Popularity Of Chastity

Just How Popular Is Male Chastity & Orgasm Denial

While I don’t have any way to disprove or authenticate the statistic in the header image for this blog which states “An estimated one in every 6 straight men have tried a male chastity device”, I will say that the trend is growing. One in six straight men sounds high to me but I don’t know. In the absence of clear data, all I can draw from is personal experience. While it does seem like most have heard of chastity, few have tried it until talking to me. Hah!

Sexual tease and denial has been part of relationships and our human sexual behavior forever. Since the middle ages, chastity belts have been used to manage the sexuality of others. Some reports say that these devices were fake and others say that they were commonplace especially among royalty.

Regardless of whether medieval chastity was real or fake, male chastity has been making a resurgence due to new devices that allow effective management. The ever-growing popularity due to mainstream appearances, the ability to purchase devices anonymously and inexpensively online has made male chastity devices much more accessible.


While we don’t have any way to know actual sales numbers, we can see that these devices rank above more mainstream sex toys in popularity rankings on major sites such as Amazon. How are chastity devices outselling many traditional dildos and vibrators you ask? The appeal of chastity is strong of both men and women. Many women want to lock their man because of the many psychological benefits. Within a matter of weeks, her man will become more devoted and focused than years of counseling an therapy.

Why would a man want this? Many men feel enslaved to their penis and their sex drive. Some men are frustrated that at the level of focus and energy that goes into thinking about the opposite sex. Many men, especially men who with important and demanding jobs like to hand over control at the end of their day.


Google trends shows that searches for male chastity devices and information have consistently grown year over year. As the mainstream appeal increases, these devices will shed their taboo and hopefully begin to mold more and more relationships.

Do you have any metrics that might put some real numbers behind the popularity of these devices? Leave a comment below.



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According to the women in charge of the site osezlacmc.com, 4% of married or engaged men from Quebec live in chastity. How the survey has been made, it is described in a comment by Julieta. Have a good read!


1 in 6 sounds high to me, but Emma I think you may be part of a successful movement to mainstream male chastity. I got into BDSM around 1999 and it was a small tight knit community at that time. But then came “50 Shades of Grey.” After that book came out, many girls suddenly decided they wanted to be submissives and BDSM play became mainstream.

I think a similar thing can happen with male chastity. It only takes one book or movie to introduce the idea to men who have never thought about giving control of their cock to their female partner.


Tom Allen

The survey seems to be set up by the women who did the website. It’s obviously a pro-chastity site, and they did not post anything about their data collection. That said, 5% doesn’t sound like a bad number, and I can believe that 5% of adult men, aged 18 to 60 have possibly tried it out.

I’ve tried for years to get numbers from the bigger device makers, but all of them are secretive about their numbers. The only rough information I had was from The Stockroom, which almost ten years ago claimed that chastity devices were right behind dildos and insertables, making them one of the top 5 items.

When you consider how many Chinese devices seem to be on the market, both knockoffs and original designs, we’re probably talking mid-hundred thousand to low million units sold. But keep in mind that many men buy several in their search for a preferred device, while many others languish in the back of the sock drawer.

We’ve been seeing random articles in the mainstream and off-mainstream news about them; Californication helped, but what it needs is a good Netflix series, or possibly a movie in which a *normal* couple is trying it out and enjoying it to make these take off.

I do not know the exact ratio, but it’s more than we think. Many couples hide this and me and my husband is not exceptions.


Knows anybody, if there are similar statistics for Germany ?

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