be selling any cages but I can add links for places where you can buy them. None of the blogs and cage reviews are real so don’t bother reading, agreeing/disagreeing with them. I can’t really comment on comfort aside from what the boyfriend has said so I’ll be asking him and a couple of my friends boyfriends/husbands to help with building reviews for devices that they have purchased and personally experienced. Reader reviews will be enabled soon.


We have a group of 6 ladies with locked spouses so this is a fun little thing for us to play with. If you live near Las Vegas, are female and have any interest in meeting up with us sometime, send me an email! Basically like a book club but different.

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What would you like to see? What do you love? What do you hate? Hoping to make this something that all of you can enjoy so let me know what I can do. Should I keep my blogs here or move them there? So the site isn’t done but you are welcome to take a sneak peek and offer any feedback that you might have.


We really just want to see if we are on the right track or if we should scrap the whole thing and start over. Thanks in advance.

Oh yeah… Andrea and I are working on a blog about her recent experience with having her husband under lock and key.

Edit: I’ve decided not to proceed with moving the site to Instead, I moved it to the location that you are currently reading it – Andrea is planning on continuing to work on cageguide. I might eventually contribute somehow.



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That looked interesting, surprised I’d never seen this post before.

With the explosive interest in chastity and new cages and dealers since 2019, I’d consider going back to this idea. I know you probably don’t have a lot of free time, with this site, your day job, and your personal life, but maybe your friends should consider it.

And I noticed that mention of 6 local couples with men in chastity, I do hope you get everyone together and have some fun parties!

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