Date Night

Lock Him Up For Date Night

I had a conversation with a friend of mine – she knows all about my love for keeping my fella under lock and key. So far she has shied away from doing anything and her concern was about altering the dynamic of her marriage. If your relationship is working, I fully understand not wanting to rock the boat. We chatted through it and I explained that a cage can be a relationship changer or just a sex toy to keep things interesting. I suggested that she try just locking him up for date night. If he is a good date, he gets unlocked. Just a bit of a power transfer similar to a very vanilla version of pegging. Here is her story recounted by me from a conversation that we had. I really am a bad influence.

I was getting ready to go out; hair, makeup the whole nine yards. I watched my husband as he did his absolute minimum effort to get ready, he didn’t even bother to shave. Then I remembered the conversation I had with Emma about the lock. She lent me one of her boyfriend’s locks with several sizes of tubes and rings when we met for lunch about a week prior. I fiddled with it when she lent it to me but I couldn’t quite figure out how it worked and how it all fit together with the anatomy inside of it. I put it all back in the zip lock baggie and stuck it in my purse and forgot about it.


I was a bit annoyed that there wasn’t much self-care required for my husband to get ready, so I figured this was a good time to give it a shot. He brushed his teeth but didn’t even take the time to shave or cut his fingernails.


I told him that I wanted him to try something different for date night. A little sexual role playing. His eyes perked up when he heard that sentence and he looked at me with full attention. I told him that I’ve got an idea that puts me in control of his penis and he only gets to use his penis tonight if I tell him that he can. He scoffed and said something about it being the same as any other night. I looked at him sternly and said you better think twice before any more comments like that. I reached into my purse and produced the zip lock baggie and handed it to him.

I acted as if I knew exactly how to put it together, handing the pieces to my husband. This ring goes around your balls, find one that is snug but not uncomfortable – you might be wearing this for a while if you don’t behave. Then your penis goes into this tube, you can use some lotion to slide it into the tube if you need to. He asked me who’s tube it was and if it was washed. I had no idea, Emma and I hadn’t discussed it so I just repeated “Do it.” he complied and started fiddling around with it. About the time he had it figured out, he started getting hard and the tube slid off his penis. I laughed a bit and told him so snap the lock and bring the key with him. I would be waiting for him in the kitchen. He looked up at me while still fiddling with his apparatus and nodded in acknowledgement, almost timidly. I laughed to myself as I walked to the other room.



He met me in the kitchen a couple minutes later and handed me the key, honestly I was a bit surprised that he allowed himself to be under lock and key with no conversation or argument of any kind. Not really what Emma told me to expect, I was ready to try and convince him to do this for me. I put the key on my necklace and we headed out the door. He headed to the drivers seat and I said no sweetie, I’ll drive tonight. He looked confused since he always drives when he and I are in the car together.

As we drove out of the driveway, he started to ask questions about the lock and the penis tube and I sternly told him to hush – that I didn’t want to talk about it. We talked about other things, our day and some problems with our daughter’s school. Our date night was to be a little Italian place that we really enjoy. We know the owners and they always find us a table quickly, even if there is a wait to be seated. He looked at me with a puzzled expression as I drove right past our little spot. I pulled his car up at a Spanish restaurant that I’ve wanted to try. We got out, sat down and I ordered drinks for us followed by our meal. His face was very puzzled but he was going along with it, I could tell he was very curious as to what was coming next.


We ate dinner, paid the bill, got up to leave and I walked next door to a little bar/night club beside the Spanish restaurant. We went inside, sat down and ordered drinks. The music was loud but not obnoxiously so although the bass was loud enough that I could feel the Latin music deep inside me. I love to dance and I could tell that this crowd would be dancing before long. As if on cue, a couple at the end of the bar got up and started dancing. As I mentioned, I love to dance but I am not very good at it. I hopped up and took a big gulp of my drink and let loose and really enjoy moving with the music. My husband doesn’t really enjoy dancing but he will dance with me because he knows I love it. He hopped up shortly and followed me onto the dance floor. Three or four other couples hopped up and we had a very lively bunch of attractive couples of all ages on the dance floor. My husband started dancing close to me and I pushed myself back on him, knowing that his little guy was trapped and probably feeling a bit confined. We danced for two or three songs, I saw him adjust himself more than a couple times laughing to myself a bit each time.

We both ordered another drink, closed our tab out and headed home. I had a bit too much to drink and was feeling a bit tipsy so he did drive home. Once we got home, I was quite worked up so I sat back on the couch and spread my legs for him. He knows what to do when he sees that. He dropped to his knees and started kissing me down there. After I came two times, we headed back to the bedroom. I didn’t feel like fiddling with my necklace so I grabbed the spare key that I had stashed beside my nightstand and handed it to him. He took his cage off quickly and I noticed he was dripping with excitement as he took it off. We’ve been married a while and he hasn’t been this excited to be with me since we first started dating. Before I knew it, he was on top of me and thrusting himself quickly and finished up much more quickly than he typically does. We didn’t even have the opportunity to change positions. He actually apologized for finishing so quickly.

Day By Day

What a fun way to spice up date night for your marriage. Nobody else knew about our little secret and he told me how exciting it felt for him. He wants to do it again but I told him it would be longer than just date night next time. I haven’t decided how long but Emma’s recommendation of 7 days seems pretty intense for us. We might just start with a day or two but who knows. I can always extend it. Right?



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Thanks for sharing the experience that your friend had. I too am surprised how easy it was for her to get him to wear the device, although the fact that by spreading her legs he knows to drop to his knees and perform cunnilingus on her tells me she may already be dominating him to some extent sexually. Or possibly he has some submissive tendencies.
Please keep us updated on your friend’s progress with her man. I am curious as to how far she is able to go with this new found control she has.


I think this story demonstrates the magic that comes from wearing the cage. Kudos to your friend for being more assertive, especially when it cam to him giving her oral pleasure. Perhaps next time she might leave it on after, and have him wait…increasing her control.

You are right, these types of stories are the best. Fun for everyone. It’s surprising more folks don’t appreciate the use of the cage, denial, etc. I guess too much of our traditional expectations limits our experiences at times.


It could take more wonderful blogs like this which will likely allow the whispers in the shadows to turn into more open conversation among respectable people.


I wish I knew. Probably a far broader topic than any of us could do justice to. I’m sure many folks are hung up on some perceived BDSM aspect. It’s also reverse to traditional roles (male in control). Not to mention that folks tend to be more up tight about anything kinky, in general. Too bad. You never know what fun you could be missing out on.


Did your friend and her husband continue down this road or was this more of a one off? An updated story from them could be interesting.

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