Ping Pong 2

In my previous blog, I talked about meeting Andrew and the game of table tennis that led to an exciting friendship. If you haven’t read that blog, I highly recommend that you start there.

It was roughly three days after first meeting Andrew when Kevin suggested that we reach out to him. I wasn’t going to suggest it because I wanted to make sure that this is what Kev wanted also. Kev had been unlocked and was permitted his weekly orgasm, something that I wanted to happen prior to us spending any more time with Andrew. Mental clarity is a thing and I wanted to make sure that any new experiences came from a place of hormonal clarity for Kevin. This is not something that I am trying to force on him, in fact this is something that I am carefully tiptoeing into. Let’s be honest, I have a really great thing with Kev and the last thing I want to do is mess it up.

Kevin and I were sitting on our tiny patio talking about our experience and Kev asked when we could do it again. I laughed and reminded Kev that Andrew is our neighbor so its not a commute to his place if he isn’t busy. I asked what we should do this time and Kev said that he really wanted to play also. Kev was walking a fine line since he knows not to talk about being unlocked but I let it slide since I was genuinely curious what he wanted to experience. Not to mention, it was me who asked the question in the first place. Kev again said that he wanted to hang out without his cage and see where it took us. I nodded and changed the subject.


Fast forward a few days, I texted Andrew and asked if he wanted to play some ping pong with us. I got a very enthusiastic response a few moments later and told Kev that I wanted to go play some ping pong. I handed him the keys to his cage and instructed him to unlock himself and clean up with a washcloth. I could see a glimmer in his eye when I said that. Heck, maybe the glimmer came from me.

When we got downstairs, Andrew was waiting for us. Kevin was smiling as he connected the pieces and confirmed his suspicion. We played a couple games of ping pong but it was nothing like the previous battle royale. It was almost like we all had something else on each of our minds. As with before, I didn’t have much ping pong skill so I teamed up with Andrew and the two of us were actually a decent match against Kevin.


After just a few games I asked if Andrew wanted a drink at our place. Not surprisingly, he said said yes and we headed to our apartment. Our apartment isn’t adjacent to the common area like Andrew’s. Ours is across a small courtyard and upstairs. Kevin led the way and Andrew and I brought up the rear. We were making conversation the whole way but I was biting my lip and making suggestive gestures at him as we were walking. He was awkwardly returning the gestures also. Cute.

We got to our apartment, it really wasn’t too long of a walk but Andrew stepped through the door and he remarked about how it was almost exactly the same as his apartment but opposite. We laughed since it was the same as our observation about his apartment. I suppose it is a bit more striking once you actually experience it.

We kicked off our shoes at the door because I am a bit of a neat freak and Andrew followed suit. I asked Kevin to grab a couple drinks for us and meet us in the living room. I flipped on Spotify but didn’t bother with TV or video games like we had at Andrew’s. Once seated on the couch, I wasted no time and pulled Andrew’s pants down and to the side, exposing his cock. I put his cock in my mouth and by the time Kev arrived with a couple Moscow Mules, we were already in our own little world. I think Kevin was surprised that we just jumped right into things and he muttered something about it. He sat on the other side of me, dropped his shorts and pulled his cock out. Stroking it and touching my thigh.

When I felt Kev’s hand on my thigh I spread my legs enough for him to crawl between my legs and pull my leggings down. Leggings were a poor choice because he fought with them for a moment before they were off. He planted his face between my legs and started licking. Kevin gives tremendous head in fact I think it is one of the best parts of locking your man. When he is locked, he needs to come up with other ways to satisfy you and oral is one of my favorites. I love getting head but most everyone probably does.

Sucking Andrew and feeling Kevin between my legs, it all felt surreal like the first time we had played around. I felt both of their hands on my body once again and could tell they were both very entertained.

I got up on my knees and flipped myself around on the couch so I was kneeling with my well-licked pussy facing toward Andrew. I shook my butt a little bit and before I knew it, he slid himself inside me. He slid himself in quicker than I expected so I let out a bit of a grunt. It felt good in fact, it felt much better without the condom and the awkwardness of fumbling with it. I pushed myself back on Andrew and looked into Kevin’s eyes again as I took our new friend inside of me. Kev’s eyes held a tremendous amount of excitement and compersion for the pleasure that I was feeling.

After only a few minutes of blissful sex, I slid forward with Andrew’s cock falling out of me and walked to the bedroom with the two boys following closely behind. I grinned mischeviously and reached back as I walked and held Andrew’s dick as if leading him to the bedroom. Kevin’s dick was at full mast and was bouncing as he watched me lead our new friend into the bedroom.

When I got into the bedroom, I sat upright against the headboard with my legs spread wide. Both of them climbed onto the bed and sat by each side of me claiming a leg and a boob of their own to smother with their affection. Kevin kissed my thigh and I placed my hand atop his head and directed him toward my well fucked pussy. I directed his head around until I found the perfect spot. I felt Andrew before I saw him, he was standing beside me on the bed with his hard cock near my face. I leaned over and pulled it into my mouth. He seemed even harder than before and I played with his foreskin with my tongue as he went in and out of my mouth.

Kev came up for air and I rolled myself to the left side giving him gentle push away. I smiled at him as I pushed myself up on my knees. Andrew wasted no time in grabbing both of my hips and pushing his cock into me. I expected it this time and didn’t grunt but it felt incredible. Kevin was sitting in front of me with his cock in his hand just watching me get pounded by our studly neighbor.

I reached forward to brace myself but nearly flopped forward onto Kevin. He caught me and held my torso while Andrew got faster with his thrusting. I laid my head in Kevin’s lap with my hair falling over his dick and balls. From Andrew’s rhythm I knew he was getting close and told him to cum in me.

Kevin looked at me when I said that with a look of curiosity and with a couple grunts Andrew had finished and left a warm present inside me. I got off my knees and laid on my back with my legs spread motioning to Kev. He didn’t waste time and climbed on top and entered me missionary style. I didn’t hold my moans back as he fucked me amid the juices of our new friend. It honestly felt incredible and I wasn’t keeping it a secret from either of them.

A couple minutes later and I felt that tickly feeling that I know means my body is almost there. I reached down and touched my clit with my fingers as Kevin was sliding in and out. I did small circles with my index and middle finger, arched my back and let myself go. I felt wave after wave come over my body as I shook and rolled to my side clenching my legs together and murmuring something unintelligible.

Kevin had been close and I could hear him ask if he could cum, I nodded yes and tried to speak the words but they didn’t come out. Kneeling in front of me, Kevin stroked his cock and shot a long rope of cum along my thigh. I smiled at both of them and they both returned my grin. Andrew stood up and looked around the room for a towel and I directed him to our small walk-in closet. He came back with a full size bath towel rather than the hand towel but I laughed and used it to wipe myself and my thigh off. There was enough cum we probably did need the bath towel.

I tossed the towel toward the hamper, missing it entirely and fell back onto the bed. I laid back and felt the two boys do the same on either side of me. I was middle spoon, if that’s a thing. I reached down with both hands on either side of me and held their penises in my hands. I didn’t move my hands, I just held them there. Neither guy was more than half erect and I could feel their cocks pulsing in my hands trying to get hard. Neither was ready again but I could tell that their bodies wanted to be. So empowering to be sandwiched in the middle with hands on both of them.

Andrew hadn’t said much but he started kissing my neck again pushing my hair to the side, away from my ear. He was the harder of the two and I knew that he wanted to try and have a second round. I rolled toward Kevin and pushed my butt back out toward Andrew, feeling his half erect penis slide back inside me. I did most of the work, pushing myself back on to his mostly rejuvenated dick. He didn’t cum a second time but he did succeed in giving me a second orgasm. Lightheaded this time, I tried to stand too quickly but kneeled back down. Finally I regained my composure and used the restroom.

Exiting the restroom, both guys were awkwardly making small talk. I laid comfortably between both of them and pulled them both close to me as I let out a deep sigh. I draped my arm over Andrew and Kev spooned me. I really liked being the center of attention.

Don’t worry, there’s more. I’m starting to get comfortable with this erotic writing, hopefully it isn’t too bad. I did need to revise the first one a bit since I realized that much of it came out like incoherent wordspaghetti.

Keep reading at Part 3 | Our Boyfriend



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This is an amazing story, I enjoyed reading it. It seems you are becoming a hotwife!
The big question is, are you going to slowly introduce Andrew to chastity ?


I won’t pretend to answer your question for Emma, however I will share my personal experience.
I have a few friends with benefits in addition to my relationship with my husband, but it would never occur to me to put them in a cage.
The cage is my husband’s and my thing. Our game, our way of operating. From my point of view, if you introduce it with other people outside your relationship it becomes dysfunctional.
But as I say it’s only my point of view.


You are a natural writer.

Keep it up.


This is an incredibly hot story of what is a very fantasized adventure. It got me to register so I could comment.
First I wish you would write even more of your own feelings and emotions as things happened, especially key moments: when andrew’s cock began to slide in, what did you feel? What did you think with regards to your relationship with Kevin? Did you feel you were kinda betraying him and the years spent together? I guess it has to be mixed feelings at that exact time, between the excitement of the fantasy fulfilled and those emotions from the love you have for him.
My second big interrogation is when you told Andrew to fuck you with no condom then told him to cum inside you. I would personally be torn apart at that time, considering you seemed to know very little of Andrew at that time, and though I guess you are under birth control (though it could be considered optional in a way since you keep Kevin locked), what did you think? Did you ever think about risks ? It certainly is a turn-on but doing it is a different thing. It would be really interesting to know Kevin’s feelings at those exact moments.
Did you talk about it when Andrew left?
Anyway, keep up the writing, your blog is a wonder especially coming from a Woman’s view. I’m very envious of your relationship as a couple and of Kevin for having met such a wonderful woman. From that regard, he is even luckier than you ?


Great story, Emma.
When I read it, I am reminded of a time during the first year of my marriage when I was still in university. My wife, who had finished her studies, was attracted to one of my classmates who was a good friend of mine. At one point, we had a term overseas and my wife came along with us. She would often hang out with my classmate. She told me that she was turned on by him, which of course was obvious. I was surprised that my first reaction was not jealousy but actually arousal. My wife and I talked about the possibility of the two of them having sex and she was really into it. Surprisingly, so was I.

In our case, we imagined the two of them alone together, rather than a threesome. One day, she made a plan to seduce my friend when they were hanging out. I was quite excited and distracted that day, thinking about what might be happening. As she told me later, his roommates were out that afternoon and they started kissing in his bedroom. But it wasn’t meant to be. My friend began feeling guilty and told my wife that he couldn’t betray me. He abruptly ended the tryst. When she explained that I was okay with it, my friend was just weirded out and their days of hanging out were over.

Since then, almost 25 years later, we have never gone anywhere close to bringing another guy into our marriage. Looking back, I wonder if I was really ready for the full range of emotions that would have accompanied such a journey. It was so early in our relationship. Maybe for us, it was best left to fantasy.

But it’s still a theme that we play with and she can still flirt like crazy with other guys. The attention makes her feel good about herself, which makes me feel good for her. Seeing a guy wink at her is one thing… would I still be okay with it if he was offering her his cock? I am glad for you and Kevin, having taken such a bold step and managing to keep it about fun. Checking in with each other, being confident in your relationship, this is all very good and healthy.

I also look forward to reading more.


I am curious if Emma ends up owning two keys by the end of this.


Awesome writing, can’t wait to read more; so many directions this could go. Please keep it up, pun intended.


Emma, I am curious as to why Kevin cummed outside? Is he not allowed to finish within?


Sigo con interés este bloc sobre castidad masculina y veo que el internamiento por covid 19 a desencadenado una relación cuckold con un vecino. El tierno enfoque femenino que utiliza la autora para contarnos su experiencia hace siempre especial este bloc. Las historias reales son siempre más emocionantes y agitan la imaginación de los hombres sumisos con la esperanza de que su pareja coja las riendas de la relación y avance hacia una relación de dominación femenina. Muchas gracias por compartir una experiencia tan personal e intima. Les deseo la mayor felicidad en su evolución hacia nuevas metas. FCM

Edit (English Translation)
I follow this blog about male chastity with interest and I see that the internment for covid 19 has triggered a cuckold relationship with a neighbor. The tender feminine approach that the author uses to tell us about her experience always makes this notebook special. True stories are always more exciting and stir the imaginations of submissive men in the hope that their partner will take over the reins of the relationship and move towards a female domination relationship. Thank you very much for sharing such a personal and intimate experience. I wish you the greatest happiness in your evolution towards new goals. FCM

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