In Appreciation Of Men

In Appreciation of Men

Kevin is running some errands this morning and I am just sitting here drinking my coffee and thinking. I just wanted to take a moment to write a blog in appreciation of men. So many blogs minimize men and make them out to be some sort of monster.

Men are beautiful, appreciative, amazing gifts and I appreciate all of you. I especially appreciate those of you who make sacrifices for your wife, girlfriend or family. Sacrifices that come in the form of long hours at work, emotional conversations and orgasm control. Men that are self aware enough to be a wonderful partner are at the top of my list. So many of you fellas have contributed on the forum or messaged me separately. It constantly brings me joy to see how many of you are so genuinely interested in being the best partner that you can possibly be. Your journey to become self aware of your emotions and your reproductive drive brings me a tremendous amount of happiness. Grant her power over your body. Show her that you trust her. Accept your body as beautiful. Accept your mind as brilliant. Understand what you can do to live your best life and bring love and joy to those around you. It doesn’t matter to me if you are dominant or submissive, masculine or feminine, you are all men and you are all wonderful.

While I don’t think I can truly understand the difficulty or experience of orgasm control, that doesn’t lessen my appreciation for the selflessness of the act. I won’t belittle you by comparing it to childbirth or menstrual cycles as I’ve seen before. This is different, as are those. Drawing comparison is to minimize and I am only looking to give attention and appreciation.


I am challenged when I read so much of today’s news that tries to convince us that being a man is a shameful thing. It genuinely makes me upset. Men are beautiful. Both physically and emotionally, men are some of the most beautiful people that I’ve encountered in my life. So many incredible men, from my father, my partner and some of my best friends.

I think the cultural shift to shun men for being men is a horrible thing. Gender is a thing but it shouldn’t separate us and it certainly does not define who we are as a person.


Short blog, I just wanted to vent and stress my deep appreciation for you all.



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At a time when the words and actions of monstrous men are present everywhere we look, such kind and generous words… not necessarily meant for me… but finding them here in this blog….makes me smile and happy inside. Your writing highlights not only advice to women on how to successfully navigate their relations with us men but is deeply compassionate and empathetic with the challenges of being a man and often uncomfortable clothes we are asked and agree in public. I hope that those of us men with sons, brothers, fathers and friends take a moment to offer a hug and or a hand to each and to consider for a moment the open secret that most in our clan don’t wear the trappings of macho, alpha masculinity without some personal cost.

Again Emma, many thanks for your thoughts and for the extent you to which turn your relationship inside out for us and our benefit.




Thanks Emma – it feels good to be appreciated. I think many of us modern men lack self control and so it feels amazingly right to submit the most personal part of myself to my wife and love of my life. Men and woman ARE different and I love when those differences are celebrated.

When you ladies are up above us flying high we only ask that you enjoy the ride 🙂 THAT’s what brings us submissive men such incredible pleasure!


Emma, where are you?
I am checking your sit 3 times daily for new posts. You have the best information for FLR out there. I want to develop my relationship with my wife based on your content… hope you get the inspiration to continue! Miss your posts?


Thank you Emma for this post:In Appreciation of Men.Love,respect and appreciate each other.


My eyes watered a little as I read this. Thank you for this beautiful piece. Hope you are staying safe these days.


Hi Emma,
Posting here because this is nearly your last blog post. I’m sure I speak for many when I say that I hope you (and Kevin) are staying safe and well during these challenging times. I hope we hear from you soon and that you don’t find the passage of time since your last post imposes an excessive burden of being creative or brilliant with your next. I’d love to hear the mundane or prosaic thoughts you’re having these days about relationship dynamics, orgasm control, punishment, diving deeper into a FLR or abandoning it altogether, spring flowers, or rainy weather, COVID or any other topic.




Thank you. You are beautiful in writing this. We men DO want to be amazing partners. You ladies please lead, teach , giude and mold us?

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