Caitlin Sex Coach

Caitlin V: Sex Coach

One of our readers sent me information about a sex coach named Caitlin V. She is animated, fun, sex positive, easy to understand and her videos are excellent!

I’ve watched about ten of her videos and I’m really enjoying them. She preaches communication, communication, communication – something that I can’t stress enough.

In her own words:


I knew from a young age that I was going to help people have amazing sex and relationships.

As a teenager, I would sit in the “adult” section of book stores and libraries reading whatever I could get my hands on, from science to smut and everything in between.

All my peers called me to ask for relationship advice or to talk about sex. (Or to ask if it’s safe to masturbate with Icy Hot — it’s not).

 I declared my major as “sexologist” before I even got into college.

I dreamed of spending every day helping people enjoy sex and relationships.

Today I live my dream, helping men and women all over the world have better sex.

I help people build confidence, gain skills, discover themselves, create intimacy, increase self-esteem and live better lives in and outside of the bedroom.

But enough about her qualifications! Let’s watch some videos.


Great videos, right?


Subscribe to her YouTube channel or check out her website.

Caitlin isn’t paying anything to promote her videos, I just really liked them and wanted to share. If you have any sex-positive resources that you enjoy, send them to me! Thanks for this recommendation, @subhubphx



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She’s great ain’t she? Thanks for the shoutout.


You’ve said it, she said it, we have all said it and agree it is essential …. communication. K and I communicated last night and it was huge! Keep up the amazing work Emma!


Oh, the wife is going to love her! Just found our evenings warm up entertainment! Thanks!


I hear ya. I have been sending my wife articles (many, many blogs and forums from here) for some time. She informed last night during dinner that she wants to know what is in every one of them, but now has informed me that I will be reading to her whatever it is have or will send her. Gonna make for fun date nights.


Emma, I feel like you found a girl crush, in the best possible way. I’m pretty sure I have a girl crush on her… that’s beside the point. She has great energy, confidence, and speaks with a wealth of knowledge. It is nice to see someone so passionate about helping people be open about topics that many are told to never bring up because it is not ‘proper’.

Her videos are very interesting and informative. The retention one explained alot about why I feel the way I do when locked for my wife. I love the devotion to numbers and analytic, not that this should be surprising as it’s one of the things that kept my interest here too. I will be working my way through some of her catalog for sure.




Most people stumble over their words in public speaking, I wouldn’t feel bad about that. Same with not liking the sound of your own voice, never seems to match the one in your head.

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