Krystine Kellogg

Introducing: Krystine Kellogg

I just came across Krystine Kellogg last night and did a binge listen through her entire backlog of podcasts. She is certainly someone that I think each of you will appreciate. Like many of us, she is somewhat new to the world of female led relationships and in her personal life, she and her husband preach communication and partnership.

Not only does Krystine have one podcast, she has two! The first podcast is called Krystine’s FLR Podcast where she talks about female led relationships in a very normalized way. She talks about everything from money management, cage selection to pegging.

Krystine Kellogg Profile

“My podcast is about my journey into the FLR (Female Led Relationship) lifestyle. While my marriage looks mostly normal from the outside, I fully control my husband through the chastity device that I have his “manhood” locked in. Follow along weekly as I bring you up to speed on where we are now, and how an outwardly vanilla life operates alongside a very kinky secret life!”

— Kyrstine Kellogg

The second podcast is called Control which is an erotic fantasy where she really shows off her voice acting skills. At this time, there are only two episodes. I really enjoyed the down to earth storytelling and believable character development in the first episode entitled The Beginning. The second picks up where the first one left off but I found it to be a bit over the top for me but I still enjoyed the fantasy that she described. I can’t wait for the next one!


You can find more about Krystine on her website and patreon. She offers quite a bit of free content on her onlyfans if you’ve got an account there. As if this busy lady hasn’t done enough to build her female led empire, she also does voice recordings. I’m not affiliated with her in any way but I’m hooked. Give her a follow and a review on your favorite podcast platform. Don’t forget to let her know that you found out about her here!



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I’m hooked! I just love her voice. We need to contact her and tell her to do the audio book versions of JK Spenser’s books!!!

I hear what you are saying on the Control podcast. It went from first date in the first episode to marriage in the second so quickly. I want to hear all of the details in between. She came on so forcefully and assertive, in many ways it represents the sexually confident person that I want to be.


HOLY SHIT!!! I can’t thank you enough for this write-up!! I had no idea that it existed until just now while doing a google search for something else related to me. This is SO nice of you!

And yes, addressing the Control comment. You are spot on! We were so excited to get Control out that we didn’t take the time to plan it out correctly. And as you can tell, they are still on their “honeymoon”. Control hot 5000 downloads last we to the shock of my subby and I, and I have lit a fire under his ass to get going on the next episodes. So, keep an i out for a new one soon. My Patreon peeps get the first listen for a week, then it will get released to the thirsty wolves of the world!

Thank you again for being so kind. I’ll be taking a good look at your cute little site here (I’m kidding, it’s so much nicer than mine!). Keep up the great work!!


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