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I know this site has quite the international following, especially France. This post is specifically for readers in the USA. Vote. Please get out and vote. I don’t want to get political but I do want to make sure that each and every one of you has an opportunity for your voice to be heard. If you don’t vote, nothing changes. No political comments below please, politics are everywhere and they don’t need to be here.

It has been quiet around here but everything is good with me. Expect to hear more from me soon. I have a couple partially finished blogs and I owe you all an update on the Andrew situation. Spoiler – everything is going great. Kevin is excitedly anticipating the conclusion of Locktober.

Hope you are all well and healthy.


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I think this is a great! Your like the best place to go for advice and more!


So glad to know you are alive and well Emma, and that things are going good with your boys. Can’t wait to hear more.


Yes, glad to hear from you after you’d been quiet for a while.
I was getting a little worried that things had gone pear shaped for you, Kevin and Andrew.


from France
yes please vote
American policy impacts the whole world
and happy to read you again Emma

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