Relationship At Play

Relationship At Play: Being best friends is the key to relationship happiness

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there. Just a quick blog to remind us to be playful all throughout the year. The ability to joke and play is no reflection on your masculinity, your femininity, your abilities as a mother or as a father. Play is play and it makes life fun.

Society tends to associate play with children and not adults. As adults, we are expected to be productive, work and even be serious when doing leisure activities. I challenge each and every one of you to try not to take things so seriously. Try to laugh and have fun with each other every moment that you can. Be best friends, be best friends with benefits, be the relationship and the passionate affair. If you are the grass and the greener grass on the other side of the fence, nobody will stray and nobody will yearn for more.

Just because you’ve gotten older, it doesn’t mean that you should lose the childlike way of approaching situations. I don’t care if you are 15 or 85, you still need to enjoy your time together. Taking life and each other too seriously is a recipe for stagnation. Always push each other for new experiences both sexually and in life. Challenge each other and push the boundaries of comfort.


Aside from the two of you, surround yourself with playful people that enjoy making situations light and playful rather than dark and mundane. Pick your friends wisely because happiness and attitude is contagious.

So many times we control sex in such a deliberate and prescriptive way. Tease each other and be playful in all aspects. Keep the mood light and don’t be afraid to offend or stretch the other’s boundaries. If you communicate with each other and respect the other person if they decide that something is too much, you are bound to have nothing but fun experiences together.


Teasing sex is fun sex. Even if sex isn’t an option, teasing is the easiest way that the two of you can keep the spark alive. Grab his cock and look into his eyes for a moment to totally take him out of a situation.

Approach situations with playful eyes and look for ways to make even the most monotonous things fun and exciting. Be the contagious couple that others want to be around.

Live. ?

Lock. ?

Love. ?



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“Grab his cock and look into his eyes for a moment to totally take him out of a situation.”


Great entry, Emma.



You are right Emma, people shouldn’t forget to be playful and happy, have fun with each other,be childish sometimes,not take everything to seriously. If not life really becomes boring and stagnating.
Thank you for sharing Emma, looking for new good posts.)

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