I Evolved This One

I Evolved This One! ???

Big news in the Emma and Kev Palace! We tied the knot! We made a few different plans for destination weddings and some other ideas which involved various friends and family but we just decided to go with a wedding chapel. It was starting to be stressful and the destination wedding options were causing some hurt feelings for those who couldn’t take time from work or afford the travel. Kev and I decided that it simply wasn’t worth the hurt feelings and decided to do it our own way. We had drive through options, we could even have Elvis Presley marry us but opted for the more traditional $200 package which included everything we needed.

Photo Of Arch Of Reno - Reno, Nv, United States. The Roses After The Rose Ceremony

Is this the princess wedding that I’d imagined, not even close! A marriage chapel in the number three gambling city in America? really? Is this the prince that I had imagined spending the rest of my life with? Not even close! This guy blew away my expectations of what a partner could be. I couldn’t be happier with the person he is, the person I am and the people that we’ve evolved into together.

This is just a quick blog post to keep all of you loving and supportive readers updated on my life because you’ve been such a big part of it this whole time. I really appreciate each and every one of you.


As of May 14th we are Mrs. and Mr. and it feels great! We both have a huge weight off our chest about the planning and managing details. All of our house guests but one have left and we are just lounging around and relaxing. We don’t have any honeymoon plans until later this summer.

Photo Of Arch Of Reno - Reno, Nv, United States

Is it tacky or imply that we don’t take our marriage commitment seriously?


No, this is just another example of doing things our own way.

Was Kev locked for our wedding?


Did we fly Andrew out so he could be our best man?


More on those fun facts later. Thank you all for coming along for our journey.



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Very appropriate setting and participants. Marriage ceremonies should not be something you have to endure. Good for all of you to do it your way!


Congratulations Emma! I am so happy for you and Kev. Marriage is the best and you two already have such a great bond. Enjoy the bliss forever!


How did you settle the name game? I bet you are already working on that post. I look forward to hearing if you care to share!


I like it! Enjoy your evolved man!


I may have already said this on Twitter or somewhere else on this site, but Congratulations on the marriage and now also on the 1st anniversary!

And if there is much to say about it, I’d be curious about Kev taking your name and how family and friends responded to that. I’d like to do that when I finally get married and I’m sure my Italian relatives will not be in favor, but it seems appropriate in a Female Led Relationship and as a way to publicly renounce patriarchy.

As always, thanks for sharing with us Emma!


Holy shit Emma … Congratulations! Ms. K. and I couldn’t be happier for the two of you. What a great bit of news. This is by far the best, most exciting blog post on this entire site!

When Ms. K. and I renewed our wedding vows 8 years ago, I wore a cage as well. The symbolism was and always has been so very powerful going forward.

I can’t wait to hear all about it. One last house guest huh? I wonder if that could be ……


Can’t wait to hear the details of after the wedding. Did Kevin watch as another man consummated the marriage while he looked on and locked up?


Congratulations to both of you!


You did not! Kev’s a cuckold already? Details, please!


Congrats! I definitely love how you did it and that you’re continuing to celebrate. Enjoy!


Congratulations to you both.
a fancy wedding, does not make a better marriage.
May your marriage endure and be as happy as you hope it to be.




Hi Emma and Kevin,
Just catching up on my EYM and want to offer my congratulations to you both on tying the knot. I hope your two have long and happy lives together.

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