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Male Chastity: Motivating his weight loss

Looking good for your partner is an important thing for every relationship. Sometimes you feel like your partner may need a bit of work to motivate him to get to the gym or change his diet, cut back on the beer or whatever the situation may be. A couple must stay sexually attracted to each other for that spark to stay alive. As much as you want to be attracted to the whole person and not physical appearance, let’s be realistic. It is difficult to be attracted to someone who is overweight. Sometimes you feel like you would do anything to get them to make healthier choices for their body and for their health. Experts say that you can’t motivate someone else to lose weight but I beg to differ.

Too much fat makes sex less enjoyable because the bodies don’t mesh together quite as well, men with more belly fat have lower testosterone levels which will decrease their sex drive. If he is overweight, he will be out of breath and wheezing before things even get underway.

I do recommend that you lead by example, telling him to make healthy choices and then eating a box of donuts in front of him simply isn’t fair. In my opinion, it is also important for you to always be more attractive than him to keep the scale tipped in your direction. If leading by example doesn’t work, a lockup period in a chastity cage defined by a number of lbs is a great way to help keep him motivated.

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Start with a goal in mind, let’s say that goal is twenty lbs. You can tell him that you will weigh him each Saturday and if he meets his weekly goal of five lbs he can have an unlock & release. Make sure you break things down and do small weekly goals rather than one large goal. That will ensure that he stays motivated and achieves a goal that will make you both happy.

Will he get resentful? Resentment is something that I haven’t covered much but it is important that your motivation methods contain lots of teasing and attention or he absolutely will get resentful. Nobody is advocating a sexless relationship, what fun would that be. Keep the sex life strong but the frequency of his orgasms are under your control.




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In every loving relationship both partners would like to be as perfect as possible (with some realistic sense of humour) for the loved partner. this can be extended not only to weight but also to physical shape.
I practice a lot of sport so I don’t have problems and in the past sometimes we played with gym, for example doing pushup kissing her feet (I like feet vety much ).. once she asked me how many pushups I was able and I reached 65. She told me that she wanted 100 perfect pushups to have a better body for her, she asked me to train myself to reache 5 pushups more every week (if fail… no orgasm) and when I reached 85 she said “next orgasm at 100”. It was really funny and exciting, but also effective to train and have better body.


Agree. I was able to loose weight only under chastity. I felt much more involved and motivated. I lost 15kg (almost 30lbs) in 3 months, only by avoiding excesses every single day. Without chastity, this “dedication” could not have existed.

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