Sweet Release

Sweet Release

When you deem the timing appropriate, your man will need to be allowed a release. The timing of this is completely up to you but usually ranges between one week to two months. Once you determine timing, you will need to determine how you will let him have his orgasm. I’ll go through each of the methods and their pros and cons for your relationship.

Lock You Back

Pre-cum is one great way to tell how ready for an orgasm he is. Allow him to give you a massage or tease him for a bit. A man who is physically ready for release typically has a fairly steady stream of pre-cum leaking out of his cage. Thin, clear pre-cum typically means that his body does not need a release and I’d advise leaving him locked a bit longer. If it is thicker and white, he is ready for a release whenever you are ready to offer it. Again, the decision is completely yours and it can be today or next month. The consistency of his semen certainly has no relevance on when he should be released, that is solely up to your discretion. I typically base my decisions on his behavior, his attitude and a quick check of his pre-cum.

Orgasm During Sex

I discourage this one because I feel that sex and orgasm need to be separated to avoid accidents during the month. We typically have frequent sex during the week so I don’t want his body getting confused about the appropriate time to release.


Let Him Masturbate

When And How

With this method, she doesn’t have to touch him or provide any stimulation. In fact, she doesn’t even have to be in the room! I’ve heard of sending him to the bathroom for a quick wank.

A twist to this would be allowing him to masturbate on something, perhaps onto the floor or while sitting on his knees in front of you. If it has been a while, it shouldn’t take long for him to finish.


Allowing him to masturbate while you are doing something else such as watching TV or playing on your phone can be humiliating as well. Impatiently watching him and making comments about how long it is taking can be fun too.



Pegging is another way to allow an orgasm. After about 10 days without an orgasm, the prostate swells and is hyper sensitive to touch. If you are into pegging or other anal play, an orgasm is possible for most men with anal play. He may need to do some self exploration to be able to have an anal orgasm. Be careful with encouraging self play because this could give him the ability to release without unlocking his cage. You can find more information about pegging in my article entitled Pegging For Beginners.


This one is certainly not for everyone and but you can request that your man eat his own semen after he ejaculates. This is a very submissive act and will get him back into the submissive mindset much more quickly. More information on this one can be found in the article entitled To Eat His Own.

I Changed My Mind

Too Quick

After you start getting him ready to him to release using whichever of the options you select, you can change your mind. This can be an excellent teasing apparatus as he got into the mindset of having a full release and you changed your mind before he completed his end result. This can be done simply as teasing or it can be done as punishment for a transgression during the week. You can do this at the beginning or just before he is about to finish, the choice is yours. I like to use a kind touch to the arm with kind words like “that’s all for now”, “let’s save it for later” or “Alright let’s put him away”. Watch his face as he will go through so many emotions, it can be exhilarating to watch the ride on this emotional roller coaster.

Pre-Sex Ejaculation

Sometimes I like soft, gentle sex and sometimes I like to be fucked like an animal. After locking your fella up for a week, you typically get the latter. If you want gentle, loving sex you can allow him to masturbate to orgasm about an hour or two prior to a time that you want to to have sex. This will slow down his excitement level and he will be able to perform in a more controlled manner for you. I’ve even had him masturbate three or four times to where he even has trouble achieving an erection but is able to cuddle in a very loving and intimate manner.

For more information, check out this article about Managing Your Man’s Release.



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From what I have read of your schedule, you allow him a release about once a week, sometimes caged all week, and sometimes not, and he is rarely to finish inside you. Generally you allow him to finish himself on a weekly schedule, or when you otherwise allow it. Is that right? Is that the only way he gets a release of any kind?

My wife seems to like constant edging and tormenting me, and when I’m leaking or have a tiny spill, she stops. Sometimes I have to beg her to stop. Sometimes, she gives me a ruined release which is particularly frustrating. Worse than that was ruined within the cage with the Hitachi.

But on the schedule we are on, only once a month is the scheduled full release plan, unless she decides otherwise. But how we do that varies. I think the regulation of full releases is essential to promoting the loving and caring dynamic we have; I feel mush more responsive and focused on her when retaining. It really is amazing the change that can come after just a short time.


Hi Emma,

This is a really interesting article, and I can’t help but feel turned on by reading it. The idea of being in a FLR is exciting and really appeals to me. I can only imagine what it must feel like to have a woman with so much control over me and my orgasms!

Can i ask, have you ever changed your mind about allowing a release for your man, and how did he react? Also, how does a last-minute denial impact on you both psychologically?


Hi Emma,

Many times when I feel ready for a release, I want my partner to tease me even more, until I am almost dribbling. I love the idea of being humiliated by her as well, could you give me any ideas/tips that we could try please?

Many thanks,

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