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I’m a professional woman with a science and medical background as a primary care provider.  Don’t take the fact that I’m a care provider as any special qualification about semen retention.  I just happen to be one.  I write this blog as only a woman sharing this experience with my husband.  I could be in any other profession and have the same opinion.  This is not medical advice.  Don’t take it as such.  You will need to do your own due diligence in how it relates to your own particular health concerns.  So, as they say, consult your doctor. 

I am also a Yoga and Qigong  practitioner.  I found out about semen retention from a female reiki master that has a husband that practices it.  She’s mentioned how fortunate she feels to have the benefits from a male that is retaining.  I was intrigued as I never heard of this concept.  Over the last year I’ve introduced semen retention to my husband, and he also has an ejaculation schedule which is enforced by  consequences that he agreed to.  Essentially, I requested that he not ejaculate except with my permission.  Having installed the principles of semen retention with an ejaculation schedule for my husband, I have seen amazing changes in our marriage, and I felt compelled to share my experience as I think other women might benefit from it.

 My husband has also experienced health and spiritual benefits from it.  As it does require refraining from ejaculation during intercourse, he does require support from me.  I think most western males will require assistance from the female in refraining from ejaculation.  But once the male is trained, I think the benefits I’ve realized will also translate to other women and their marriages.  That’s my primary aim with this blog.  All I’ve done here is share my experience and offer it as food for thought.


Once these principles are installed in the relationship, it does tend to put women in the drivers seat but from a whole different perspective than a traditional FLR (Female Led Relationship).  To me it seems like the male is having his true nature revealed to him through practicing these principles with a woman’s support.  Living these principles, the male realizes Plato’s saying, “The god of love lives in a state of need,” and his passion for his wife increases a hundred fold.  She becomes the perpetual novel female he always craves.  The courtship phase of the relationship extends into marriage for ……well, as long as these principles are practiced.  If this sounds interesting to you, stick around, and I’ll explain how this works for us.  I  consider the first three entries the foundation of the incredible passion we have in our relationship:  semen retention,  the ejaculation schedule, and consequences for unauthorized ejaculation.

The following articles should be read in order.  They are my observations (not recommendations) of living with a male that’s practicing semen retention, and how these principles might work for you. Warning: Profound uplifting, passionate and blissful changes may occur in your relationship.


Chapter 1

Enhancing Your Marriage Through Semen Retention

Chapter 1-1
Health Concerns About Semen Retention

Chapter 2

Turning up the Passion in Your Marriage by Implementing and Ejaculation Schedule for Your Husband

Chapter 3

How Firm is Your Foundation?: Consequences for Unauthorized Ejaculation

Chapter 3-1

Examples of Aversive Stimuli

Chapter 4

Your Man of Steel: Building His Stamina

Chapter 5

Stopping That Unstoppable Train: Redirecting Him When Your Done with His Penis.

Chapter 6

Abolishing Your Husband’s Masturbation Habit

Chapter 7
Post Ejaculation: Things a Woman Should Know

Chapter 8
Extending the Courtship Phase into Marriage

Chapter 9
Strengthening Pair Bonding with Pre-Climax Stimulation

Chapter 10
Awakening Your Yoni

Chapter 11

A Woman Should Know Her Place


Sissy and His Wife
Saturday, September 17, 2016
I shared this with my wife. She will like this Blog.

Yoga Girl
Saturday, September 17, 2016
Thanks for reading. Hope she finds it useful.

Thursday, November 17, 2016
Hi Yoga Girl, What is your science and medical background, and do you advice your patients practice of semen retention.

Yoga Girl
Thursday, November 17, 2016
I’d like to maintain my anonymity so I’d rather forego the specifics about my exact background other than I am a primary care provider. I have a science and medical background consistent with that. What I share on this blog is something anyone can share. I’m not going to give medical advice here. My experience with semen retention certainly doesn’t require a medical degree. Anyone that practices it will know more than 99% of any doctor out there.

I have recommended it to patients in certain situations to help with libido and testosterone levels as there is evidence that it does raise testosterone at 6-7 days of retention. It’s certainly not at the core of my practice or anything like that.

The Glenmore
Wednesday, November 30, 2016
Very interesting methods.I enjoyed reading your blog. However I am not sure if I( or most men )would have the willpower to comply though.

Yoga Girl
Wednesday, November 30, 2016
Men practiced semen retention as a culture hundreds of years ago. Today, men can scarcely imagine separating sexual stimulation from the goal of ejaculation. With the right aversive stimulus, I think it can be achieved and fairly easily. Once forgoing ejaculation has become routine, passion is increased, and the marriage will enter a new phase.

Thanks for reading.

Mike Pahula
Saturday, December 03, 2016
Ima new to you blog name Mike came over from Strict Julie blog alway been intrested in Yoga i will soon read the chapter you have posted you sound like cool beautiful young lady

Yoga Girl
Saturday, December 03, 2016
Thanks, Mike. Hope you enjoy it.

Mike Pahula
Wednesday, December 07, 2016
Ya welcome Yoga Girl i am really enjoying now have another female who can keep me in line even would paddle me if i get out of line

sub steve
Monday, December 05, 2016
this question may have been asked but… do You use chastity in Your control of him too?

If not, why?
if so, what device Ma’am?

Yoga Girl
Monday, December 05, 2016
My husband has a few devices that we have used in play in the past. What we’re doing now is his lifestyle, and I rely on his word. He would never lie to me so a chastity device is not necessary. He knows I view masturbation the same as adultery. He knows robbing the passion from our relationship is quite a serious offense. The consequences for masturbating are quite severe so he avoids stimulating himself. As long as a man isn’t a liar, our method is quite effective.

Why not use a device?

We have played in the past with one, but he finds it uncomfortable, and even with the largest ring which the penis and the testicles go through, it still looked quite restrictive to me. I also don’t like the interfering with the cremaster muscle which regulates the temperature by raising and lowering of the testicles.
Also, I like his penis to be free to go through its erection cycles at night while he’s sleeping. And of course I like it to be easily available for intercourse when I want it almost daily. It always seem to be a chore to get it in and out of its cage which was annoying. When we’ve used one in the past, it seemed to effect the quality of his erections for the worse. I know, chastity devices are a nice fantasy, but in real life they just don’t work for us. I love the symbolism and the look of them though. I think it’s great that men want to show their wife visually what they are willing to give up by wearing one, but the negatives outweigh the pros for us. It’s hard for me to recommend them because of the nighttime interference of erections and interference with the cremaster muscle to allow the testicles to ascend and descend to regulate temperature.

experimental FLR follower
Saturday, April 08, 2017
Dear Yoga Girl,

I have read your blog with some interest and introduced it to my wife of 20 years.

We have discussed the details in great detail and understand that some things will work for us that maybe don’t work for you and visa versa.

This has certainly rekindled our sex life and the intimacy between us. We have agreed to give the retention and non ejaculation a trial.

Like your husband I was previously masturbating an excessive amount I can identify with all of your comments on post ejaculation feelings. We both have noticed since we decided that masturbation is a thing of the past that my penis is harder for longer.

However, we or more accurately I am finding non ejaculation during thrusting impossible. Can you please give me some insight as to you and your husband trained your husband in this area?

Kind regards


Yoga Girl
Saturday, April 15, 2017
Sorry about this late reply. As far as not ejaculating while thrusting, this may be something you build up to. I’ve mentioned Karezza throughout my blog and much of the time there is little thrusting and sometimes not at all for couples that practice it. It can be a very intimate experience to have a pulsing hard penis inside me and just kissing and being intimate. Simply don’t worry about thrusting. Stop, take a break, remain inside and resume when these ejaculation impulses subside. Sometimes, morning sex is best for my husband when his brain is half a sleep and his pleasure center is more numb at that time. I can achieve nine orgasms easily and his penis is rock hard with little sensation for him during the whole session. Hope that helps.

experimental FLR follower
Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Thanks for your reply Yoga Girl, I have already started researching Karezza as a result of some of the comments on your blogs and whilst it helps me, Mrs FLR likes my thrusting (but would prefer more than 10 thrusts without having to stop for fear of spillage)so we are experimenting in short bursts, more Karrezza followed by more thrusts. Hopefully over time we will both be able to enjoy the benefits of practising this method.

I assume your husband took some time to get to his current ability to prevent spillage whilst satisfying you? If so then I guess its just a case of daily practice.

Yoga Girl
Wednesday, April 19, 2017
It can take time, but also the way we have sex helps him. The fact that he’s so obviously aroused really helps to drive me to orgasm, and when I come I jump off onto his face so he can finish me which gives him relief. Also different parts of my vagina are more stimulating than other parts. The vaginal fleshy canal is more stimulating than the area around the cervix, so he can do short rapid thrusts in the cervical area with less stimulation. Every couple will need to find out what works for them. You could also thrust and when it gets to intense, you could switch to oral on her. She might enjoy riding your tongue and alternate back to your penis when you cool down a bit jumping back and forth from penis to tongue if she rides on top. So, if she senses you’re close she can mount your face without breaking her rhythm and possibly achieve orgasm (for her). I really draw energy from his arousal, and it’s very stimulating.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017
We have a similar situation to experimental FLR follower. I may get to 15-20 and then need to stop thrusting. This is not what my wife would prefer. She likes the deep long pounding thrusts. We have an active sex life but after almost 30 years, I have not been able to get her to orgasm with intercourse. I can achieve that for her orally, but she would prefer to stop at one and is not comfortable ‘mounting my face’.
We have been working on controlling my orgasm for the past few months and I think we are making progress but I still cant last as long as I need to to get her over the top. Also, for me at 50, there is a fine line (sometimes) between being on the edge of orgasm and starting to loose my erection.

Yoga Girl’s Husband (moderator)
Thursday, July 20, 2017
YG likes rapid thrusts. I’m fortunate that it doesn’t take her long to climax. I can’t sustain the rapid thrusts for long. She also likes the deep pounding. She cums when she knows I’m about to blow it. That drives her over the edge. She has no qualms whatsoever about using my face to ride to her finish.

Friday, July 21, 2017
try a little desensitising cream. It’s a low dose local anaesthetic and will allow you to thrust for longer. Our problem is that if I can’t hold on and a spill occurs, my wife doesn’t like all the ‘extra lubrication’. By using the cream and changing her position slightly we managed to get her over the edge before me.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017
Thanks YG’s Husband and Anon,
Just saw these posts. I will try the desensitizing cream. Would that require condoms to keep her from being desensitized? We usually have skin to skin sex as we both like the feel better.

Experimental FLR follower
Monday, September 11, 2017
Hi her wish,
The anon comments were also mine before I realised I didn’t need to be logged in to show my name.
Yes, we used condoms for two reasons at the start: 1. stop the cream from affecting her and 2. prevent any extra lubrication in the event of spillage spoiling things for her. I know what you mean about preferring skin on skin but if you keep doing what you’ve always done you keep getting the same results.
After some time we were able to do away with the condoms and make sure all cream was removed once it had done its job. Eventually I was able to retain for 6 days with daily stimulation. The orgasm I had was mind blowing and I can see why it’s so worthwhile. I also now do sails keegle exercises to increase the strength of my pc muscles. You can get those online.
YG’s husband must have PC muscles like steel to continue as he does. Hats off to you YGs husband.

Yoga Girl’s Husband (moderator)
Monday, September 11, 2017
If it weren’t for the aversive stimulus she applies for spills, I would lose it frequently. I still remember the last strapping she gave me for a spill. Not something I want to repeat. If she weren’t actively involved and wanting me to retain, I wouldn’t be doing it. The orgasms when they do happen are mind blowing as you say. She also likes to ride me when I’m on the edge which makes it harder. She loves it when I’m crying and out of my mind and has no trouble firmly saying “No” and walking away after. She wouldn’t be into me using desensitizing creme. She wants me to be fully sensitized and feeling every millimeter of her wet pussy. She doesn’t mind giving me a short break to prevent spills, but she expects me to thrust enough so she can get her nine. It’s torturous, but she’s amazing.

Experimental FLR follower
Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Hats off to you both then YG’s husband:
You for being able to hold on and to YG for being firm enough to insist that you do.
We are still at the start of our experiment and as strong as my wife is in many areas she is not as firm as YG in this area.

Yoga Girl’s Husband (moderator)
Wednesday, September 13, 2017
YG has been remarkably firm and consistent with retention. I thought if If I would have pushed hard enough, we could stop but she’s relentless. I thought she might let it go just with the normal cycles in life as she’s doing so many things that she might just move on from it but no luck. I agree with her that it’s the best thing for us, but I just need her so much. I’m always looking forward to her coming home. It keeps me tethered closely to her.

This is one of a few blogs that were published by Yoga Girl at her website at http://flr101.blogspot.com. This site is now offline but all credit goes to her. More info here.



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I love this so much. Does YG talk about anything regarding non monogomy or was her blog only about orgasm denial and control? I can’t remember.

Your blog has really opened up my eyes with taking both a husband and a lover. I would really enjoy reading YG’s perspectives about the subject.

FLR Follower

Emma, thanks for finding these and re posting them. Well done you. I recall reading them for the first time and the profound effect they had on me.
I stopped masturbating and my wife and I have embraced semen retention.

And congratulations on the wedding !!!


Emma, thanks so much for re-posting these. The blog suddenly was removed and I couldn’t find them anywhere, I’m so glad you saved them! I wondered whatever happened to her and her blog. *shrug

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