The Life and Times of Vegas Ang – Part 2

This is part 2 of Vegas Ang’s Story, a forum member who joined earlier this month. We had two phone interviews which I recorded and took furious notes. Great story, please feel free to reply to her thread in the introductions forum to thank her for sharing. If you haven’t read part one, you should start there.

A few weeks after ordering a cage, a package arrived at the door. Addressed to me with an international China Post label on it, George set on our kitchen counter. I arrived home and he pointed to the box which was addressed to me. Neither of us regularly receive packages from China so we both knew exactly what was in the nondescript box. I quickly opened the box and pulled out the nice purple velvet pouch and shiny stainless steel cage.

I assembled and disassembled it a few times and I could see George eyeing it intently. I could tell that he was every bit as curious about it as I was. The cage was new and interesting, exciting new experiences don’t happen too much at our age. I noticed his interest and handed him the cage. He toyed with it a bit before I motioned to his crotch area and told him to try it on. George turned and started walking to the restroom I grabbed his wrist as he turned and said, “no way, I want to see you do it”. He bent over and started fumbling with it.


For those unfamiliar, the cages have a part that goes around the testicles and then another part that goes over the penis. Those parts come together and are met with a padlock. George fumbled with trying to fit the pieces on his pieces until he started to get erect and had to take a break. We laughed a bit, this wasn’t easy! On attempt two, George got the ring on and pushed the stainless steel cage over himself and finally was able to hold the pieces together. It was pretty impressive for a twenty dollar piece of hardware. I handed him the lock, and he looped it through the cage allowing him to remove his hands and admire it too. We looked at each other and laughed, both of us knowing exactly what the other was thinking. What on earth are we doing?

George has his penis in the cage, the lock was dangling but not shut on his shiny new stainless steel cage. I suggested that he snap it shut, he laughed and said it was fine just the way it was. He pulled his pants over the cage to see how it would look with clothes. In doing so, he must have knocked the dangling lock from the cage and the cage crashed onto the tile floor. Again, we laughed and looked at each other. George tried once more, this time he snapped the lock shut although he kept the key tightly in his possession.


Once more, George pulled his shorts over his cage and we both commented that it was no wonder we hadn’t noticed anything with Rodney. This thing was mostly invisible. I walked over to the couch and George followed, but with a metallic clanking noise when he walked toward me. Again, we laughed and looked at each other. I removed an elastic hair tie from my hair and handed it to George, who put it around his lock. The hair tie seemed to hold it tight enough that the metal clanking sound from the lock went away. We were to meet some friends for lunch, I asked George to wear it to lunch, he politely declined and we put it away for the day.

A few days later, we saw our friends Rodney and Marge at our community center, we told them about the cage and how much fun we had trying to “install” the device on George. They laughed as well, reminiscing about the first time they had attempted to put one on. Rodney asked George how it felt to wear it, and George replied that he had taken it off that day. I followed up and told Marge that we would be playing with it again very soon.

A few nights later George and I were doing some bedroom activities and George had a bit of difficulty getting it up. He was very aroused and while frustrating, we’ve both come to accept that this happens with age. I saw this as a fantastic opportunity for him to try his cage again. I motioned to the bedside table and told him to put it on and give me the key. He was a bit disheveled at his lack of ability to perform so I think he welcomed the distraction. George put the cage on and handed me the key as instructed. I told him that he would be wearing it overnight and he said that he understood. I think he liked our roleplay and again appreciated that the sexual activity required no pressure on him to perform. I pulled out the old Hitachi Magic Wand (every girl’s best friend) and took care of things for myself. He enjoyed watching but wasn’t particularly pained since his situation down there wasn’t very hard.

I woke up the following morning feeling refreshed and rested. George, on the other hand, had a rough night. I could tell that it hadn’t been a restful night and I could take a wild guess as to the culprit. Despite knowing the answer, I asked him how he slept. George scoffed a bit and said that it was uncomfortable – I’d had my fun and asked to be unlocked. I told him to play along with the game a bit longer, that isn’t how it works and proceeded to get up and hop in the shower. Rodney and George had a golf game planned and they would be meeting up with Marge and me at the clubhouse for brunch after their game. George was not pleased now that it seemed clear that he would be golfing in his cage.

George left the house first because they had an early tee time scheduled for their golf game. I enjoyed a bit of “me” time with the cats and a cup of tea on the porch while I fiddled with the key in my fingers. I liked the idea of George being locked, the feeling was new and empowering.

After a few short hours, I met up with Marge at the clubhouse and told her about George and his first day locked. She laughed and admitted that it is a tough subject to broach but the lifestyle changes are priceless. We spoke a bit more about the subject and she explained some of the psychology behind it. She learned much of this from trial and error but did point me toward a couple of good blogs. Sadly, this particular blog wasn’t active yet but this is a wonderful location to find some great information.

We were laughing and didn’t notice our fellas come up. Rodney came up and greeted Marge with a hug and a shoulder & neck massage. Marge had explained that the sexual energy is redirected to massages and loving touches over a few short days, I was excited to see these changes in George. He isn’t much of a loving toucher but time would tell. Brunch conversation didn’t go to any mention of cages and I couldn’t tell if George and Rodney had discussed their caging but I knew George would tell me soon.

We had driven separately but when we arrived home, I asked George how his day had been. George replied that it had been uncomfortable at first but the widening of his stance to accommodate the cage had actually improved his golf game. We laughed and enjoyed the afternoon together.

That evening as we were preparing for bed, George asked if his cage could be removed and I politely told him that it wasn’t time yet. I could tell he was a bit frustrated especially since he was clearly not having a problem with erections. His cage was rather full and his penis was straining to get out. Erectile problems hadn’t come up in conversation but it appears that the extra hormones might help with our ED problems.

The following day was mostly uneventful, I got a bit of whining from George who isn’t used to me taking a more assertive role in the relationship but I do enjoy it. I didn’t unlock him and he said that the cage was a bit uncomfortable but some strategically placed Vaseline helped him cope with his plight.

The next morning I was feeling in the mood so I unlocked him, wiped him with a warm, wet towel and we had the best sex that I can recall. He had absolutely no problems getting himself into the mood physically and we had sex like a thirty-year-old couple! Oh my gosh, I am hooked.

Thanks to Ang for letting me tell her story. Let her know what you think of her story in the forum! Questions, comments?



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What a wonderful story. Thank you Ang for sharing and thank you Emma for providing the forum.

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