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Did you miss me?

I am back!

To be honest I never really went anywhere. I’ve just had life creep up on me and my little hobby website was something that I needed to cut out of my life temporarily to make room for life. The world got sick and hoarded toilet paper, we all got confined to our homes and then riots broke out. Needless to say quite a bit has happened in the last few months.

Thankfully I am well and I hope all of you are also. My mother came ill (not virus related) and I was tasked with caring for her until she eventually lost her battle. So I needed a bit of time to decompress and re evaluate life in general.

What has changed?

Nothing really I suppose. I was let go from my job and found new employment delivering packages to each of you. As I walk up random doors, I often wonder if I have delivered packages to any of you.


Kevin and I are doing great, he has been working from home and that has been different although not overly interesting. Both of us have stayed healthy.

What’s Kevin’s lockup status?

During my nearly 6 month hiatus, many of you reached out to see Kevin’s lock status and I am happy to tell you that we are still on the same schedule. Weekly lockup with Sunday releases. Same as before. As with all of you, we’ve been cooped up at home more than before so we’ve been using that together time to grow closer and that has led to a more frequent hanky panky but as before, his releases are saved for Sundays.


We’ve tried a few new cages and had some more of my trademarked revelations that I’ll save for future posts but all is well and we are enjoying the change of pace. A few teasers to keep you on the edge of your seat.

We had an experience with spiky objects.

We are both kinda geeky so we were excited to try a Bluetooth cage. ?

I also decided that I like steel better than plastic. ?

In summary – TL;DR

I am back. Still very busy so my posts probably won’t be as frequent as before but I did start a few blogs during the hiatus so I have some working material to keep you satiated. I also appreciate all of you that commented and stayed active on the forum. I interacted with may of you in the forum and over email and I appreciate all of you that checked up on us.

Lots of love and I hope all of you and your families are staying safe despite all of the craziness in the world. Not to be political but I do agree with the protesters and I hope that one day we can all treat each other with kindness despite the level of melanin that we were born with. ❤️?❤️



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Of course you were missed! Your insights and humor are very much appreciated and I know there is a lot of time and work into maintain this blog which has also evolved nicely! It’s a relief to,see you’re back in the saddle, so to speak.
Having an opportunity to share experiences is really helpful, thank you.
Stay safe and be happy


Welcome Back! Of course life does get in the way, of course I was worried that something had happened, and I missed your writings and attitude. I hope you continue to write and post, and I agree that this country needs to change a lot. I think men-women relations is actually as good a place to work on that process as race relations, and you are a leader and guide in that area.


Welcome back Emma. I am sorry to hear about your mother, it is a sad time when someone goes and leaves a great space. Glad you are feeling better and can’t wait to hear about the Bluetooth one! Yes you were missed. ?


Emma ?
Today you made my day! I am so happy to see you are back! You have been my source for FLR and chastity! I live your content! ?

Sorry to hear about your mom ?


I am sorry about your Mother. My condolences to you and your family.

Welcome back.
You were missed.


I enjoy reading your posts! Glad you are doing good too. One day, this virus thing will be past us. Sounds like you are still having fun locking up hubby too.


Well said, Emma. You do a wonderful job communicating your thoughts. Glad to hear your family is safe.


Yes, I have missed you and your thoughts. I’m very sorry about the loss of your mother. These things take a lot of time to work through, much more than has passed and am glad that despite this and everything else in happening in the world around us you’re starting to feel up to writing on these pages here.



Welcome back, Emma.

Great and marvelous that You are back again !


Thrilled you are back. You were missed.

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