Starting Out

Starting Out – Part 2

This is a continuation of the previous post entitled Starting Out. You probably want to catch up on that one if you haven’t already read it.

In the previous post, I had talked to my boyfriend about ordering a cage and had taken it upon myself to pick one out for him and order it. It was ordered from ebay so it took about two weeks before it showed up at the door but I received it at my place. I was hanging out at his apartment more and more so it may have been there for a couple days before I checked my mail. I opened it up, crappy packaging with all the parts contained neatly in a little ziplock bag it was a nice clear color and decent quality. I put all the pieces together and played with it for a few minutes and then put it back in the bag in my purse.

We ended up having sex later that night and I stopped shortly after I had an orgasm, I hadn’t done that for a while so it was nice to see that shocked look on his face when I did it. He was laying on his back and started stroking himself. I rested my hand on his arm until he put his hand by his side. I told him to stay right there, I reached over to my purse on the night stand and pulled the little plastic bag out. He looked at it, confused for a moment. I handed him the three different sized rings that it came with and ask him – which size do you think you are?


His penis was still rock hard and standing straight up, I lifted his balls and held the smallest size ring up to his balls. I tried to pull his balls through the ring – way too small. I tried the next size, seemed to fit ok but didn’t leave much wiggle room. Then I tried the largest size and I could have fit an extra ball in there. I put the two reject sizes back into the bag and handed him the third ring. I told him that I wanted to see it, I wanted him to try it on for me. He was still in a state of shock and had been enjoying my attention to his balls while he played with the part of the cage that his penis would eventually slide into.

He struggled for a moment or two and realized that nothing would be happening until his arousal went down a bit. We waited for a few minutes and about the time I was going to suggest an ice cube, it started going back down to size. He wasn’t huge or anything, it just needs to be nearly completely flaccid to fit into the cage. He was able to get the ring over his penis and balls but had aroused himself in the process so we were going to need to wait a few minutes again to make the tube happen. I went into the kitchen and got a cup of ice and a washcloth from the restroom to help. With a few strokes of the iced towel, we were able to get him into the tube and lock it using one of the two little silver keys that it came with.


We were proud of our accomplishment, I told him how much I liked it and how sexy he looked in his cage. He knew that I was a bit OCD so I told him how nice things look when they are neatly in their place. I could tell that he appreciated the compliments but he wasn’t too sure about the lock on his cock. He stood up to put his boxers on but I told him I wanted to see him in his cage- no pants please. I could tell that he liked hearing that as well. He strutted around in his apartment for a while and then asked if he could take it off for bed. I told him that I rather liked seeing it and asked if he wouldn’t mind cuddling me while he wore it. I left the keys on the bathroom counter so he could remove it if it became uncomfortable.

We watched TV for a while, I enjoyed feeling him behind me with his cage pushing up against me. I fell asleep pretty quickly since I’d had a good orgasm earlier. I woke up a few hours later and heard him fiddling with the lock in the bathroom. I didn’t expect it to last forever but looked forward to talking to him the next day. The clock said 4:30 am so he had made it most of the night.

Continued in part three! Click here to keep reading.



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