Fun And Games

Its Not All Fun and Games

Its not all fun and games. But sometimes it is.

Some Fun Games To Play

This can be tough for the male but here are some games to make the teasing a bit more exciting for both of you. Remember that any dates on the calendar can be changed at any time by the partner. Delegating control is the point so this whole this is up the her discretion. 

Pick a Number

You tell me a number and I’ll unlock you tonight and stroke your cock exactly that many times. No more. No less. I’ll lock your cock up exactly that many days before we try again. Pick too low and you will be regretting it when you are left frustrated and helpless until next time. Pick too high and I’ll keep stroking after you cum which will be agonizing knowing that each stroke a wasted day you are going to stay locked.



Put 9 blue marbles and one white one in a bag. Every evening, the male and the partner have a conversation about how the day went. Every time the male has a day where he puts his partner ahead of the needs of his locked penis he gets the chance to draw a marble. If the marble is blue, the partner gets a massage, oral sex or something of their choosing to help relax her. If the marble is white, the male is allowed to masturbate. If the couple is in to pegging, you can replace two of the blue marbles with red ones and the male is pegged when the red marbles are drawn. If you are a techy couple or don’t have marbles laying around, there are customizable “wheel of fortune” type phone apps (like wheelofwhat for iphone)  that can substitute for the marbles.

Playing Games

Card Game – Pairs

Get a deck of cards, only use the joker, 4 aces, 4 kings and all number cards. The partner would let the male draw one card after every day of good behavior. If no good behavior no card would be drawn and we would hope behavior would improve the next day. The joker means blow job with ejaculation, the aces mean ruined orgasm, the kings mean striptease from the partner with no release. The number cards mean that the partner would receive a massage, back rub, oral sex or perhaps a household chore.



Is there anything that males hate more than conversation? Ensure that all of your personal time isn’t taken up with talk about his cage and how difficult of a time he is having. It would be great to have some conversation about your lives, common interests and family. Set aside some time and make sure that he is open and communicative with you. If he is inattentive or doesn’t volunteer conversation, add a few days to his calendar. If he is attentive and participatory, keep the date the same or subtract a day to reward for exceptional behavior.

Cum or Dare

Choose something that you know would be unpleasant or embarrassing for your male.

Some examples:

  • He can cum but he must swallow every last drop of his cum if he chooses to do it. 
  • He has to give you three orgasms with his tongue before you will let the male cum. If you are too sore to get off three times, try again the next night. 


This stands for clothed female nude male and can be exciting for your situation because it asserts dominance. Request that he be nude very frequently but you don’t need to get nude at the same time. Stay fully clothed. This will make  him feel dominated and submissive to you.

How Many Days Is It Worth?

Lay in bed and offer yourself to him. Explain that he can have sex with you until he cums but you must both agree to a number of days of lockup that this is worth to him. If the number is too low, you may be offended and change your mind.

One Cum

In this game, the male would get to decide if he gets to cum or not. Sounds like a pretty easy decision right? The trick is that only one of you gets to cum each night. Your job is to convince him how bad you need to cum and you know how much he likes watching you have an orgasm! The goal here is to train him to put your needs ahead of his. Once he sees how motivated you are to give him a pleasurable orgasm after several tries where he puts himself ahead of you, he will quickly start to learn the advantages of doing so. If he goes straight for release and doesn’t take you into consideration, put in minimal effort to make him cum. Five to ten strokes and then locking him back up should be more than sufficient. Right?

Tumblr Pne027Biwg1V213Ed 1280

Weight Loss

Require your male to lose a certain amount of weight and attach milestones to each of those amounts. If he loses 3 lbs, he is rewarded with a release. 5 lbs is rewarded with sex. You set the goals, this sometimes helps with males that try and eat to cope with their orgasm denial.

Chastity Dildo

Even though a male’s penis can’t get fully hard in the cage, the woman can still ride it. Why not use the cage itself as a dildo. This is an excruciating tease because nothing can be felt in the cage but all of the visual and auditory stimuli of sex is still present. Try to be a little bit louder with your moans than normal just to kick things up a notch. Make sure the exterior of the cage is nice and smooth (some can have rough exteriors), lubricate it and slide it into you. You can lay on your back and he can control himself into you or you can get on top of him and grind yourself into his cage. Either should be equally painful since it will result in a tremendous of trapped pressure from his caged erection. 

Counting Orgasms

For every 5 orgasms you have through masturbation, he gets to experience a release from his cage and edging for as many minutes as you see fit.

Clean It Up

Position yourself on top of him while you are having sex during his next unlock. Once he ejaculates inside you, bring your body forward towards his head. Require him to lick you clean or start adding days to his next lockup calendar. 

Don’t Stop

After he is released and you have sex, position yourself on top of him and don’t stop once he cums inside you. Keep grinding against him. His heightened sensitivity will make this very overpowering and even though it feels great he may beg you to stop because of the overwhelming sensations. 

Legs Spread

Spread legs are a submissive form of body language, set up a command that you would say where he in turn must spread his legs and take off his pants. This asserts your dominance and control over him and allows you to see his cute little lock box on command.

Tumblr Pn0Vazdbxe1V213Ed 640

The Human Coatrack

Remove his cage. Make him stand in front of the bed while you undress. Ask him to put his hands by his sides, if you don’t think he will be able to keep his hands by his sides you can always cuff or tie them behind his back. Once he is restrained, remove your panties and hang them from his erect penis. Masturbate using your hand or favorite toy while he is standing there.  Once you finish, he has to wait until your panties drop to the floor before he can put his cage back on. For every 1 minute he stays hard, a day is added to his next scheduled lock period. This game does not have any opportunity for orgasm for the male.



Offer to dress up for him and give him a sexy striptease and lap-dance. As soon as he agrees, tell him that the condition is that he needs to be locked up for the entire time. For extra bonus points, use a cage with spikes.

Playing With His Balls

After the first 7-10 days, the balls will swell with unreleased semen since they are used to being emptied very frequently. The male body isn’t accustomed to reclaiming the dead semen into the body (the source of many of the male’s hormonal changes). At this point, the balls will start becoming sore. Play with them. There really isn’t a game on this one but he will both love and hate this. 



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Some of these ideas are really great; and a few we’ve already tried ourselves (or variations). Games are a great way to keep it fun.

I particularly enjoy CFNM as does she. Here’s hoping for consistent warm weather soon…

The number of days game: I’ve seen a variation of this where each writes a number of days for him to be caged and denied…the highest number wins. But, if her number is the highest, she also adds the difference in the two numbers. No low-balling the guess for him!

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