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So after reading all of your comments and realizing what I’ve actually enjoyed about this blog, I’ve decided to keep things as-is for now.

The thing I’ve really enjoyed with this blog is the ability to talk about my personal experiences that led me to be interested in male orgasm control. I really enjoy sharing stories of others that have tried this path with their relationship. A new site about the actual hardware isn’t the right next step for me. Thanks to everyone that commented and changed my mind, I allowed a friend to sway the direction with something that interested her and that is totally ok.

I believe that she is going to continue with the site and write about her experiences so you get a two for one. I may contribute on there as well especially since she only has placeholder text on there still. 😉


I may do some things differently here eventually or I may get my own website because I like all the things you can do if you get off wordpress and the process didn’t seem all that hard since she is the one that did all of the work. For now, same old Evolving Your Man site.

So, Kevin didn’t get unlocked this Sunday and I woke him up this morning with some attention to his locked bits and pieces. I allowed him to unlock himself and I wiped everything off with a warm washcloth. Without saying a word, I gave him some amazing oral (if I do say so myself). Eye contact the whole time, I was crouched over him and really going to town until without warning I stopped. We locked everything back up neatly with the help of the cold washcloth that I also brought with me and told him to get ready for work. God this is fun.


Oral isn’t something that I usually do since the act of giving is more of a submissive role but I really do enjoy giving it. If I am on top and I control when the situation starts and ends, maybe oral can be a dominant thing too. Anyone?



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