Male Chastity Day

Male Chastity Day 2020

It is like a combination of Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas all in one. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to try something new to rekindle things or dust off the cage and bring chastity back into your relationship. There has never been an easier way to get loads of extra attention and affection from your guy!

Take the chastity day challenge and keep locked and loved for a week or all the way to Valentine’s Day!

Male Chastity Day

I really enjoy these little caption images so I threw some of my favorites together. Enjoy!

Couple More Days
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Tumblr 2C7Abd642675Fb1Ffcebbf205Bc7Fe19 Db593346 640

Tumblr 3A7D00D7Eba978Fd11C2C5Fed3E65032 4Bba6D5C 640
Tumblr 4D71A63Ed9699B0312D67B3D3E4E0891 1A6E16D8 540
Tumblr 5A384900261083C132833F118Dfd22C4 5F32Ee56 640
Tumblr 5E6141Be8F07073F9Ac0Eba500Eaf9Fc Dbb2E3B6 640
Tumblr 6Ad8E60Dccd47B5F2028E1B1E8B4F206 Bb647616 640
Tumblr 6C15D3436616E5Aea0B077Ee20E7D9E5 9180D311 640
Tumblr 6F61Dbfe25C0F3787Fceee8F55Eb724B 282B232B 640
Tumblr 45F07B0E5Ade6Ac4827Ee5F2E3F3E504 9A9F7C0B 640
Tumblr 62E8A4201175518049E52149D6824303 4Fd47689 640
Tumblr 65B681D83D51Bcceb250Cbdf61903Dcf 18Ac9273 640
Tumblr 66Bb04B8990820E6Bdd71A521792Fda4 F36Bf58F 640
Tumblr 068A3Efbba89E4307C7A4Ea08277B0D2 40De0B5B 640
Tumblr 75B9D8D869Eceafef00Dc626Cf93Ef2B Acfcba79 640
Tumblr 99Cad3C448C3891B3B25328C64E21B4D 5Bf1095A 640
Tumblr 123Ba40F273541F7B8Fb6D58Fab1A547 B86735E2 640
Tumblr 747C5093E15Dbbc0204Ad0Eeb5Ab71C0 E9Fca2Ec 640
Tumblr 2808E3D237243660E6E9E2396F957Bde Fa5Feec9 640
Tumblr 6865Ef331E0607714C5714304F1575Aa 4772C148 640
Tumblr 79047Df53991277C364Ced185D0891A1 7Af7Fadc 640
Tumblr 612705A8E64144F4B05036164624102C Cc9Ef00D 640
Tumblr 63508793C2B066F608Cd7Ec7F5B34Adc 24B2Fc18 640
Tumblr Aa93F5D318C47992A1D41E3D1735Cc28 239B47Af 640
Tumblr E3642B9048Fd557E7E9C43Ebe1F259F5 616Febc4 640
Tumblr Pgcieo8Hhq1V213Ed 540



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How is Kevin doing? I think I remember you commenting he had a real struggle with locktober, so I’m curious.
My wife had me do locktober and is keeping me locked from Chastity Day until Valentine’s day too. She even used the Holy Trainer website to send me an invitation, despite me already being locked at the time she sent it.


I don’t know about you and Kevin but my wife and I really enjoyed Valentine’s Day. I hope you post something about your and Chastity Day experiences.


I love that picture of the naked wife and husband with him sheepishly locked up! That is awesome.

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