The Life and Times of Vegas Ang

This is part 1 of Vegas Ang’s Story, a forum member who joined earlier this month. We had two phone interviews which I recorded and took furious notes. Great story, please feel free to reply to her thread in the introductions forum to thank her for sharing.

My husband George and I are normal to middle class couple. We had two kids who went off to college some time ago. We moved from the midwest to Las Vegas and we’ve been enjoying our retirement. Life was busy for us, we both worked professional 50+ hour per week jobs. George worked for a big company and flew all around the world doing big sales pitches and acquisitions. I was a secretary and moved my way up to an executive assistant in corporate America. Once we retired we were now tasked with getting to know each other all over again.

George plays some golf now with his friends and I play some bridge and enjoy socializing with all of the other folks that came to retire in the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. We are really enjoying all that retirement has to offer. Shortly after moving here, we were greeted at a community event by a very nice couple that lives in the same neighborhood. They are both born and bred here in Las Vegas and it is a bit of a rarity to find someone actually from this oasis in the desert. Everyone seems to be from somewhere else. They seem to know people everywhere we go and are able to get us concert tickets, show tickets, sports tickets. You name it! If they weren’t already fabulous people, we would probably do well to associate with them just for the side benefits! We were lucky enough to have met them shortly after moving here and have grown pretty close to them since we’ve been in here.


In any case, that couple whom we can call Marge and Rodney were sitting out in our back yard by the fire pit overlooking our pool with us. and we were talking about getting to know each other and the whole courtship process, followed by raising a family together and never really knowing how to get back into that getting to know each other phase. It seems that when raising a family, your role changes to parent rather than husband and wife. Marge giggled and looked at Rodney and they said that it was difficult for them too, their situation was similar. Marge said that there is a trick to it and it all comes down to sex. We laughed too, explaining that we were re-learning about our sex lives and even learning about our bodies with creaks and aches in places that we didn’t even know existed.

Marge looked at Rodney and signed, saying that there is a trick to getting to know each other again. George and I were a bit confused and honestly, we thought for a moment that they were swingers or something like that. I think Marge could see that I was starting to get strange vibes about the way this conversation and said – Rodney just tell them. Then Rodney stuttered over his words and said “Well this is embarrassing and we’ve talked about this being our little secret but I guess we know you guys well enough so here goes. Marge controls my orgasms. She tells me when I get to have an orgasm and when I don’t.” I looked over at George and I swear I couldn’t keep a straight face. We both started laughing. Then we looked over at Marge and Rodney who weren’t. They were just looking at us with a dead serious look on their faces. We did our best to stop laughing but after a few mixed drinks, hearing news like that isn’t quite something that you can take without a giggle or two.


George looked at Rodney and said so you’re telling me that you don’t have sex anymore? Rodney replied and said oh no, our sex life has actually never been better but she dictates when things start and when things end. Still, a bit confused George asked, “…but how do you have sex without an orgasm?” Laughing a bit he added – “that’s not really how it works.” Rodney signed a bit and agreed that typically things don’t work that way but their marriage has changed for the better since they started changing things.

I piped up and said, “If we stop, I know George well enough to know that he will just take things into his own hands.” Rodney said that Marge has a solution for that as well. Pointing to the cute little key necklace that Marge had around her neck. He said that she has things under lock and key down there. I liked her analogy and laughed, remembering that I had actually complimented her on it a few months prior. Marge laughed and said, no I really have him locked up. His penis in a lock and I have the key.


More silence.

All we could hear the crackle of the fire pit and more awkward silence so I finally said… so you have his dick locked up and you wear the key around your neck? Marge laughed and said well this isn’t the exact key but yes pretty much. George was just sitting there wide eyed and confused. His friend Rodney whom he has really gotten to know allows his wife to lock his penis up? This Vegas guy who knows everyone around town and everyone adores allows his wife to…? So many questions. I finally said ok I’ve got to see this, prove it. They laughed and said no, no. Nobody is proving anything, you’re just going to have to take our word for it.

George just said “Rodney?” and Rodney laughed and mentioned a time earlier in the week when George had given him some shit for grabbing himself too frequently during a golf game. Rodney said that he was adjusting his cage. We were amazed at this point, offended, amazed, lied to, confided in. So many emotions about our friends. We had absolutely no idea how to feel. We talked about it a bit more, just about how the cage felt and if it was painful or awkward. Rodney was a good sport about it but you could tell they weren’t sure if they should have mentioned it to us. We were being good sports about it but I think they knew we would be having a good laugh at their expense the moment they walked out the door.

As we called it an evening, we walked them out the door and wished them well. We shut the door behind them and although I expected us to have a good laugh, neither of us did. We both made a beeline for our office where our computer sits and looked up these penis cages. Both of us were awestruck that this was something so commonplace for our good friends. After a good 30 minutes of looking them over, I told George that I was going to buy one. George looked at me with a worried look on his face and I said, no you don’t need to wear it. They are only twenty dollars. I just want to see how it works. I found one that I liked. A shiny metal one with a padlock on top.

To be continued!



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Link to Part 2 –

I read this when it was reposted and wanted to make it easier for others to find part 2.
Well written real life experience in part 1, the couple changed my negative opinion of people in Vegas, may have to reconsider going there!

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