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Male Chastity Beauty Contest

If you are like me, you love the look of a neatly caged specimen and adore the lines of a nicely fitted cage. The confidence that it inspires for the wearer and for the lucky lady with the key. Upload a picture of your nicely caged cock and we will all vote on a winner. Male chastity is about growing a bond of closeness and above all, having fun with our relationship and our sexuality.

Voting has ended at this time.

Top Three As Of 11/23/2021

It is nearing the end of Locktober so I figured there would be an abundance of prisoners straining to get out of their cages. So what are you waiting for? Please write EYM on a slip of paper or on your body so I know that you didn’t just find a photo on the internet. I am looking for an actual winner from this site.

Go snap a photo and enter today! This is also my first time doing a photo contest so bear with me if there are any glitches. Don’t feel excluded ladies. If this goes well, I’ll do another one for keys. (necklaces, anklets, etc.) That could be fun.


This contest is sponsored by the great folks at Locked In Lust® ! Their premiere product THE VICE ™ is regarded as one of the best cages on the market today. Huge shout-out to the Locked in Lust ® team for reaching out on short notice and sponsoring us.

Locked In Lust Logo

A huge thank you to our sponsor, Locked in Lust!


My name is Austin, and I founded Locked in Lust® in 2014.  I was inspired to created Locked in Lust® from my poor experiences with other chastity devices, both plastic and steel alike.  While each device offered a unique experience, they all lacked security and were easily escapable.  I attempted to modify and purchase aftermarket pieces to increase the security of these devices, but to no avail was I successful.  The modifications were either too painful to withstand (especially overnight), or they did not provide a satisfying level of security.  After some research, I noticed this problem was shared by the masses.  I began experimenting with various designs, materials, and textures to enhance the overall security, while maintaining comfort.  After two years of research and development, I designed Locked in Lust®’s flagship device, The Vice™, which offers both superior security and comfort to other models.

We are glad to support Emma and the Evolving Your Man community with a $100 gift card to Locked in Lust®! With the holidays coming up, we are planning to have some really great deals. Check our website out and thank you for letting us be a part of your awesome community!

Good Luck!

Gift Card 100

Contest Rules:

Voting officially ends at 12am PST on Tuesday, November 30th. We will calculate all votes at that time. The winner will be selected based upon the average rating (star rating divided by number of votes). The A minimum of 25 votes is required. The letters EYM must be clearly written somewhere in the photo and not superimposed. Write it on your body, your cage, sticky note, heck you can even brand or tattoo yourself (jk please don't). By uploading your photo, you acknowledge that you own the rights to the photo and are providing consent for Evolving Your Man and Locked In Lust® to use your photo for marketing and/or promotional purposes. One grand prize will be awarded a $100 digital gift card for Locked in Lust® . This will be delivered electronically once a winner is selected. There is no preferential treatment for wearers of Locked In Lust® products. First, second and third winners will be permanently displayed on this page. Questions about the rules or the prize? Send me an email using my contact form. Tired of fine print? Stop reading and enter the stinkin' contest already!

Good Luck! As you click that upload button, remember.
You are beautiful!

Choose one to five stars based on the overall aesthetic appearance including fitment of the cage. Once you’ve entered and voted, click the “copy image link” and send to all of your friends, family and co-workers so they can vote for you and help you win!

Voting has ended and the winner has been selected.

Click here to see the winning entry.



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Oh this is fun. I’ll have her take a picture later!


This post gave me a delightful shiver of feeling delightfully both desirable and objectified (in the good, sexy way!)…. Very cool idea. I’m going to try to work up the nerve to enter.


Oh boy … Nervous!


Will there be beauty contest in 22?

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