Locktober 2021 Testicular Cancer Society

The Locktober 2021 Challenge – Let’s fight testicular cancer together!

We are well into September and that means we need to start making preparations for Locktober festivities. For those new to the annual ritual, this is the month to spread the word and work to popularize and normalize male chastity. This is a great time for those who do a weekly lockup to extend to a full month. How do you get started? Well, you can purchase a small chastity device from eBay or amazon but you really don’t need to spend money to particulate.

The overall survival rate from Testicular Cancer is 95%

I wanted to do something a little bit different this year, a year that has been extremely difficult for many. I figured that it would be great to throw a challenge out to help the fellas. This is open to everyone including those of you who self-lock, those who use the honor system and those of you in a relationship that practices orgasm denial. This is especially open to guys who think this is going to be no big deal. Give it a try for a month and see if you can do it. If you win, your partner donates $50 to the Testicular Cancer Society. If you lose, you donate $50 to the Testicular Cancer Society. Either way, we promote awareness about testicular cancer.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s work together and help give awareness to this highly treatable cancer. Fellas, this is like your version of the mammogram. Most testicular cancers are found by men and their partners and not by physicians so give them a gentle squeeze and a tug, let’s fight this thing one ball at a time.


If diagnosed quickly, the survival rate from Testicular Cancer is 99%

This is a totally informal thing if $50 is too much, adjust it to $5 or $20 or whatever amount you feel comfortable with. Rather not donate anything? Just share this blog to show your support. Just post a comment below and commit to the amount that you and your partner will donate to hold yourself accountable. At the end of the month, let’s come back and see how we did.

While rare, testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer in men between the ages of 15 and 35.

Donations to the testicular cancer society have absolutely nothing to do with this site and go through their site completely, we don’t touch your donations and we don’t make money on this. Everything donated to the Testicular Cancer site goes directly to them. Below are a couple past Locktober blogs for your enjoyment.


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Let’s raise awareness together!

Evolvingyourman is not affiliated with the Testicular Cancer Society in any way and their logo is the sole property and copyright of The Testicular Cancer Society.



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We don’t usually do chastity but we might have to try.
For a good cause, right?


100% Thank you for doing this Emma!
We are in for $20 if he makes it and $50 if he doesnt!


We are in! This is like breast cancer awareness month but for balls.



During a walk with Ms. K. yesterday, I explained and described to her this post. Even though we are 10 years in to our acknowledged and loving WLM, we only recently (Feb.) began using a chastity cage as an integral part of our lifestyle. Prior to that, she had no interest in caging me for any reason other than punishment time. In fact, she didn’t even know there was something called “Locktober”.

She told me to prepare myself mentally for participating in Locktober and all that may come with it. I am nervous and excited to be a part of it. This will be another step forward in our journey and growth toward whatever this lifestyle brings us.


Great post, thank you for all your hard work on this blog Emma! I have learned so much about satisfying women through it as a young single man.

This is a timely post as I just had my balls examined yesterday (as a precaution due to a small bump I’d found). I chose to see a female doctor, of course, as I’m trying to grow more comfortable with placing my genitals in the complete control of a woman. I see it as training/practice for future wife/relationships as I learn to submit my cock.

To my surprise she had a young nurse practitioner shadowing her that day. The two of them examined me thoroughly and I was surprised by how natural and comfortable it felt. She (the doctor) was gentle, witty, and kind as she felt my balls and guided the nurse in doing so. They could tell I was feeling anxious at the start and did their best to joke and laugh with me to ease my nerves. I.e. joking: “I’ve got him (my testicle) pinned down now where’d that little lump go?” It was professional, though lighthearted, and felt appropriate to receive their expertise and care as they held my penis to the side and reassured me my balls felt ok. I’d never been naked from the waist down in front of two woman at once before and I was surprised that I actually felt more comfortable with them then I had with a man examining me before. They referred an ultrasound for tomorrow as well just as a precaution and I’m hoping the technician is a female as well now. I think I just feel more relaxed and reassured when a female is caring for my intimate parts.

Hope that encourages some other guys. Let your partners examine you and if you have any cause for concern go see a professional. I’d recommend a female. 🙂

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