Locktober 2020

Locktober: Keys Are Sexy

Remember ladies, it is almost Locktober. Time to lock your boy up!


How does something as simple as a key become sexy? We use various keys to get into our house, start our car and even use the yucky gas station restroom. How did keys become a symbol for love?

A key is a symbol for monogamous relationship since only one key will fit one lock. Despite the world having millions of combinations of keys and locks, only one key will open one lock. This symbol seemingly was inspired by an ancient custom which originated in China where lovers lock a padlock and throw away the key symbolic of the permanence of a bond between two people.

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The lock and key symbolize trust, permanence and exclusive love and emotional bond between two people. Keys may take on an additional meaning for us but they never give up their representation of a special bond between two people.


So what is Locktober?

Locktober is an annual event when a man surrenders his sexual behavior to his partner. Generally, a man wears a cage on his penis to prevent access for the full month of October. A full months worth of being locked up, and not having access to the key. One month, No unlocking, No Mercy and No exception to the rule.

Male chastity is nothing new and today’s cages are similar to models that were designed back in the 1950’s in the BDSM scene. Since that time, cages have gone more mainstream although still considered somewhat fringe. Cages are now mass produced and much cheaper to purchase than the custom devices of yesteryear. Now you can purchase very nice plastic, silicone and metal cages ranging from about $25 to $50.


What are the rules for Locktober?

The rules can vary from one couple to the next but generally it simply involves staying locked for the entire month of October. Some couples have a reward for staying locked for the entire month and others, a punishment for ending early. You can decide what is right for your particular relationship. If you are new to chastity, I recommend that you start small.

Why would someone do this?

The month of locktober is intended to raise awareness of the benefits of male chastity. Men who lock themselves up for the month show devotion and commitment to their partner. In addition to preventing ejaculation, a cage makes erections difficult and uncomfortable due to the physical constraints of the cage. This helps the male refocus his attention on things other than the sexual aspect of the relationship.

While it may seem like the benefits weigh toward the unlocked partner, the locked fella also receives a euphoric high from the constant state of arousal that the cage induces. Some men have described it as his partner holding his penis with a loose but comforting grip at all times. The key is a constant reminder of the support and commitment that he or she provides in the relationship. Locking him us is a loving motivational reminder for him to be the man that he knows you want him to be.

Isn’t Chastity Kinky?

Chastity absolutely started with the BDSM world but with the advent of more inexpensive devices, it has taken on a more mainstream appeal. More importantly, maybe it is a way to bring a bit of kink to your relationship in a very safe way that can stay between you and your partner. It doesn’t need to be announced to anyone and feels like an intense sexy secret that you hold between each other. Imagine every time he looks at the key on your necklace, you make eye contact and knowingly share a moment.

Yes. You are locked up and Yes. I am enjoying every last minute of it.

The Chastity Key Necklace

Once you’ve embarked on the journey of chastity as a couple, keys take on a new meaning. The mere sight of a key will be a topic of conversation since they will symbolize the commitment and bond of your relationship. The key necklace is a wonderful way to keep the key on display while he is locked. Strangely, a bit of eye contact or fiddling with the key is enough to change the tone of almost any conversation.

An Entire Month?

While a seasoned professional can handle a month with no problem, a month may be extreme for a novice. The intention is to last as long as possible and grow together as a couple. If you can do three days, great! Two weeks? Wonderful. The entire month? You win!

When my boyfriend and I do an extended lockup period, he will sometimes start to feel depressed and withdrawn. This is a great time to tease him and keep his hormone levels high.

Locktober Chastity



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Is it safe to assume that Kevin will be safely put away for the duration?
I will be despite our norm being a week to 10 days. My wife likes the locktober and Male Chastity Month.
I’m also wondering if you plan to curtail activities with your new friend so Kevin won’t get resentful?


I can only speak for myself but if on top of locktober I also had to witness another man enjoying my wife to the fullest while not having an orgasm myself. I would feel very jealous and resentful.


Hello Emma,
we will practice LOCKTOBER, too. It will be the third time  
Followed by NO-vember and DENIAL-zember.
Best regards,


Not during October, but I have done a month a few times. The first couple of weeks went fine, then I started getting really horny. The last week, I was trying to get erections very often. It was nice when I got it off at the end of the month!


There needs to be a Locktober Wives Club!


Love these images – so awesome to know how much power they all hold with the key!

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