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Locked up for health & fitness with Miss Fit!

I’d like to introduce everyone to Miss Fit, who has a virtual fitness program that uses chastity to help achieve fitness results. As you may recall, Kev and I did something like this a few years ago and he lost like 5 lbs. The cage was a constant reminder him to make healthy eating choices and a great motivator to exercise. Here is my interview with Miss Fit!

Hi Miss Fit! Someone on my blog introduced me to your site, using chastity as a motivator for a fitness program is brilliant. I’ve done the same with my fiancé Kev and he had to lose 5 lbs to be unlocked, it was an intense incentive. Not only from consistency of his workouts but in terms of his eating decisions. Want that cookie? Not so fast, don’t forget about your cage. I am sure that you will find the audience of this site will absolutely believe in your methods. Thank you for agreeing to do a Q&A with me today!

Can you tell me a little bit about the program and how you came up with the idea? 

Miss Fit: The program revolves around setting very specific exercise or nutrition goals, and then based on the clients preferences a rewards based system is set up. So for example if the client wants to lose 10lb, I prescribe a set number of calories and exercise sessions and together we decide on a realistic timeframe for achieving them. Check Ins are weekly and depending on progress or lack thereof, punishments or rewards are given. Most goals usually take at least 12-16 weeks, so commitment to the goal must remain foremost in the clients mind.  The accountability factor is key and it’s generally based around honesty, especially if the client doesn’t have a domme/dom. Rewards are given for consistency of adherence to the program and reliable communication and punishments for not adhering to the program. I do full health, nutrition and exercise screening. It takes a lot of time to put together a highly individualized program, so my rates reflect my experience and time.

I made a number of connections on another BDSM site, and one of the men I spoke to regularly told me he wanted to lose weight, but needed some accountability outside of his primary chastity based relationship. I prescribe his exercise and nutrition, and his wife punishes him when I think he needs it. He gets rewarded when he has been a ‘good boy’. The 3 of us work very well as a team and his wife is very happy with his progress. 

What experience do you have in the kink/alternative relationship community?

Miss Fit: I do have experience in the wider ‘adult’ community. I have been involved in consensual non-monogamous relationships, polyamory and swinging. I’m very voyeuristic and even in my early 50’s my libido is still high. Physical intimacy is my love language, and I thrive on touch and communication. When my own relationship needs are not met, I get emotionally demanding. I have been described as a switch and can be both bossy and submissive.

Your website says that you’ve been a trainer for 25 years and nutrition facilitator, can you tell me about your background?

Miss Fit: I originally started out as a trainer in a large chain gym back in 1996, but eventually came to the conclusion that I preferred to make my own rules. So I went back to university and studied Sports Management and Coaching, then an introductory course in Health Science. In 2016 I graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science. From 1997-2005,I also competed in several bodybuilding shows but struggled with the calorie restriction aspect. In my younger years I played tennis and badminton and studied classical ballet. I’ve always liked participating in sports, but I’m not super competitive.

I’ve trained a huge variety of clients, from fat loss, to bodybuilding, disabled people and those with high health needs. I really enjoy helping people become a better, healthier version of themselves. It pleases me when I see them become more confident and happier. 

What services do you recommend for someone who just needs to get motivation and some basic nutrition guidance?

Miss Fit: Some people like to be told what to eat, so I can do a more structured diet if that is what the client wants. I studied a lot of nutrition in my degree and am insured to provide nutrition services. Alternatively, I can provide a macronutrient profile that suits the clients preferences, and lifestyle, and let them choose their own foods. I can provide food lists for grocery shopping, and also supplement recommendations if desired.
On the training side of the equation, I can do a very basic weights program, or a more complex one. It all depends on what the client wants. I pride myself on really listening to the client and doing what they want in conjunction with their lifestyle. I generally don’t train beginners online as I can’t check their exercise technique. There needs to be a degree of self motivation and as with training the general public, it is important to be exercising for the right reasons and not just because someone tells you to. This especially applies to women who are often told they need to lose weight and must go to the gym. Not everyone is suited to the structured approach of a gym,  so it’s important to figure out an exercise regime that the client will enjoy and stick to.

How does your program differ for men vs women? We see very little interest in female chastity. I know my drive is far less intense than that of my fiancé. 

Miss Fit: The training and nutrition aren’t very different, but given men and women have very different emotional needs, that reflects in their reward/punishment preferences. I’ve not had a lot of female clients in chastity, so I can only comment on the males becoming very needy and emotionally demanding if I don’t respond quickly. Obviously a female will have varying emotional needs depending on where they are in their menstrual cycle and that needs to be taken into account during the weekly check ins.

It looks like you offer options for partnered couples and also remote, how does remote inhibit or benefit your methods? How do you manage an emergency key?

Miss Fit: I haven’t had a client with an emergency key…yet, so I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. Remote training very much relies on honesty, and given that many locked individuals are natural people pleasers, they generally tell me if they have been ‘naughty’. When it involves a couple, mostly it is one partner holding the key and administering my prescribed punishments or rewards, while the other in chastity does what they’re prescribed by me.  A difficulty I do have is when the partner holding the key doesn’t want to be involved in their partner’s fitness goals, or is ambivalent about it. I would rather have both partners on board, as it can otherwise create friction in the primary relationship, something I don’t want to happen.

Which devices work best for active fitness lifestyle? Kev found the silicone cages to be best for running but now he uses a Kink3d designs product.

Miss Fit: Cages are very much an individual preference. Every man I have spoken to says something different, so I always recommend trying out metal, plastic and silicone. Silicone is very lightweight, as is plastic, but it can come down to what the client wears to exercise in. If one likes to run or participate in team sports, some form of compression underwear gives added support under shorts. And of course metal rubs more against clothing and may irritate the skin. For general gym workouts, almost any kind of cage works, although some pinching of the skin may occur in more complex leg exercises like squats and deadlifts.

Do you have anything else that you would like to add?

Miss Fit: I pride myself on listening to the client, from screening to the exercise or nutrition prescription. It is very important that the client gives me all the information required to give them exactly what they need and want. I expect honesty and give it in return. Reliability and communication are essential to any professional or personal relationship. I work hard to try and resolve problems and I am not one to give up, even when the problem seems insurmountable. I would describe my approach as firm but fair.

Most of my chastity clients are men and they respond well to being told what to do. I’ve occasionally been hit on by single males in chastity, and I have to firmly tell them that I’m not their domme or mistress. My preferred names are Miss Fit or Miss. Overtly sexual messages get the sender blocked, I have no time for people who communicate in an unprofessional or inappropriate manner.

 I live in the southern hemisphere, but given the global nature of my business, I do check my emails in the morning and evening.

**I have a promotion running on my website at the moment. Pay for 3 months in advance and get a $50 discount. Fees are in US dollars and are paid to my Paypal account. The promotion ends on 15 November.

Thank you so much for telling us about your program! I think we all know how effective of a tool chastity can be. The pandemic has made us realize the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle. It really isn’t just about your physical appearance, a healthy lifestyle can protect you from a severe covid-19 case. If you want to learn more, reach out to Miss Fit! You can find her website here.

Some additional information threads about fitness chastity at Chastity Mansion, an excellent male chastity forum.


Working out while in chastity

Weight loss, a condition for release?


Check out the exercise contract from another of their forum posts. Yikes, a bit extreme!


You have been admitted into this program because you are no longer found attractive by the opposite sex. You will be placed in strict chastity because of this. It’s an embarrassment to look in the mirror at how you have let yourself go and now you will lose your privilege to orgasm unless exercise methods are put into regular use.

Your progress will be regularly updated publicly on The Chastity Mansion forums where you will be given further disciplines or requirements by its standing members. You will be allowed one (1) orgasm for every seven (7) logged hours of exercise. Exercises include, but are not limited to: Walking, Jogging, Running, Biking, or going to the gym. You will not be unlocked from your chastity device while exercising as you should be constantly reminded of what you have lost privilege over from becoming this unattractively overweight.

Your device may only be removed if you have successfully logged 7 hours of exercise or in the event of emergencies. When released, you will be given two hours of freedom to properly clean the device, shave properly, orgasm, and replace the device. You may not orgasm more than once during this period.

There is no minimum time per day that needs to be completed. However there is a 45 minute minimum time for exercises to count towards your release.

If for whatever reason you are found cheating by continual laziness, you will be disciplined. Disciplines include application of IcyHot or similar substances to the testicles prior to exercising, extensions of required hours towards release, or further punishments decided by the body of the Chastity Mansion users.

This process has begun with your lock up on July 26th, 2011, at which time you weighed in at 242lbs with nothing but your device on.

Chastity Mansion – My Chastity Exercise Program

All of these threads are quite old so I also created a blog topic about fitness in our lovely EYM forum. You can find that here. You can also contact Miss Fit directly by emailing her at [email protected]

It should be noted that EYM can not vouch for the quality or results for Miss Fit’s program however she was recommended by an EYM member who is welcome to introduce himself in the comments below and provide a more formal recommendation.



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Miss Fit is currently my on-line fitness coach and she has whipped me into the best shape of my life. I highly recommend her.


Very interested. I contacted Miss Fit. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂


Thank you for the recommendation!


I really like the aspect that Miss Fit is a professional trainer that learn about Chastity afterwards, which is completely the opposite order of many professional Dommes that learn about training afterwards. I think Miss Fit combination of skills can be very unique and deadly effective.
I am not sure Emma you realized that many of us are still in Locktober (27 days for me as it started earlier), so joining Miss Fit program while still in Locktober would be very scary for me.

On the practical side, the cage would be too obvious in my training gym pants as it is quite the opposite of wearing bulky jeans. I go to a public gym, and I am not into humiliation. Any advices?


I wish she explained how she actually handles key exchange, especially if remote


Hello there, thank you for your question. The easiest way to do this remotely is with a lock box on a 7 day timer, especially if you can’t trust yourself to stay locked. If you need to get out of the cage in an emergency, there is the envelope system, where the key gets put in an envelope and is sealed with packing tape and ‘property of MissFIt’ written in marker pen.


thanks – may reach out to you after a test to be sure a whole no-breaks week is doable


I look forward to hearing from you!


Hello, thank you for your message. The best way to do this is with a lock box with a negotiated timer. An emergency key would also be needed, the best way of doing this is via envelope with ‘Property of MissFit’ written on it, and photographed every day.


Hello everyone! I’m having trouble receiving messages on my bdsmlr blog, so you are welcome to message me here. Please note I expect all conversations to be professional, I don’t tolerate sleazy messages. Professional interest only. Thank you for your comments.

Dad Bod God

When I am locked, my desire to please my wife is multiplied. My willpower to watch my food intake and exercise regularly is my downfall with fitness and despite my already incredible dad bod this could be helpful and I imagine it would work very well. Thanks MissFit. Do you have any tips for couples that go about it on their own without pro guidance?


Hello! Thank you for your question. Most of my clients use some kind of food tracking app, like MyFitnessPal or Carbon by Layne Norton and this works well for them. For couples, my suggestion would be to track calories and send each other your daily numbers. If the person who is locked doesn’t adhere to the numbers they have set, then some kind of punishment could be administered. Having set macronutrient goals makes the accountability a lot easier.


Thank you for this interview and accompanying links to additional background information on the subject. Struggling myself to keep up a consistent routine of home based exercising, I can only imagine how effective a training schedule like this would be. I hope Miss Fit’s business will go from strength to strength for the benefit of her subjects and their partners.


Thank you for your kind words!

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