Plastic Or Metal Chastity Cage

Male Chastity: Which is better, plastic or metal?

I’ll go against everything that I have ever been told and begin with the conclusion. The plastic or resin cage is lighter weight and typically will not set off metal detectors. It is also more resistant to changes in temperature and this typically makes it more comfortable for the wearer. Cracking, snapping and wear and tear is going to be a bigger deal with plastic cages. You should inspect these cages more frequently for cracks to ensure that he doesn’t get his bits and pieces pinched.

I am also grouping silicone into the plastic category, these cages are more flexible than plastic but offer many of the same characteristics of that material. Silicone is a great option for active guys who run, cycle or have jobs that require frequent bending and stretching.

Metal or more specifically, stainless steel cages are much more secure, heavier and have a much higher appearance of safety and security. The heavier weight also creates a higher perception and reminder of being locked. The cold steel against his body is a greater reminder of my secure grasp on his most nether of regions.


As with many things, this comes down to personal preference. If he works in a place where he is going through metal detectors he should opt for silicone or plastic. If he is more active, a silicone cage is probably the right choice. If he is more sedentary or need a greater level of reassurance then I highly recommend the stainless steel cage. The sound of metal, the coldness of the touch. All of these things make the metal cage most appealing from the standpoint of the non-wearer.


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Plastic cages come in all different sizes and are the most colorful of the bunch. The bright colors of plastic cages are typically the least intimidating and most fun for the couple that is just experimenting or trying to spice things up. If you are just looking for some bedroom play and overnight wear, the plastic cage is a great option. For the most part, this has been our choice because of the low cost and plentiful options.


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The pink color cages can add a touch of femininity to the ordeal that you are sharing with your fella. I like the pink one myself because it matches the color of Kevin’s anatomy and as a self proclaimed neat freak, it keeps everything nice and tidy under the nicely colored plastic shell.

Many of the same style cages are available in different materials. If you find an inexpensive plastic cage that suits your fancy, there is a good chance that you may find a steel version of it. The metal locking mechanism on many of these plastic cages can be replaced with a plastic one. A fully plastic cage should be undetectable by any metal detector. Airport style x-ray detectors will still detect them and may cause an awkward pat down. While I’ve heard of plenty of guys passing undetected, it seems like that would be something that should be avoided. If you are detected, describing the device as body jewelry is the best way to explain it the padlock on your manhood.


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I decided to create a separate section for silicone because they really are quite different. Silicone cages are very flexible and contour to the body. They have a bit of stretch but are still secure enough to prevent removal without a key. Many of the silicone designs are quite unique due to the flexibility of the material. The base ring can be metal or hard plastic while the rest of the design can be more form fitting with the stretchy material. Kevin did mention that silicone cages feel warmer and less comfortable than the plastic or steel cages because they hug the skin so closely. For the same reason, they can be tougher to clean. They can also be the most comfortable for overnight wear and night time erections since the material has the ability to stretch.



Stainless steel cages are the most secure of the bunch. The metal cages can be cold and have a greater psychological impact to the wearer. Think about how you would feel if a police officer arrested you with pink plastic handcuffs vs cold steel handcuffs. Even though they would both physically restrain your hands, you would certainly feel a difference between the two. In your effort to assert authority over his sex drive and his hormonal urges, the greater psychological impact certainly works in your favor. Another benefit of the stronger material is these cages can be much more open. This provides a greater view of the parts within the cage and it also allows water and air to escape more easily. After a few days of sustained wear, a plastic cage can require removal for cleaning where a metal cage may be fine with spraying some water. Cleaning depends on the fella and the design of cage but shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Stainless steel with the external lock has a great clack clack noise as he walks. This noise can be minimized by using a rubber band to secure the lock to the cage but I quite like it. As I mentioned above with the plastic cages, many of the same designs that can be found in plastic can also be found in stainless steel varieties. This allows you to purchase a very inexpensive plastic cage to try the fit and then purchase the more expensive metal cage. We have done that a few times in our search to find the elusive perfectly fitting cage. While we have found a few cages that get close, the perfect cage most certainly doesn’t exist. Yet.

Metal cages also have the added benefit of spikes and other fun accessories. I have another blog coming up about spikes and cages. Spiked cage play can be lots and lots of fun. Stay tuned for that one.

Another summary

Yeah I know I got the summary out of the way up top but I can’t rightfully complete a blog without some closing notes. When you purchase a cage of any style but especially with metal cages, make sure that you run your fingers through the inside of the cage to make sure there are no sharp edges that might hurt the sensitive skin that it will be holding. We have returned and filed a few down that failed inspection. The goal isn’t to maim him, just to keep things locked away and under my control for a few days.

If you find a cage style that you prefer or would like to add more insight to this article, please add a comment below or in the forum. We have spent hundreds of dollars on trying different styles and are happy to share our insight but we certainly haven’t tried them all. Do you have a style that you love? Let us know.



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This is one of the best reviews I have seen so far. I got to appreciate metal over the years, as I got tired of the cleaning routine involved with plastic. I still wear plastic when I am in need of healing little chafing or bruises on the skin. A good quality skin-care hand cream on your cock combined with wearing plastic all day, and you can restore the poor baby-skin.


“They can also be the most comfortable for overnight wear and night time erections since the material has the ability to stretch.”

Oh, now that is interesting! We have been switching between a metal cage (I do feel more owned/controlled with that weight) and a plastic/resin cage (which is great for summer biking and hiking), but those nocturnal erections continue to be a challenge (7 months and they still wake me up twice a night).

I’ll have to ask Goddess about silicone. 🙂



We have tried a variety of metal cages as well as one silicone (Bon-1) for when I travel for work (4 nights at a time). While the silicone worked going through airport security (with a numbered plastic lock) it had a few flaws that made us stop using it:

1. It was hard to clean without removal and became quite “skanky” quickly

2. The silicone was sticky and required use of lube to keep it from pulling uncomfortably on the skin. Although the stretch in the silicone made erections a bit more comfortable (but there wasn’t that much stretch, so a good hard on is going to cause some discomfort – which is part of the point of wearing a cage), the flexibility/stretch of the silicone, combined with the required lube, allowed a good nocturnal erection to pull the cage right off (yes, I was using the smallest ring that didn’t cut off circulation and I am of average size).

3. Given the above, you can also guess that the flexibility of the silicone made it very easy to remove if I chose to. With a metal cage, although I can pull out my cock, I can never get it off my testicles. This wan’t a big deal as I honor My Goddess’s wishes and never masturbate or orgasm without her explicit permission. The cage is symbolic and the weight of the metal is a wonderful reminder.

In addition to Emma’s suggestions around peeing (which work for me) you may want to consider a longer cage that gives more room “for expansion” so to speak .

Good luck,


I’m definitely with Emma on this one. Though new to male chastity I’ve quickly decided metal is the way to go. Having used a Holy Trainer v4 for several months I found it was too large, way too bulky and a pain to keep clean. It also caused sore areas around the main ring. It was a reasonable starter device but has now been consigned to the bin. I’m currently using the S77 device from House of Denial and though a fairly generic off-the-shelf device, my one fits me like a glove and is perfectly comfortable. Maybe I’ve just been lucky and at £35 it’s a bargain. There’s no way I’ll be going back to plastic. 

Incidentally, I’ve found the best way to avoid any chaffing is to use coconut oil – it’s superb stuff and helps the ring and cage to slip on very nicely.


Tried (5) different cages (largest versions of each): CB 3000, Holy Trainer, BON4 Silicone, Custom Chastity FMJ , and a Mature Metals Jailbird. Here is a review for each:
CB 3000 – hard plastic requires a certain thickness to maintain is structural integrity, while the built up split ring was helpful for entry, the bulk of the ring was taxing on my testicles and caused under scrotum sores. Longest I could wear it was 3 days and 2 nights. Gave up after 6 month of trying.
Holy Trainer – hard plastic claims to “soften” after subject to body heat. Seems to be hard after hours of wear, didn’t soften as claimed. Again the “ergonomic” ring was bulky and had some serious pinch issues putting it on and taking off. Urination was difficult at had to use a cotton swap stick to line up the urethra with the opening. The “magic locker” was difficult to use and would get stuck. Gave up within a week of trying.
BON4 Silicone – the base ring size was limited and the interior strap/belt was difficult to remain in the base ring gap. Had to use (water based) lube to get it on which made a catch 22 problem of pulling the scrotum through the ring while trying to hold on to it with super slippery fingers. Tried for a month, sleeping with it on was ease, however it quickly turned into a petri dish of mold, bacteria… which required constant cleaning. Urination was a problem as well since the surfaces were dry/stuck to the skin or too moist to keep lube. Without lube, this device seems to “fuse” with the skin.
Custom Chastity FMJ – 3d printed plastic. While the product fit like a glove and the cage, ring and lock fit together really well, the surface material was like fine 600 grit sand paper. This was the plastic device I tried the longest. I spent quite a bit on it. After sometime, dead skin cells, residue from medical tape, lube… the interior of the cage finally bearable to wear for a week before cleaning was needed. The ring on the other hand, caused sores all the time to the scrotum. Attempted to “moleskin” wrap around the bulky 3d plastic ring, after about 4 hours the moleskin became too moist to provide any padding. Tried everything to make this device work for 2 years off and on. Finally convinced keyholder to try metal.
Mature Metals Jailbird – (recently purchased) custom made stainless steel. The ring is less bulky that all of the plastic ones above so no fatigue on the testicles. Extremely easy to clean and by far the most comfortable to wear. The only issue is attempting to get the urethra to line up with the opening between the bars – they do have inverted bars which can correct this. Mature Metals has great customer service and they will work with you to ensure their items works for you. I have been non-stop wearing it.

Highly suggest to try (fun, short term wear) at least one cheap plastic version to see if male chastity is right for you then move straight into custom metal if long term wear is to be expected.


Nice guide Emma! We started only a few months ago so definitely have much less experience than you and Kevin have. But I would definitely like to share a few thoughts on the metal cages since we tried a lot of them.

First the pros –metal is definitely much better in its overall feel. I wore metal for about 3 months (initially 2 days on 2 days off but ultimately moving to weekly locks with Sunday releases for a few hours). The ventiallation is very helpful. Peeing is super easy too. You actually don’t need to remove the device for cleaning either. I also agree that the cold feeling is super sexy. Plus it feels more masculine when you wear it. The weight feels good. It is sexier to look as well (as she told me herself).

However, if you are going for metal, go for the expensive ones. The cheap devices were good to experiment but they were of very poor quality. All of them developed a rust along the weld seam and at least three of them developed cracks and sharp edges on the base ring joint after a few days of use. You do not want rusty metal in that region (sweaty and humid as it is). Rust is a perfect place for bacteria to grow.

Another trouble with metal is that you run a real risk of Nickel allergy from them. While even normal jewellery poses nickel allergy risk, most jewellery does not reside in humid covered up regions. And there have been some studies which indicate that Nickel absorption is faster in acidic and/or sweaty environments. Even surgical grade metal poses some risk. It has got little to do with how much Nickel is in the steel but more to do with what else is in there. And you most definitely do not want manganese steel or chrome plated steel. Once Nickel allergy kicks in, it is pemanent –any exposure to Nickel afterwards (even from Chocolate) can be life threatening in some cases.

The mature metal guys have a decent reputation from what we could find online. If we ever get into long term chastity that is what I would spend my money on.

After our sad experience with metal cages and some internet research on nickel allergy risks, we put our money on Holy Trainer v4. It is pricey but it was worth it. It’s the only device where I have had straight 8-9 hour sleeps without any interruption (not even the early morning pee). However, it does not offer the same feel. It is very lightweight and very closed (my penis starts to smell every day). It is hard to clean so I take it off daily during shower and clean my genitals as well as the cage thoroughly.


Our story is very similar to those above. He started with a plastic CB, then went to an off the shelf metal cage (he tried a couple), used a soft silicone cage (which was a complete disaster, might as well have used cling film!) until we finally bit the bullet and bought a made to measure Mature Metal Jailbird cage.

The MM cage has completely transformed how we used chastity to be honest. The open design allows for daily cleaning without removal, the ring fits perfectly, the gap between ring and cage is just right (although all the previous cages helped us understand what size and gap to order) and the cage is the right length for him flaccid and when he tries to get erect.

So the outcome is that he’s been caged pretty much 24/7 since we first put it on in Nov 2018. He sleeps in it, and yes he does get up around 4 am for a pee to alleviate his morning wood, and can do all his daily activities without removal. Daily washing is a must but as he is uncut that was always the case anyway. But he rows, drives, goes to work, gardens, decorates etc all wearing the cage. He does actually say that sometimes he forgets it’s on. I think he’d prefer a more enclosed cage on occasions to get that complete controlled feeling, but of course we then get back into the hygiene issues you experience with those type of cages.


I also wear a Mature Metal cage and can do so indefinitely. The only activity it needs to come off for is bike riding.

I very much enjoy the weight of the cage as a constant reminder of MyGoddess’s love and control.


The metal ones are much better for us. Less frequent cleaning and more of me is visible to her. She says the metal ones are much cuter and more secure.


The HTv3 was good but she prefers the MM Jailbird. something about the padlock and the small noise it makes, works for her. The HTv4, I just received, is even more comfortable than the v3. I’ve been wearing it since it showed up two weeks ago and looking forward to another two weeks, at her pleasure.


I have tried many chastity devices over the years. I have tried custom and off the shelf. They don’t work. With a little lube I can easily escape from any of them and masturbate if I wanted to. A PA piercing would stop me from escaping but I could still orgasm with a strong vibrator and I don’t want a piercing in my cock. My attitude is why put up with the smell, soreness, big bulge, etc… My wife and I enjoy orgasm control using the honor system. Tease and denial is still fun. It works for us. I don’t need an uncomfortable device on my cock to remind me she in in charge of the marriage. Here is a link I found that you might find interesting:


My wife has recently looked at a metal cage, similar in design to the first metal one pictures above. But a knock off one for now to see the difference in feeling and effect. If it uncomfortable than it will just be a punishment cage. If it works I might have a new home for a while.

What do you think? Please leave a comment.x