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FLR101 – Chapter 4: My man of steel, building his stamina.

So, semen retention and the implementation of an ejaculation schedule has given you your man of steel, but he now cums faster than a speeding bullet.

The first thing I noticed as my husband practiced semen retention was the improvement of the quality of his erections.  They were like steel, and he was longer and thicker.  I wanted him to measure as we already knew what he was before from a couple of years ago.  He went from nearly 6 inches to a little more than 6 1/2 inches.  I could tell and very much appreciate the difference.  He was reaching spots he hadn’t before with both length and width.  That’s what heightened arousal can do for a penis.

You want him to be able to use this new found rod of steel to pump you for extended periods delivering multiple orgasms to you.  With training, my intercourse sessions with my husband went from good to fantastic. This is a method based in Karezza which will build stamina and intimacy.


At this point, try using these Karezza principles to kiss and be close without the pressure of sexual performance.  Just be intimate with him inside you for an extended period motionless moving just enough to maintain his erection.  Couples that do this, can do it for hours.  This is all about being intimate with just kissing and touching.  Start having daily 30 minute intimate bonding sessions with him where he inserts his penis in your vagina but doesn’t move unless he can thrust for brief stints without ejaculating.

Your yoni (vagina) might be shut down after years of being with neglectful lovers that finished way before you were even getting warmed up.  We’re going to work on awakening your yoni with these thirty minute sessions while he’s inside you but doesn’t move, or he moves just enough to maintain his erection.  If he’s on the brink, he should maintain that with just enough movement to be his biggest without ejaculating.  You’ll find you’ll be able to draw energy from that.  If I feel him inside of me being any less than his biggest, I say in a firm authoritative tone “BIGGER.”   He responds to that and does get bigger.  I then praise him for his big cock, and tell him how much I love big dicks which makes him even harder if that were possible.  Remember, males are penis centric.  These are just a few tips that may work for you.  They work for me.  When he’s whimpering on the brink of ejaculating beneath me, that can propel me even faster to orgasm.  Use his passion to fuel you.  The union between your yoni and his lingam is building Jing  (Life Essence) for both of you.


He may be so aroused practicing semen retention that he won’t last long, and we don’t want any spill ruining his retention.  It’s very beneficial for him to be on the edge.  You shouldn’t feel like your torturing him.  His pleasure now is more intense than any sex he’s had.  So, you need to be strong and support his retention and be firm with a “NO” if he’s begging for ejaculation, reminding him of the averse consequence that will be applied if he ejaculates and let him know when his special day will be. 

When he feels like he’s ready, he can start thrusting, then stop if he gets too close to release.  Rest, then start thrusting again.  Many women are more clitoris oriented.  Hopefully this process will awaken your yoni  as you become aroused over this 30 minute period which is probably 25 minutes longer than he ever gave you before.  My husband is now trained as a thrusting machine, and can thrust me to 27 orgasms if I desire it, and he’s ready to give me 27 more when I’m ready to call it quits.  My yoni is very awakened now.  His thrusting brings me to the brink, but I still need to hop on his face, and one flick of the tongue starts my orgasm, and then I hop back on, and he thrusts again repeating the process.  Once you’ve built his stamina with training, you can pair it with that rod of steel to service you like you’ve never been serviced before.  Remember,  he’s not going to ejaculate.  So, this is all about you.  Your orgasm is his orgasm It’s not over until you’ve had as many orgasms as you want.  He will live vicariously through you as you experience every one of them.  Practicing semen retention, he will experience many of your orgasms whereas before he received only one five second sensation, and on his E-Day, his ejaculation and orgasm will be the most powerful that he’s experienced.

During these longer sessions practicing Karezza, it can be helpful to have a position that allows both of you to rest while still maintaining penetration.  If you need to, lie on your back with him on his side (forming a “T” shape) penetrating you so you can stimulate your clitoris if you need to.  I find this position allows him to comfortably lie on his side and insert his penis and remain motionless or thrust for an extended period while I’m comfortable on my back having free access to my clitoris, and it allows me to put my foot in his face which is a thrill for him.  I find this is an excellent grand finale position before calling it quits and putting his penis away until tomorrow.  Yes, he has got used to this and now accepts daily intercourse without ejaculation except for rarely.  His passion for me is intense.  He yearns for me when I’m not there.  He looks forward to the next time I enter the room.  He has more interest in me than the cute novel female that just moved next door.  I am the center of his sexual universe as he awaits my release command on ejaculation day.

Many thousands of males have done this in the Taoist tradition for centuries.   Mine can too.  My only disadvantage is that I’m training a western male, and I need to be firm in supporting the goals we have set as a couple.  He may not like just stopping at the end of the session and putting his penis away, but he has come to appreciate the prolonged pleasure he experiences during his lengthy intercourse sessions with me which is greater than the five second sensation of ejaculation.

They say semen retention can help resolve premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.  You would think premature ejaculation would be worse with semen retention, but my husband quickly took to it. The male just needs the discipline to back off when he’s getting close. If he has an accident and slips over the edge,  I just make sure it’s not a full orgasm.  He pulls out so I can see that he’s only spilled a little trying to conserve as much as he can.  I don’t let him pump it.  Of course, the aversive stimulus is still be applied.

I hope the principles of semen retention and implementing an ejaculation schedule resonate for you within your relationship, and you both may transcend using them as well as achieving good health and well being.  It’s my experience that these principles produce incredible erections and can bring couples much more closely together.  May people look at you as a couple in 30 years and wonder “What’s their secret?”

Everything my husband and I do is arrived at through open communication and understanding of each other’s needs.  Everything we do is mutually agreed upon and done to increase the love and passion in our relationship as we move forward as a team.

~ Namaste~

Thanks to my hubby for help with the graphics!  …….and the orgasms.

DISCLAIMER: This blog depicts the loving consensual agreed upon relationship between the author and her husband.  Every relationship should be safe, sane and consensual.  Anything else is illegal. This blog is not meant to substitute for your personal due diligence and is not to be taken as medical advice.

This is one of a few blogs that were published by Yoga Girl at her website at http://flr101.blogspot.com. This site is now offline but all credit goes to her. This blog entry did not have any comments.



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Just wow. She’s a true expert in every sense of the word.

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