Prostate Play

We’ve never experienced one of these but I can’t wait until I am able to help Kevin experience one. Or two. Or three. In my quest to help guide him on his journey to a prostate orgasm, I’ve compiled information to share with all of you lovely folks.

What is a prostate orgasm?

A prostate orgasm is a pleasurable experience that a man can achieve by stimulating his prostate gland externally or via his rectum. A prostate orgams is distinct from a penile orgasm. A prostate orgasm can feel more intense and can be felt through the entire body, shaking and convulsing. These kinds of orgasms can be prolonged with sustained stimulation of the prostate and there is no refraction period between orgasms like there is with a penile orgasm. Women that can orgasm from penetration and from clitoral stimulation are used to having two separate types of orgasm types.

Where is the prostate?

The prostate is located on the wall between the penis and the rectum.


The Pubococcygeus Muscle

The pubococcygeus muscle or PC muscle controls urine flow, contracts during orgasm and assists in ejaculation. A stronger PC muscle will help your body eject semen with more force when you ejaculate. For most people this muscle contracts when you clench your anus but you can learn to recognize and control it separately.

Let’s get started!

This is going to take time. You might need to enjoy prostate stimulation without orgasm for months before anything happens. Prostate stimulation without orgasm is still very pleasurable in itself. The real magic happens as you learn to understand when your prostate is stimulated. Learning about your body will help you in your quest to find the elusive prostate orgasm.


Repeatedly exercise to help your brain adapt to associate prostate stimulation with pleasure. Don’t give up as it does take time to rewire your brain to allow it to associate the prostate with orgasm.


While pegging is a great way to experience prostate pleasures, solo play can be fun too. Prostate massagers and other anal toys for men are designed to perfectly hit that p-spot and taking the time in a quiet relaxing environment is the best way to familiarize yourself with your body. Don’t go in to prostate play with the expectation of reaching an orgasm, simply play with yourself and learn which parts of your body feel good and which parts of your body feel not so good. Once you know about yourself, you can direct your partner when you are both playing together.

Chill out

Relaxation is essential to prostate orgasms. Mental relaxation and letting go of expectations will get you on your way to experiencing one of these bad boys. If you are anxious and new to anal stimulation, it is going to take a while for your body to start accepting pleasure from your bottom. The same learning experience will go into learning pleasure from your prostate.

Take a shower, do some yoga or do some breathing exercises prior to prostate play. You may want to do some self-play rather than expecting your first prostate orgasm to happen from a pegging session.

The stimulation can be done with fingers, dildo or a specialized vibrating prostate toy. You might need to explore different toys and positions to find what works for you and your body.

Another thing that seems to play a part in prostate enjoyment is infrequent ejaculations. The longer that you’ve gone without an orgasm, the better the chance that you can have a prostate orgasm and enjoy prostate play in general. Sorry Kevin, yet another reason to stay on our release schedule.

I feel my prostate, now what?

Keep in mind that your body will need to learn these steps and grow comfortable with each of them. It is very possible that it will take quite some time to get to the first or second stage. If you get to stage three, you may regress back to stage two and back to stage one. That is completely normal and you need to be ok with experiencing whatever pleasure you are able to attain. If you put too much pressure on yourself, you will struggle with prostate stimulation.

  1. Contractions
    Contractions are the first signs of something happening. The PC muscles and sphincter contract. These are known as peristaltic contractions. These are involuntary and give a feeling of fullness in the rectum area and muscles. Your penis will probably go flaccid, make sure that you are focusing your mind on your prostate and ignoring your penis.
  2. Sensations in pelvis
    You will start feeling a hard swelling and muscle tension near the prostate. The tension will fee like it is behind the public bone and will feel weird and warm at first. Concentrate on that feeling and learn to focus your mind there. As your level of focus increases, the feelings will get more intense and pleasurable.
  3. Trembling and penis reaction
    As buildup occurs, the whole body may start to tremble. This may feel distracting at first but just roll with it. This feeling means that your body is getting closer to a prostate orgasm. The penis will get erect at this stage but don’t focus on your penis, allow it to get hard or soft as your body goes through the process of prostate stimulation. Your penis may even feel like you are ejaculating several times as your prostate continues to receive stimulation. It is important that you refrain from touching yourself as it will distract your mind and cause the feelings to subside.
  4. Release and intense waves
    The buildup that you experienced in phase three will release and your PC muscles will contract. The stimulation on the PC muscle will cause it to contract and you will feel a warm glow feeling from your prostate. Feelings of pleasure will radiate from your prostate through your body, these waves of pleasure or p-waves can occur even earlier. The waves can vary in intensity just like a penile orgasm but they radiate from inside the body outward rather than inward like a penile orgasm.
  5. Refractory period
    This is the fun part. There isn’t a refractory period like there is with a penile orgasm. You can keep going like a multiorgasmic woman without any delay. Your penis may go from hard to soft during this entire process but it doesn’t have any impact on your ability to experience prostate orgasms.

Below are a couple links for additional reading about this subject:

I hope you’ve found this useful and please remember that I am not biologically capable of experiencing a prostate orgasm so I’ve done the best I can to compile instructions and information for you. Take what you want from this and add any tips that you might have for experiencing a prostate orgasm. I’ll update this article if and when Kevin ever gets there but we regardless of outcome, enjoy the journey!



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It’s an amazing experience. In my case, I’ve been on all fours with my lover holding the dildo. Experimented with angles and speed. And then just being patient. I don’t recall how long things took to escalate but I’d guess 10-20 minutes. And then once they did I wasn’t really capable of speech. And completely agree with steps 3 and 4. I was so stunned I don’t know what would happened if we’d try to do it again right away., step 5. We’ll have to try and report back.

By the way, we’ve tried several times since then. And for one reason or another, it hasn’t been the same. All the planets need to be aligned. But definitely an amazing experience.


Hi Emma,
Great article – does an excellent job of describing the stages. I have experienced this a few times but only with the help of a skilled tantric masseuse. Each time the build up took about an hour which consisted of deep breathing, vocalization of feelings, massage of key points on my body to both relax and stimulate me (massage of the penis root below the skin with v-shaped fingers from behind was great) including external massage of the prostate in the “taint” area. The p-wave sensations finally generated are spectacular – completely different than a n orgasm from penis stimulation. It felt like incredible waves of pleasure emanating from my core, outward throughout my body with a sensation of energy exiting from fingers and toes and radiating from my trunk. I was shaking when each pleasure wave hit and shivering in between the waves (the troughs?). The final massage position was me on my back, legs drawn up and spread with my tantric masseuse seated between my legs, her legs over and intertwined with mine to bring herself close and give her leverage. With two fingers inside me me she alternated massage of the outer prostate lobes with rhythmic pulsing along the edges of it (the prostate center is too sensitive for this and is painful). While doing that she used the heel of her other hand to press and massage the prostate from the outside, using spread fingers along the outside of the genitals to stimulate just the deep root of the penis. Unlike a penis orgasm that lasts perhaps four or five contractions – maybe ten seconds, the prostate orgasm lasted minutes and left me feeling alive, buzzing almost glowing. I always scheduled the session for an hour and a half because the ride back down from that high was so emotionally pleasurable.


Besides the quivering and the “ohmygodwhatjusthappened” aftershock, there’s really no impact for us. I think there’s something unique at my end in that my focus and behavior doesn’t really change significantly. Obviously during the refractory period there are some changes but otherwise it’s all good.


My Love and I have tried on many occasions, with many different techniques and have never quite succeeded. We can get very close, but can’t seem to get “over the edge” without a bit of penile stimulation. Having done a lot of surfing/reading about it, we have come to the conclusion that a prostrate orgasm is similar to squirting or PIV only orgasm (i.e. no clitoral stimulation) for women – definitely happens for some, but not for all.
We will keep practicing though :).


For those of you that have had a prostate orgasm, how does it differ from an orgasm where your prostate and penis are stimulated at the same time? I’ve never had a prostate orgasm but the orgasms I’ve had where both my prostate and penis were simultaneously stimulated have been very intense. Is it more intense than that for you or is it a different type of feeling or both? I’m very curious. Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences!


I think loss of control. Almost like involuntary muscle contractions. At least for me. Such a unique experience you’re kind of not sure what’s happening.


Emma (and all of you who have shared you amazing prostate orgasm experiences) – thank you!
As a woman, I know that when I experience a g-spot orgasm it is so intense and amazing, so I really want MyPlaything to have this deep and powerful experience through prostate orgasm, which I do think sounds very similar. We often include his prostate in our playtime but this time, we tried something different. We left him in his cage to remove any ability (temptation?) to play with his cock. Then, with him in a yoga pose commonly referred to as “Child’s Pose”, I gently began inserting my fingers into his anus and stroking his prostate. He gave me good feedback re speed, pressure, depth. This got him very aroused and I could feel his muscles clench. After about 10 minutes, I inserted this great vibrator we have that has just the right girth and depth to hit his prostate and stimulate it without fatiguing my fingers. The sensations became even more intense for him. I had him roll over onto his back and pull his legs up, now in the “Happy baby” pose and we spent about 20-30 minutes with me simply stroking his prostate with the vibrator – no penile or ball stim of any kind. He continued to give me feedback so that I could make very small adjustments to pressure, speed and depth – VERY small. It became extremely intense for him and he oozed a sizeable amount of pre-cum – more than he ever has before without penile stimulation (although hard to tell fully how much with the cage on). It was so arousing for me too! I chose to stop at this point, although I think he would have been happy to go all night. ;).
We are going to continue this exploration tomorrow night but with his cage off for two reasons. The first is so I can better see how much he oozes (and maybe have him clean it up). The second is to see if the cage restricting his erection also restricted his ability to relax enough to orgasm . Still no touching his cock though!
I am so looking forward to this. Stay tuned…


Yes, I wanted it to never end. Even though I did not orgasm, it was intense.
My progression of sensations went from relaxing, to arousal, to feeling as if I needed to pee, to getting close to a climax (9/10) … but I just couldn’t get there. It would not have taken much attention to my cock to have me cum.
One thing My Love did not mention is that she has told me that my next orgasm will be a prostrate orgasm, no matter how long it takes! That both excites me a lot and scares me a little bit.
I am a very lucky man!


Update – DPlaything’s prostate orgasm – in case you’re curious…
Well, after some pretty intense play sessions – in the cage. Last night, we decided to leave him out of the cage while I pleasured his prostate. It’s been almost a month since his last orgasm so he was in this place of an exquisite and excruciating need to cum. We got very, very close and I allowed some light stroking of his cock but he just couldn’t reach that final place of release. Finally, I decided it was time so I sat on him and, with our favourite prostate vibrator stimulating within him, he had an amazingly intense orgasm. In the 23 years we’ve been together, I honestly don’t think he’s ever had one that was as forceful and extended. Although it wasn’t a “pure” prostate orgasm it was very satisfying all around. Will definitely do this again!


3: Trembling and penis reaction

The penis needs to be uncaged during this phase, in order to allow erections, or not?

Last edited 3 years ago by IlBestione
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