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Chastity Beauty Contest: We have a winner!

As NO-vember comes to a close, so does our 1st annual Male Chastity Beauty Contest and a winner has been selected. This was my first time doing a photo contest so I appreciate you bearing with me but I think it went pretty well with 62 entries, 3200 votes and over 22,000 visitors throughout the month!

Contest Header Image
The contest has ended but you can view the original contest post by clicking here.

This contest is sponsored by the great folks at Locked In Lust® ! Their premiere product THE VICE ™ is regarded as one of the best cages on the market today. Huge shout-out to the Locked in Lust ® team for reaching out on short notice and sponsoring the contest for us. I promise I’ll give you guys more notice next time.

Locked In Lust Logo

A huge thank you to our sponsor, Locked in Lust!


My name is Austin, and I founded Locked in Lust® in 2014.  I was inspired to created Locked in Lust® from my poor experiences with other chastity devices, both plastic and steel alike.  While each device offered a unique experience, they all lacked security and were easily escapable.  I attempted to modify and purchase aftermarket pieces to increase the security of these devices, but to no avail was I successful.  The modifications were either too painful to withstand (especially overnight), or they did not provide a satisfying level of security.  After some research, I noticed this problem was shared by the masses.  I began experimenting with various designs, materials, and textures to enhance the overall security, while maintaining comfort.  After two years of research and development, I designed Locked in Lust®’s flagship device, The Vice™, which offers both superior security and comfort to other models.

We are glad to support Emma and the Evolving Your Man community with a $100 gift card to Locked in Lust®! With the holidays coming up, we are planning to have some really great deals. Check our website out and thank you for letting us be a part of your awesome community!

Good Luck!

With no further ado, I’d like to announce our winner!

Grand Prize Winner @soundsofdelight

Congratulations to our first place winner and thank you for entering the contest. Your locked genitals are truly the most-bestest in the land.


Eym Sub

Second Place @lockedstock

Our wonderful sponsor graciously offered a prize for our second place as well! Congratulations LockedStock, I sent you an email to the address that you used when registering to the site. Please respond to that or send me a private message so I can get your prize to you!

Img 2250

If neither of these wieners is yours, don’t fret. The cool folks over at Locked in Lust are offering everyone that participated or voted a discount on their site. Use coupon code LUST10 for 10% off any of their wonderful products.

So what did you think of the contest? Would you like to see another one? Do you have a company that might be interested in sponsoring a prize for the winner? Reach out via the contact form! Don’t feel excluded ladies. I plan to do another one for keys (necklaces, anklets, etc.). That could be fun.

Below is a gallery of all entries that met the contest criteria!

Thank you all so very much for entering and sharing your hardware!



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Only your title image is appearing. Rest of images are empty boxes.


Had no problem viewing the pictures on my end Emma.


Congratulations yet-to-be-named winners! Seems like a perfectly fitting metal cage and nearly smooth cock, balls and general area did the trick with voters! It was fun to see the
variety of “situations” we all exist under. Didn’t have the courage to post a picture myself. Maybe next time.


Great idea, hope you do it again


wishing I could post a picture!


Yes ma’am


Hi Emma we are eagerly waiting the KeyHolders competition 🙂

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