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Mare or perhaps more accurately MᗩRƐ or MAR3 is an 23yr old male artist from Denmark that draws some incredibly sexy kink illustrations. From his patreon page, he says that he draws a variety of different kinks but what you’ll mainly get are femdom, milfs, futa, orgasm control, chastity, big boobs, big dicks, SPH, NTR, facesitting, feet…. etc. etc.

You may not be into all of those things but if you are into any of them, I guarantee that you will be impressed with his work. Here are some places that you can find his stuff.

Here are a few examples. All credit of course goes to the artist and I highly recommend that you support him by subscribing to his patreon page. I’d love to see more like these.


Chastity Strap-on Wholesomeness

Mare 868688 Chastity Strap On Wholesomeness

Side By Side

Mare 883054 Side By Side

The Cock Sleeve (Multi Frame)

  • 001 1
  • 002
  • 003
  • 004

What Could Have Been

  • 1
  • 2
  • 1.5

Miss Avery Teasing Her Pet

  • Avery1 1
  • Avery2 1
  • Avery3 1
  • Avery4 1
2021 05 05 08 45 45 MᗩRɛ @Mare Ten Twitter

I really like Mare’s style and the lighthearted femdom themes of his illustrations. If you find any more that you like, send them my way and I’ll post them. If you like them, please support the artist at his patreon. I did reach out to Mare but I haven’t heard back, hopefully I can get him to post a note for our readers.



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I have seen some of his work before when I was looking for a suitable avatar. I do like some of it. I also found this one a while back and I’m not sure if it’s one of his or not?


I don’t know if I like these very much. They definitely play into multiple kinks that I have related to humiliation and cuckolding, but at the same time I feel like the underlying message in a lot of this stuff is not body-positive or uplifting, and instead encourages shame and feelings that the body that someone was born with is less than worthy and unable to provide pleasure.


Aw, thank you for saying that was inspiring! I’m glad that you found my comment meaningful 🙂
And I would love to read your thoughts on male body image – I don’t feel like it’s a topic that is paid much attention to, but the social pressures of that do result in a lot of the “toxic masculinity” that goes on in the world. Take the idea of “big dick energy” that you mentioned. If there are people who are gaining a sense of self importance from having been born with an extra inch or two of skin between their legs, I feel like that does nothing to encourage introspection, self love, and a desire to be a good person. It’s a completely random attribute that they did nothing to earn and has nothing to do with who they are as a person. This could apply to any other physical characteristic as well, such as the color of their skin and so on.


I’m late for the conversation but…
Yes, I feel just the same about the toxic masculinity thing. We’re pressured to show manliness early on, and that takes some down a toxic path.
My guess is that it can go both ways: larger guys believing they are the best just because of their penis, as well as men that are smaller being ashamed of their body and then using their anger as a release valve

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