Starting Out

Starting Out – Part 1

I’ve received messages from other ladies asking how I can come into a relationship and “demand” that the guy be accepting of orgasm control. I’d like to set the record straight that I never demand anything but I also don’t explain the whole thing to him and give him an ultimatum. As with anything, I start slow and offer him many opportunities to speak up if this isn’t something that he wants to participate in. This story/series is part real, part fantasy but I’ve tried to accurately depict a combination experiences from my past few relationships with the intention of helping anyone else that may be interested in bringing female dominance and male chastity into their relationship. I don’t know how many parts it will be, maybe two or three.

With my current relationship, we met through Tinder. We both swiped the same direction so obviously we are a match made in heaven. After spending some time together, we really did seem to click and that’s great. We were obviously intimate by that time so I decided to see how receptive he would be to allowing me to control his orgasms. After sex one afternoon, I stopped after my first orgasm and told him that I wanted him to hold it so we could have sex later in the evening. I told him that he is harder and hornier when he doesn’t get off earlier in the day – totally true. We did have sex later that evening and I stopped after my first orgasm yet again. I told him that I wanted to see if he could last until the next morning without getting off and that it would be a sexy game, I promised to tease him all evening. We did some teasing and really had a good time with the whole tease and denial aspect of things. I didn’t tell him that tease and denial is nothing new to me but I did explain how sexy the feelings of power and control felt to me.

We went on like this, I was staying over at his place more and more. Frequently experimenting with tease and denial until he had to go on a business trip for a couple days. I told him that I wanted to challenge him to not masturbate until he got back home. He had previously told me that he has been a daily masturbator since he was a teen as is common with most men. He protested a bit but I told him that I would find it really sexy if he would wait for me and I wanted to see how much he cared about me. Day three came around and I met him for dinner and I asked him if he he won or lost our bet. He shrugged and sheepishly told me that he made it two of the three days but woke up in the hotel room and “rubbed one out” out of habit. I laughed a little, poked some fun at him and told him that we weren’t going to have sex that night as punishment. He whined a bit and seemed slightly annoyed but was ok with it.


We watched a movie at his place and started browsing ebay on my phone while we were watching it. He asked what I was doing. I told him that they make some devices that would make our little game a bit more interesting. He looked at me for a second, confused. Then I showed him what I had been searching for on ebay. He grabbed the phone from me and zoomed in on the picture of a cage. He asked, that goes on your… dick? I laughed and said, don’t you think it would make things more interesting? I’d be the only one with the key too. He laughed and said wow but didn’t answer one way or the other. I looked through a few and ordered a style that I knew had been comfortable for my ex.

First impressions in Part 2




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