National Pegging Day October 13Th

Tender Submission

Sometimes a woman just needs to descend to her primal instincts rather than traditionally/societal feminine roles. Sometimes she needs to feel what it is like to fully dominate her mate. To mount her lover, pin his head to bed and just fuck. Her full weight resting against his ass. Her carefully selected strapon buried as deep down into his core as she can. Grinding herself against him, her undeniable focus, to physically dominate and fill him.

She took her time in selecting which strapon she would fuck him with tonight. Would it be the long slender pink one? Would it be the shorter girthy black one? She picks the thicker of the two, wanting him to feel the unmistakable fullness of her toy stretching him and filling him completely. He moans as she taking him to a state of blissful pleasure. His groans driving her desire as her hips press into him. His soft moans of submission spurring her lust, encouraging her to dig his toes into the bed and thrust faster, harder. Every thrust illustrating her will to dominate herself into him and bringing them closer with a physical illustration of dominance.

He can feel the head of her girl-cock hitting him in just the right place. He couldn’t help but resist and push away when she first entered him, he now accepts her into him even pushing back into her as he feels more comfortable. More and more with each thrust his moans increase. His pleasure and feelings of submission increase and he feels warmth from the friction of her moving in and out of him. Equally as pleasurable is her body on top of his, immovable, holding him down in blissful acceptance of her dominant role over him. Finally his muscles get tired of supporting his body and the waves of stimulation overcome his body as he collapses on the bed. The feelings of pleasure and discomfort of accepting her inside him overwhelm his senses and he forgets about his family obligations, work, errands, cleaning, cooking. All he feels is her presence, holding his body steady with loving forcefulness.


Her body, still pinning him to the bed does not slow or stop. He can move his body but only barely. His body is hers and she holds him where she wants him. He knows he could tell her to stop but he enjoys allowing her to have her way with his body. She continues thrusting herself in and out of him, his moans become more muffled now as his face is pressed into the pillow.

She takes a break, her legs having grown weary. She tells him to “push back on it” and she waits for him to do the work. He takes a breath and moves his ass back into her, meeting her thighs with his bottom. She says “look at me” and he turns his face, gasping and biting his lip as he looks back toward her with a frustrated but pleasure filled expression. She enjoys watching him do the work on his own, watching him work to accommodate the large dildo within him. She is glad that she selected the one that she did. He is so much more vocal with his moans when he is stretched slightly beyond what he is comfortable with.


His motions slow and she meets him with her thrust, he didn’t expect her to push so he grunts and tenses his body as he anticipates her force inside of him. She grasps his sides as she pulls the full lenght of her dildo out of him and thrusts it back inside to the hilt several times. Each withdrawal sends shivers up his spine and he gasps with each of her thrusts back into him. He feels every inch of her sliding into him. With one final hard thrust she buries himself deep inside him, pressing her pelvic bone hard against him. She exhales and relaxes, laying on him with her strapon deep inside him. She rests there, feeling his body pulsating and throbbing. The two of them lay together, enjoying and accepting her dominance. She rests her face against his cheek knowing that he is hers and hers alone. He feels a sense of safety, a sense of satisfaction, knowing that he has provided his body for her pleasure. She withdraws from him, kisses him tenderly on the forehead and he thanks her for loving him.

If you enjoyed this, you might also enjoy how pegging makes me feel, a blog about how pegging feels from my perspective. Enjoy!



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Wow Emma, your ability to sexually stimulate others with your writing is not a gift, it is a freak’n super power! I can’t wait to read your first self published book on Amazon.



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