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A blog about sexuality and I don’t think I’ve ever done a blog about penis size. I should be ashamed of myself. Oh well, time to make amends.


I like to look at large penises. As I said in a previous blog about penises, they fascinate me. Penises fall into two categories for me; novelty and functionality. If you’ve got a big one, I am very interested and aroused. Using both hands, watching it double or triple in size is completely fascinating. Sorry big guy, that thing isn’t going inside me. Why? It isn’t comfortable. Porn has a fascination with something the size of a baseball bat going into a tiny woman. This can’t be comfortable for the poor girl as she stretches to accommodate the fellow’s massive schlong. Nope. No thanks.

On the flip side, the guys with the tiny micro-penis. I love these as well Watching it swell up, get soft. Fit nicely into my hand and grow and shrink. These are the absolute best for cuddling and spooning.


Guys with a completely average penis are the best of both worlds. I have what I would imagine as an average vagina (I guess?). An average penis just fits and the mechanics of it all feel great. These are the best for intercourse. A guy in the 5″ to 6.5″ range are perfect for me. Now remember, this is completely a personal preference thing and I am only speaking for myself. I’ve only ever owned this one vagina and that just how things work from my experiences while using it.


Penises are more interesting than vaginas. Vaginas have different shapes and sizes but they aren’t as varied as penises. You never know what to expect when you see his fella. Is it big, small, fat, skinny, cut, uncut, straight, hairy, trimmed, curved the list goes on and on.


Assuming he keeps his member neat and tidy, I pretty much like all of them. Part of the allure of newness is the mystery of what he’s packing. Fellas, this isn’t an invitation for your dick pic. I really don’t want it.

As a bit of a clean freak with a streak of OCD, I like things exceptionally neat and tidy. I tie shoes and button shirts when I put them away in the closet. I like penises caged when they aren’t being used. I feel like this is part of putting things away and keeping them tidy. While I think penises are visually appealing, I think they are more appealing when they are nicely restrained by a bit of plastic or metal.



Guys associate so much of their confidence and self worth with their penis. They brag about how big it is, how much stamina they have, you name it!

Ywvpvli Min 1
Vif4Bar Min 5
Zw5Qnhr Min 3

By Country

According to freakonomics.com and much to the excitement of our friend Ruined-Julie, the average french willy is the biggest. To the dismay of KoreanChastity, South Koreans reinforce stereotypes at the bottom of the scale.

The Ideal Penis

While I do think it is important to try different sizes, I’ve found myself partnering with guys who fall into the average to slightly above average size. The big guy and the small guy are great for friends with benefits type arrangements. The small guy is typically better at oral sex since he works harder and feels the need to make up for something. The big guy usually is arrogant and thinks the world revolves around him. Physically, the guys on the bigger side of the scale are going to be uncomfortable unless I am very horny. The guys on the smaller side of the scale are going to slip out and be a potentially frustrating sexual experience due to the physics of the whole thing.

The guys in the middle (ideal to avg below) are usually going to be the ones who are the most fun on a regular basis.

Penis Size All


All shapes and sizes are good but lying or bragging about it is a huge turn-off. They are all wonderful instruments for both giving and receiving pleasure. Some shapes and sizes are going to be appealing to differing women but most heterosexual women are going to find them as beautiful and fascinating as they are functional. I’ve even met a few lesbians that find the penis attractive if not for being attached to a person that doesn’t quite fit their sexuality.

Please keep them neat and tidy, watch for lumps and areas of discoloration. If you have anything on your penis that may be odd or surprising, make sure we discuss it early. There is nothing worse than being unprepared for something. Most, if not all ladies will call it quits immediately if we see unexpected bumps or sores. We will assume you’ve got an STD, think you are a dishonest liar and call it quits. If in doubt, talk about it!



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We are the champion !

More seriously, I must confess that most of the penises I saw were European (French, German, Italian, Spanish…). In any case, French penises never seemed bigger to me than those of our foreign neighbors.
I can only agree that a “big penis” is not synonymous with exceptional sex, just as a “small penis” can give you a lot of pleasure.
Don’t worry gentlemen, whether you have a big or small penis, all tastes are in the nature.


I never thought that I had anything to brag about, but the more I look into it I find myself wondering where these guys in porn came from. I always thought that I was “just average”. Now looking at these charts I’m not. 6 1/8 long and 5 1/2 girth puts me well above the middle range but out of porn range. One thing that is most important is that it usually still works. 


Woohoo I beat the national and state average! Do I get a cookie lol. Just kidding its locked all the time anyway so it doesn’t matter.

My wife has always been happy with my size, me too honestly. But I don’t know if it’s from too much porn or what but some SPH is always a fun random game to play. It doesn’t even require you to be near each other which makes it great to do from work.

Emma are dik dik pics allowed?

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