Ping Pong Paddle

I’ve hesitated to post this too quickly but knew I would post it sooner or later since typing my thoughts tends to give me a sort of mental clarity. I love all of you and really enjoy running this blog but I selfishly gain a greater understanding of myself by being forced to compose my thoughts. This also means that I sometimes like to let things develop or run their course before posting them.

Over the course of the Covid-19 lock-down, Kev and I have done a decent job of limiting our social activities and staying indoors. Kev and I are generally social people with fairly active circles of friends. Becoming a Covid homebody has been rough but it has allowed us to slow down and spend time together.

Kevin and I have a wonderful relationship. He is husband material for sure. Kev is a caring, wholesome wonderful man and we have a bond like no other. I am genuinely blessed to have him in my life. Everything about our life is wonderful and I look forward to spending every moment of my day with him. The lock-down has forced us to spend more time together and has only proven to bring us closer together.


This is going to be a boring blog if I just talk about how much I love Kevin but I promise, it will get more interesting. I just need to quickly set the stage so you know that I am coming from the utmost place of love.

Common Area

Our apartment complex has a common area with a pool, gym, fire pit, outdoor bbq area and a ping pong table. The indoor pool and gym are both closed but the tv, couch and ping pong table are open. I’ve never really played ping pong much. I guess they figure that ping pong players are six feet away so it is social distancing friendly so it hasn’t been roped off. Kev and I have played a bit and he is far better than I am. Kev had a ping pong table in his house growing up so after a few games, some natural talent came back and he started beating me pretty badly. It was quite an ugly sight if I’m to be quite honest.


Kevin got back into cooking a bit but there wasn’t much to do aside from cooking, playing video games and watching tv together. I had some family issues during the lock down that had me feeling down so activities were helpful to keep our minds occupied.

The ping pong table was mostly unused aside from us but we would see other tenants walk by from time to time. The walkway to the elevator wasn’t far from the common area so they would always glance in when walking by.


One evening one of our normal walker-by-ers stopped by and introduced himself as Andrew. He said that he had seen us as he walked by for the past few weeks and said he hated to intrude but would love to play if either of us needed a break. I hadn’t noticed him but I was usually so intently focused on actually hitting the ball that I tuned my surroundings out so I had never seen him before.

I was hopeful to actually see someone beat Kev (sorry hun!) so I took him up on his offer and watched the two play. Kev was still slightly better but Andrew certainly gave him more of a challenge than I did. I’m not going to lie when I say that I enjoyed seeing Kev get beaten from time and was clearly rooting for Andrew, the underdog in this match-up.

As they were playing, I found myself checking Andrew out. He had a slim build with dark hair, almost lanky but his body was in proportion. Andrew was about 5’7 so slightly shorter than Kev but taller than I. He was cute and I enjoyed watching the two of them play.

They played for close to an hour and although they offered to let me play between games which I declined. I found my attention drifting off to the tv in the common area and Kev observed that I was clearly growing weary of the game and had exhausted his efforts to get me to play again so he suggested that we go home. As we started to go our separate ways, I volunteered my number to Andrew and said that we should play again sometime. Andrew glanced over at Kev who smiled and Andrew proceeded to enter my number in his phone.

As we started to go our separate ways, Andrew said that were welcome to come over for a bit if we like as he motioned to his apartment which, based upon his motion and nonchalant demeanor appeared to be close.

Hanging Out

We went to Andrew’s apartment which was nice; a one bedroom which was very similar design to ours although reversed. The decor was mostly grays and earth tones not the festive bright colors that I used to decorate ours. It seemed to suit him. He led us to the kitchen counter and produced a couple beers and a small pipe. Andrew asked if either of us smoked. Both Kev and I do smoke from time to time and we told him so. We realized at this point that we would be throwing our social distancing out the window if we shared his pipe.

Kev and I both seemed to realize this at the same time and looked at each other for approval. This was a pretty serious decision since we were letting a third person into our circle of quarantine. We both mutually agreed to give it a go and smoked a bowl or two together. It felt good, I hadn’t smoked in a few months due to the family issues and a small bout of associated depression so it was welcome.

He flipped on the tv and he asked if we wanted to play games or watch a movie. Kev was eyeing his Nintendo Wii and asked if he had bowling. I chuckled because Kevin knows that I am the master of Wii bowling and I appreciated him giving me a chance to make up for my shitty ping pong.


Apparently the Wii hadn’t been played in some time because the controllers both needed batteries and some troubleshooting before they would work right. Kev and I sat on the couch while Andrew got them all figured out. We were far enough away that we weren’t seen and Kev motioned to me and made a butt grabbing motion toward Andrew. We snickered a little bit to ourselves, partly because of the weed and partly because he indeed had quite a nice butt.

I can be a bit naive when it comes to this sort of thing but Kev’s butt grabbing motion was the first time it struck me that we might have found a potential playmate. We’ve talked about it a few times and I’ve even blogged about it as an option if the opportunity presented itself. Kev has always been clear about his desire for me to enjoy myself. He has always been the kind of guy who puts my pleasure ahead of his own, both in the bedroom and out. Kev’s willingness to practice orgasm control is a wonderful sacrifice that helps fuel our amazing relationship and is irrefutable proof of his caring nature.

Almost without thinking, I stood and slowly brushed past Andrew making sure to touch his shoulder as I walked by. There was plenty of room but I squeezed by as if it was a tight squeeze between him and the coffee table. I told him that I needed to use the restroom and made a joke that it was easy to find because I think of our restroom and then just go the opposite direction. Honestly the whole reversed apartment design was a bit of a mind fuck especially after puffing on the devil’s lettuce.

The Restroom

After doing the deed, I checked myself out in the mirror and adjusted my boobs. I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face and it was probably showing as I walked out of the restroom to see the guys sitting on the couch reminiscing about Wii video games that they both enjoyed.

They stopped when the saw me come out and Andrew handed me the remote and said it was my turn. I eagerly took the remote because I wanted to give it a try. The Wii was the first game system I ever had, a hand-me-down from my brother at the time but I still hadn’t played Wii bowling in years. In fact, we hadn’t even unpacked the Wii since moving into our apartment. I know I am spending way too much time talking about the actual video game instead of the story but I’m a bit of a nerd and I really enjoy games so just bear with me for now.

I took the remote, squinted my eyes at the bowling pins and gave it my best shot. Gutterball. Twice in a row. What a way to redeem myself after my sub-par ping pong performance. Clearly my skills are a bit rusty so I went to hand the remote to one of the guys but they motioned to the screen and I realized that I was the only one playing. I was happy to give it another try because I had been quite good at this game.

As I squared up with the game and swung my arm back and forward again with my mind focused on that center pin. Sure enough, strike! After a few more strikes I had two cheerleaders on the couch clapping and encouraging me. I’ve gotta say that the encouragement felt good. After watching me play through the end of the game. I offered Kev a chance and he declined. Andrew said he would give it a try and I stood, watching intently from the side. His first shot was a strike! I thought I had these guys outgunned and was bummed to see that his first frame was better than mine. I teased him and told him that I would finish the game for him, snatching the remote from his hand.

He struggled a bit, grabbing the remote back from me and I reached around to smack his butt and he leaped forward in surprise. His leap distracted him enough to allow me to easily grab the remote from his outstretched hand. With a giggle I looked over at Kev who was smiling and clearly enjoyed my tease.

The Bedroom

My flirting made it abundantly clear to Andrew that our interest toward him extended beyond table tennis and old video games. He looked at us sheepishly and asked if we wanted to go to the bedroom. He was clearly uncomfortable asking the question. From the way he asked, it made me think that he probably wouldn’t have asked if no for the influence of the beer and weed.

I quickly said yes and Kev looked at me and nodded in agreement. We didn’t need any instructions on how to get there due to our familiarity with the apartment, even if it was slightly different. Although Andrew’s bed wasn’t made, it was nice with the sheets appearing clean and comfortable. I slid my sandals off and flopped on his bed. Face down. Each of them slid into the bed on either side of me. I rolled over in the direction that I thought was most likely Kevin but I was wrong and found myself face to face with Andrew.

I reached out, and kissed Andrew. A peck at first followed by more. An incredible way to break the sexual tension. As I planted my face upon his, I felt Kev slide behind me and press himself against me. As Kev pressed his body against mine, I realized the unfairness of the situation since the unmistakable hardness of the metal cage was pressed firmly against my bum. I giggled a bit and buried my face in Andrew’s neck line.

It wasn’t long until I was topless between two handsome guys with both of them focusing their lust intently on my body. I love being the center of attention and just closed my eyes to feel hands all over me. I anticipated where each of them would touch but four hands are tough to keep track of in one’s mind. I stopped trying to guess which hand was whom and focused on enjoying the attention. I felt my shirt slide off and I helped by kicking them to the foot of the bed with my other clothes. Andrew took his shirt off and his stomach wasn’t chiseled but he wasn’t fat either. His build wasn’t as lanky as I had thought when I was checking him out earlier. I slid my hand down toward his crotch and ran my hand over the top of his boxers. What I felt was a very nice size, not huge and not small. I looked up at him, made eye contact eeked out a smile and made an excited giggle.

I looked over at Kev who had seen my hand movement and I could tell that he was eagerly anticipating the same thing I was. I pulled Andrew’s boxers down to see his penis. It was very nice, ever so slightly larger than Kevin’s and uncircumcised and I wondered to myself if that made it look larger or smaller. I wrapped my hand around it and stroked it a few times, slowly and playfully. As I took it into my hand, I heard Kev groan a bit as he was clearly feeling some discomfort in his cage. I silently wished to myself that Kevin was unlocked but I didn’t get too hung up on it as I pulled down Andrew foreskin to expose the engorged purple head and took it into my mouth.

After a few minutes of playing, Kev continued touching me while Andrew pulled away since I’d clearly almost gotten him to orgasm. He reached over to the nightstand and was fumbling with a condom which he was completely unskilled at using. I laughed to myself. Once he finally had it on, I rolled over to face Kevin and pushed my butt out toward Andrew. Staring intently into Kevin’s eyes with my right hand wrapped around his waist I felt Andrew enter me. He pushed himself in slowly, pulled back and entered again. It felt great. I pushed my butt back on him further and wiggled it a little bit with a halfhearted twerking motion. Kevin’s facial expression was one of awe. He looked at me smiling and I looked across his face for any hint of jealousy but all I saw was his anticipation and excitement.

I felt Andrew’s pace getting faster and I could tell he was getting close when he grasped both my hips, pulling me towards him as he grunted and I felt the pulsing of his penis. I moaned and looked back over my shoulder at him, rubbing my arm over his. Grinning. After he was able to catch his breath, he removed the condom and motioned for Kevin to take a turn. Kev shook his head no and simply said “that was great, she looks satisfied” and kissed me on my lips.


We left Andrew’s apartment shortly after and much of the chemical high had worn off but the physical high was still there. That was awesome. I had really enjoyed all of that attention being focused directly on me. I did feel a bit guilty that Kev didn’t get to be unlocked for the event but I had Andrew’s phone number in my phone and I certainly knew where he lived.

We got home and laid on the bed, ours wasn’t as comfortable as Andrews but I am anal about making the bed so ours was nicely made with the decorative pillows stacked neatly. I pulled my clothes off and curled up in bed. Kev got into bed behind me and kissed down my chest and belly, I rolled over completely on my back as he continued down my tummy and I felt his tongue touch me. I hadn’t gotten off with Andrew and to be completely honest I hadn’t even thought about it. Kevin clearly hadn’t gotten off, his mind always so intently focused on my pleasure and making sure that my needs are met. I loved him for so many reasons and this acknowledgement of my need for orgasm was yet another reminder of that love. After only a few minutes, my body tensed up and my back arched as I gasped and grabbed a handful of his hair and pushed his face tightly into my pussy as my body trembled.

We laid in bed with my mind a complete mess of orgasm and new experiences and I kissed Kevin’s forehead and said “that was fun”. We laughed together as we both had difficulty verbalizing how much of an understatement that was.

I looked over at Kevin and asked how he felt about the evening. Kev responded the way I hoped and expected that he would. He said that the evening was amazing and he loved seeing me enjoying myself so much. The gasps and the sexual excitement that he saw reminded him of the first times that he and I were intimate. Kev reminded me about newness and dopamine and things that I’ve blogged about numerous times but felt so distant at the moment.

I asked Kev if he thought it should be a one time thing or if it should happen again and he laughed saying that it would have to happen again motioning to his cage. We laughed and cuddled together and drifted off for a very good night sleep.

Don’t worry, there is more where this came from. I really enjoyed writing this and revisiting the experience. I’ll absolutely be sharing a couple more that we’ve enjoyed since meeting Andrew (his real name).

Keep reading at Part 2 | Ping Pong 2



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Great Story!!

More please!!!


Must admit I didn’t see that one coming.
So is this something that you think will become a regular part of Kev and your lives?


Hi Emma – I think I was kind of surprised as none of your writing to date had shown any indications that you and Kev were anything other than monogamous.
All power to you both if this is something that you will both enjoy.
I have to admit that I recognise some parallels in my own marriage which is why I am interested to see where this leads you both.
So I’m not sure enjoy is the right word, but interested and intrigued to hear how this unfolds for you is probably a better description.
Oh, and yes the way you described it was erotic.


Firstly, both tellings of your events are well done, and showcases how I feel most people would want thing to unfold. In addition to being very exciting, I have been out on good behavior for a couple of days and needed to voluntarily cage myself to assure it stayed that way.

With that said I fall pretty well in line with how I read your feelings, and Kevin’s. I am more than happy to spend my years with my wife, she is above all else my best friend. With that said, we have talked and fantasized about an additional partner to play with. She has a few more reservations than I do about, mostly in guilt for “cheating”.

I have offered my opinion that I don’t see sharing it as cheating as long as both partners are aware and consenting to at least the possibility of it. My desire to she my wife happy so great that the amount of compression (thanks for the term by the way) I feel for her pleasure far outweighs the possibility of viewing her have sex with another person in a negative manner. Whether or not it progresses beyond fantasy play is entirely in her court, as it should be, and I am happy to leave it there.


Hi Emma.

Thank you for this powerful, eminently and incredibly erotic text. It was a great pleasure to read it. Hoping that it will lead you and Kevin to new pleasures.



Enjoyed reading it (esp. with the cage). You are a terrific writer! However, I couldn’t help stop thinking about the immense risk you both took with the covid outbreak.

What do you think? Please leave a comment.x