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Sexuality: Copulins or “Vagina Magic”

What the heck are copulins? I came across them when doing some research about pheromones. For some reason, the word copulins makes the think of little green men or minions but they are very different. In contrast to my mental image, copulins are chemicals secreted from the vagina. Chemically they are complicated secretions with aliphatic acids, alcohol, hydroxy keytones and aromatic compounds. Scientists have been studying copulins since the mid 90s and have proven that they can affect and even control a man’s tendencies to take direction from the woman. Copulins have even been proven to increase testosterone levels in men by up to 150%.

How are copulins different than pheromones?

The chemical compound in copulins are specifically designed to cause a man’s limbic system to shut down by imitating polypeptide neurotransmitters and take control of the hypothalimus. While I don’t know what I just typed in the previous sentence, it sounds eerily like mind control. I’d like to thank the university of Berkeley for making me sound smart. So our bodies create chemicals that are literally designed to help our men accept our lead. Copulins are classified as a type of pheromone since they are produced vaginally and trigger certain behavioral changes in their victims men who inhale then.

What can you do with it?

Women’s secretions peak during ovulation so you quite literally smell sexier. Perfume companies have created synthetic copulins but the male mind is keen enough to distinguish these fakes. Chemical companies have been able to re-create similar chemical compounds and a study rating women’s facial attractiveness 14% higher and by rating themselves 21% more desirable to women. Some women have found great success in touching themselves and placing their odor on his neck during a kiss to help reinforce her dominance and assert her desirability. When men smell copulins, their bodies secrete androstenone which has an interesting effect of repelling women who are not ovulating. If you aren’t ovulating, this can include you!



The scientific basis of chemistry between two people is absolutely factual and physical attraction between two people is absolutely based around highly compatible chemical compounds reacting to one another. Our bodies are actually designed to be attracted to mates with immune systems that are different to ensure the survival of the species. Like pheromones, kissing is also very important since the body releases oxytocin during a kiss. Oxytocin not only reinforces pair bonding but it also triggers the release of copulins in the woman especially while she is ovulating. Fun fact – kissing the exact same man during different parts of our cycle will give us different chemical reactions. This might give us the perception that he is a good or a bad kisser depending on variances in our own body chemistry.

The man’s salivary testosterone and cortisol levels after smelling copulins increase exponentially. This results in near immediate and spontaneous sexual arousal in most men. Although men are typically seen as visually stimulated, they can be stimulated via chemicals and the old olfactory system equally as effectively.


Science of Sex Appeal – Female Copulance

How can we use copulins with chastity?

With chastity, the intention is to reinforce the pair bond and change your guy’s chemistry to yearn to please. Reinstating the chivalrous behaviors that he showed when he was trying to woo you. With time, he will return to a chemical induced state where he gains a tremendous amount of pleasure from making you happy. For us, this is only about three days but it can vary from guy to guy. We are all different and our chemicals differ tremendously.

It probably comes as no surprise that I enjoy oral sex tremendously. When executed well I would say that most of us do. My Kevin is always willing to go the extra mile and perform oral on me several times per day, especially when locked. He hasn’t always been the best at the task but I’ve given him plenty of verbal direction on the things that I enjoy and the things that I don’t enjoy. We practice oral in different positions but I’ve found the most rewarding for both of us is for him to lay on his back while I lower myself onto his face. Quite literally sitting on his face. This allows him to be engulfed in me and my womanhood. I can face either forwards or backwards and will sometimes alternate between the two.

Keep in mind the role of orgasm frequency. A man who has gone without orgasm for a period of time is more affectionate and much easier influenced by copulins. The desire to serve and please a woman is amplified by nature’s call for orgasm and further amplified by the presence of her fancy secretions.


Coupling is a process in which a man and a woman together, relatively still before, during or after sex with the penis inside the vagina. The man does not need to maintain an erection the whole time but he does need to keep his penis inside the vagina. This is best accomplished with her sitting on top of him and straddling him. If this is done before sex, he usually maintain an erection longer. If practiced after sex, he will almost certainly go soft or may vary from flaccid to erect a few times.

So what do you do while you are coupling and how long do you need to do it? Coupling should be anywhere from five to fifteen minutes and you can talk, joke and compliment each other. This is a great time to play with sex toys, small vibrators or simply play with your clit. Your arousal will only cause to speed the process and excrete more copulins.

Excessive positivity is chemically reinforced by the changes in both of your bodies. We normally like to do coupling midway through our sexual experience. We will have sex for a period of time, couple together and then finish our experience. While it may be tempting to call coupling pussy control, it is really just asserting the sexual bond and making the most of the sexual experience.

Bogus Claims

I’ve posted information about what copulins and coupling but I’ve decided to add some information about what they are not. You may find this hard to believe but everything that you read on the internet is not accurate.

Copulins and coupling will allow you to:

1) Change, remove, or insert memories
2) Tell the male what he sees, hears, feels, smells, tastes
3) Insert subconscious thoughts that will surface as male “ideas” or behavior later
4) Plant trigger words or actions that can cause thoughts, actions, or sensations in the male at later dates (days, weeks, even months)

Apparently copulins have some Harry Houdini magic qualities about them.

During this period the vagina injects up to 1/2 cup (100 ml) of the copulin fluid into the urethral opening at the tip of the penis, which is chemically attracted to semen, and will follow the semen down the shaft directly into the testicles.

This seems completely legit. A two litre bottle of copulin fluid flows from my vagina into his pee hole. We are talking about the same narrow urethra that takes 5 minutes to take a wee every morning. Uh huh.

As with everything you read on every topic, I highly encourage you to be inquisitive and fact check. The internet is full of totally nutso facts like these. These fun facts just happen to be incredibly entertaining.


Copulins on the other hand are very real and go back to our evolution. Having babies would mean that women were vulnerable to predators while pregnant. Having a method of chemically reinforcing pair bonding was essential to her survival and the survival of her offspring. If the man left, she would be a sitting duck to predators.

Be a giving person and share your copulins regularly, if he does not practice oral sex on you frequently (what are you doing, girl?) then you need to ensure that he being properly exposed to your copulins.

Much of the research that I found while learning about copulins is very real however some of the claims from the authors in the “coupling” articles were different to find reputable sources for. Kev and I have been doing coupling for quite some time and never had a scientific basis for doing so. I think it was something that Yoga Girl recommended in her defunct FLR 101 blog but I can’t be certain. What I can say is that it works for us. The moments of heightened emotional connection for both of us allow both of us to be highly influenced by positive feedback.

The chemical reaction of a man inhaling a woman’s copulins can impact him significantly and that part is scientifically proven. Make an effort to focus on intentional copulin transfer and you will notice an immediate difference in his behavior and the pair bond that you share. The level of bond enhancement will ebb and flow depending on your progression into your cycle but the impact will be very real.

The moral of the story is; use science to give yourself an out of this world relationship!



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This is something I didn’t know and had never even heard of.
Thank you for this very interesting article Emma.
I’m going to start working tonight on drowning Matt in the smell of my Copuline (even though he must already be totally under the spell of my pheromones).


I noticed something interesting in one of the scientific journal articles this post links to:

“Primate studies show exposure to ovulating females causes males to exhibit sexually coercive behaviors (Cerda-Molina et al., 2006). Human studies have shown synthetic copulin exposure increases men’s testosterone levels and decreases their cooperative behaviors (Steinbach, Oberzaucher, & Grammer, 2012). Thus, women may be at a greater risk of direct aggressive behaviors perpetrated by men during ovulation.”

It’s interesting that something that can promote antisocial behaviour can instead have a beneficial effect in a relationship. My wild and unsubstantiated guess is that this issue comes out of increased arousal and sexual urges, and competitiveness aimed toward having those urges satisfied. I expect that in the case of the majority of men who appropriately moderate their biological urges, especially in the case of men in a healthy relationship (and especially one that practices male chastity), rather than becoming uncooperative or coercive, the man would be more likely to turn to the more prosocial and proven strategy for having his sexual urges satisfied by his partner: making her happy.


I have often told my wife that her sex was magic. I feel validated by this post, thank you once again!

I perfectly agree with Emma, I regularly lick her daily, especially when she gets up in the morning to taste night juices and odour or just after work to increase my submission and devotion during evening and night. I just add that we found extremely arousing and powerful to increase my devotion to her the armpits aroma with pheromones, so I usually lick and sniff her armpits as soon As she comes back home from work or gym. This is really effective to increase man’s submission to her pleasure and wellness, especially when in chastity .


i didn’t know about this one … definitely the magic of sex.

Not related to Copulins (maybe to pheromones?) but i’ve been in abstinence for around 9 months and my Queen and i notice a SUPER increase in my receptiveness to changes She wants to make, in ways we’ve never had before in chastity. i’m myself surprised that, for example, She’s introduced lots of new healthy foods and in the past i’d try but i’d dislike the taste and now is fine. One of those things that you have to experience to believe. i feel like we are in a more sustained state of right-after sex 🙂

During a day i do kiss Her a lot and the shoulders are an easy and family approved area, so maybe it’s pheromones.

Ok, so takeaways are that women should receive more oral sex (which they deserve) and in doing so this will cause the man to inhale more of her copulins and become more attached and obedient to her. I understand the ridiculousness of her vagina injecting 100 ml of copulins into the tip of his penis, but is it possible that the penis will absorb some copulins during coupling and increase this benefit as well? You seem to be activating for coupling here.

I find coupling a very meaningful activity and something Katarina, and Kira both participate with me in. Kira is especially fond of the closeness and intimacy this activity exudes. Coupling is typically separate from our forms of sexual play for us and I am never allowed to cum, during or afterwards, so as not to take away from the intimacy of the act itself. They simply uncage my penis, place it in their vagina and then we cuddle for about 10-30 minutes until they cage my penis again and put it away. I really enjoy coupling and find it to be such a bonding experience with Kira or Katarina. I am always receptive to what they say afterwards and craving more time with them. Copulins responsible?


“Keep in mind the role of orgasm frequency. A man who has gone without orgasm for a period of time is more affectionate and much easier influenced by copulins. The desire to serve and please a woman is amplified by nature’s call for orgasm and further amplified by the presence of her fancy secretions.”

Last night, I was reminded of this old post. I was sleeping next to my wife and she was wide awake and unable to sleep. She was feeling mischievous and knew that I was getting close to 3 weeks since my last orgasm.

She reached down and smeared her vaginal scent onto her fingers and then spread it across my upper lip and the underside of my nose. My wife is at the last few days of her ovulation, so she smells wonderful to me. I was in a trance as I awoke. I instantly became erect and hungry for her. I begged to go down on her but she didn’t want that. Instead, she said that she wanted me to masturbate for her. As I lay on my back, carrying out her request, she trailed her fingers across my chest and down to my inner thighs. I couldn’t last long and I climaxed soon.

Talk about mind control! I was completely under her spell and I have been all day today. She just smiles sweetly.

What do you think? Please leave a comment.x