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FLR101 – Chapter 10: Awakening your yoni

In his 1948 studies, Alfred Kinsey found that 75 percent of American men achieved orgasm within two minutes of commencing intercourse.  The female body takes much more time to awaken, plump up, and lubricate enhancing her sexual stimulation.  If that’s not an argument for semen retention, I don’t know what is.  This 1-2 minute time clearly illustrates the human male’s lack of discipline and self control and is a strong argument for the female to step in and assist him in being disciplined with his ejaculation.

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It’s really hard to fathom that 75% of men could be that uncaring.  1-2 minutes is not sex, it’s using a women’s vagina as a masturbation aid.  Is it any wonder that so many women are shut down sexually with this kind of experience?  Women are capable of so much sexually.  They can reach great heights obtaining many orgasms.  Ironically, it’s many women that are thought of as frigid or not sexual, and it’s men that are thought of as more the sexual creatures.  It’s really quite the opposite.  It’s just that women are capable of such high performance, and men are capable of so little, that they don’t even come close to starting that formula one engine that a women has that can run circles around the Volkswagen male libido.  It’s only when men retain their semen that their libido can then begin to outpace the woman.  Retaining semen, my husband far out does me with his stamina.  After he’s given me 18 orgasms, he’s still ready, pleading, begging to give me 18 more.  If the male seed is not required for procreation, he should retain it according to the ejaculation schedule his wife has set for him and use that desire to help his wife transcend sexually, and transmute that stored energy into outward service.  When he does not retain, that energy collapses into selfishness and laziness.  Some practitioners of tantric sex aim to eliminate orgasm from sexual intercourse by remaining for a long time in the pre-orgasmic and non-emission state. Advocates claim that it eventually causes orgasmic feelings to spread out to all of one’s conscious experience.  I think this may be a worthwhile road for males to strive for as they are only capable of one orgasm resulting in the loss of jing (life essence).  Women however are designed to be multi orgasmic, and they only build chi and jing with each orgasm, flooding their bodies with life giving energy.

Many women have not experienced or fully explored the varying ways the female body is able to reach orgasm.  Taoist philosophy states that there are three gates to achieve this for the woman.

  1. The Clitoris
  2. The G spot  
  3. The Cervix

The Clitoris:
When many women awaken, it’s first with stimulation to their clitoris.  They have their men perform sustained oral service on them because their penis has no stamina.  This is a great thing as at least they are half way there, but it is ideal for the clitoris to work in harmony with the vagina.   Sexual intercourse is the union between the yoni and the lingam.  It’s when this union happens that there is transcendence and an exchange of essence between the male and female body.  It has been postulated that when the skin of the penis is stretched as taut as it can be that the pores open and the male can absorb the female essence.  All this doesn’t happen when the male is just licking between her legs.  There is no union in that.  With oral only, she has only awakened a portion of her potential.  She must also awaken her sleepy vagina and enjoy the union between the yoni and lingam.  When the male is trained for sustained thrusting, he is truly worthy of being inside a yoni.

The G spot:
Most of us have heard of and are familiar with the G spot which can be found just a couple of inches within the vagina towards the front of the body.   A male can easily find and stimulate this area with a finger or two, and the male penis can easily reach this spot.  Rather than just thrusting deeply with the penis in short strokes, it can be very satisfying having the male pull out further before thrusting back in so the G spot is stimulated by the head of the penis sliding across this location.


The Cervix:
The cervix is the third gate, and not very much has been discussed about this in terms of a pleasure point for women.  In fact I have had a couple of women tell me how disappointed they are with their sex life following a hysterectomy which usually removes the cervix.  Unfortunately, many gynecological surgeons are unaware that the cervix is a pleasure center for women.  Many women don’t understand this potential and find it painful or unpleasant when their cervix is pounded during intercourse by an untrained male.  Consequently, women abandon the idea that stimulation of the cervix can be pleasurable.

In Taoist sexual reflexology, the cervix is the heart point in women.  This physical center is the emotional heart, the place of opening, deep surrender, and fulfillment.

Holistic sex coach, Kim Amani says, “When I try to describe what a cervical orgasm is like, I tell people it’s like being on ecstasy.  It’s a whole-body shimmer, a high that spreads out so everything feels delicious, and I radiate for days afterward.”

Porn star with a PhD in human sexuality, Annie Sprinkle says that a cervical orgasm feels like a “A huge tension release deep in the gut. They are almost like belly orgasms.”

On the other hand, Carol Queen, staff sexologist at Good Vibrations, told AlterNet in an email, “Some people find this kind of stimulation unerotic, neutral, unpleasant or painful—so the cervix isn’t a magical hidden pleasure point, at least not for everyone.”

You may fall somewhere in between.  It may be one experience when you’re fully aroused and another completely different experience when you’re not.  This is one location where size matters.  Your man will need to be long enough to stimulate the cervical valley around the cervix.  Note, I said stimulate not pound.  It’s more of an application of the grinding motion of the head of the penis into the A spot of the cervix which is not the opening of the cervix.  The cervix is firmer than the vaginal tissues and is circular.  It protrudes from the uterus into the vagina leaving a slight recess around it.  The recess on the front side of the cervix is called the anterior fornix.  The back side is called the posterior fornix  (see illustration below).  I call it the pocket, and I know when he’s in it and when he slips out of it.   The A spot is found when the penis rubs against the anterior fornix producing wonderful sexual stimulation and rapid lubrication into the vagina.  Stimulation of the back side where the posterior fornix resides will also produce rapid lubrication and stimulation and might be easier to stimulate in the doggie style position if your man is length challenged. 

The penis should not be trying to penetrate or open the cervix and enter the uterus. I think this may be where the misunderstanding lies.  If the opening of the cervix is contacted, it could be unpleasant and often is.  The woman can assist by shifting her body or tilting her pelvis to help the penis glide into that spot.  If the penis is long enough, it can move past the tip of the cervix into the circular valley at the base of the cervix where the pleasure center is.  Most men may not be long enough to reach the A Spot, but just long enough to make contact with the tip of the cervix ie; unpleasant.  This may explain why so many women find this painful.  The irony is that they think it’s too big, but in actuality the penis may not be big enough to move past that zone into the deeper valley.   Longer men push further into the circular valley at the base of the cervix where the good vibrations lie for those women that report good things.  A longer penis may contact the tip of the cervix (initial possible discomfort) but then slip past the tip of the cervix and push deep into that valley delivering an orgasm like no other.  The longer the penis, the more efficiently it can grind into that area (not thrusting like a jack hammer).

This is probably why some women are size queens.  Unfortunately, size does matter when trying to reach this spot.  It’s not that a huge member is a requirement because if it’s too long, it can be very unpleasant. When my husband is his largest, and rapidly doing very short thrusts like a vibrator with his knob rapidly lightly brushing or polishing if you will the anterior or posterior fornix area, I feel like I’m on the verge of an orgasmic explosion.  All I have to do at this point is jump on his face so he can nurse on my clitoris, and in an instant I have an orgasmic spasm spraying ejaculate into his mouth …then repeat 9-18 more times.  Some women can have orgasms easily with stimulation of the A spot; however, many of us still require that clitoral stimulation, and I am in this category.  My strongest orgasms are probably when I have both the A spot and clitoris being stimulated at the same time which gives me that full body orgasmic experience.

I’ve read that a woman’s noises will change becoming more guttural and raw.  To say that I make deep grunting guttural noises when this spot is stimulated would be an understatement.  I’m surprised that this trait is so common that it’s actually mentioned as a feature of stimulating the A-Spot.  If that region is stimulated just right inside me, the male will definitely know it, if not think from my sounds he’s having intercourse with Kira the cave woman from 10,000 BC.  There is a strong evolutionary reason for women to make these guttural noises.  These audible cues signaled Grog the cave man long ago that if he was long enough to keep probing the region of the anterior and posterior fornix (see diagram below), then when he ejaculated there would be a large pool of semen deposited directly at the opening of the uterus which has allowed people to populate this planet resulting in this article being written thousands of years later.  It begs the off topic question, do men with shorter penises have better swimmers than men with longer penises to compensate for this short coming?  A topic for another venue.


How big does a penis have to be to reach this area?  I can already hear this question being asked in my comments section, and this chapter as I’m writing it isn’t even published yet.   There’s not really any research on this that I’m aware of other than self reporting by people on the internet so take it for what it’s worth.  My experience is that my husband is wholly inadequate to reach this area unless he’s completely 100% engorged to his full 6″ circumference 6 1/2″ length.  If he decreases in size even a little, I notice it as it slips out of that zone, and I firmly issue the “bigger” command.  I’ve read other people’s experiences, and they also state the 6 – 6 1/2 length as being the magic number.  I’ve also heard people mention 5 1/2 – 5 3/4″ as working.  The answer I’m sure depends on each women’s anatomy.  I’ve also heard one woman mention that she’s had this orgasm with her boyfriend of 6″ but not when copulating with another male who was greater than 7″.   This could mean that her 7″ lover was just contacting the area too hard or perhaps his curvature wasn’t sliding into the pocket correctly.  This area may also require more finesse than blunt contact.  Her 6″ guy may be just  barely long enough to make contact, barely making contact may be just the thing for her.  Men always think if a little is good, a lot of hard contact will be stupendous.  NOT THE CASE!  Remember, finesse.

The average unaroused vagina is 3-4 inches deep.  When aroused, it expands to 5-7 inches deep.  So five inches might do the trick, or a Yoni Egg might be able to make up the shortfall.  I can also reach my A-Spot by pressing on my stomach in the area of the A-Spot.  I can masturbate my clitoris with my right hand and stimulate on my stomach in the A-Spot region with my left.  When I do this with my husband penetrating deeply inside me, I have an amazing orgasm!  I’m very  lean and defined so it may be easier for me to stimulate the A-Spot externally than someone that might be heavier.

The Yoni Egg is an egg shaped jade gem stone that I use almost every day. I also sometimes leave it in my vagina for intercourse.  The vagina naturally wants to hold onto the egg.  It will hold it near the cervical region, and when I’m penetrated it will be pushed into that valley at the base of the cervix.  So, a woman may not be able to get her rocks off, but may be able to use a rock to get her off.   It is stimulating to say the least.  The distance from the vaginal opening to the A-Spot will vary from woman to woman.  Frankly, a man being hard enough for intercourse may not mean he is big enough to reach your A-Spot.  Sex with my husband before we started retention didn’t produce an erection big enough most of the time to reach my A-Spot adequately.  As mentioned, he needs to be engorged to every bit of his  6″ circumference and 6 1/2 inch length to reach it, but when he does, it’s amazing, and I orgasm quickly.  Interestingly, retaining semen has heightened his arousal giving him that extra little bit of length he needs for my stimulation.  If your husband is inadequate for this task, you may be able to use a yoni egg to make up for the 2-3 inch shortfall which basically gives a similar sensation of having a larger penis inside your yoni.

The Yoni Egg

Woman have been inserting egg shaped polished gemstones called Yoni Eggs into their vaginas for more than two thousand years.  This was practiced by the Emperor’ concubines and the “immortals” in China.  It was believed that a strong healthy vagina would bring beauty, health, and longevity.

Taoist traditions teach that the life-force energy intensifies when there is a strong pelvic floor and vagina.  It is believed that vaginal weightlifting with a Yoni Egg will lift and intensify the energy within, amplifying a woman’s chi energy.  It can then be transformed outward into higher spiritual energy.

The Yoni Egg can be an important key to awakening your vagina.  You’re vagina is not just a passive hole for the penis to insert sperm into.  It’s a vibrant active part of your body.  It’s a muscle that can grasp and hold.  Some women can actually grasp onto a penis and not let it go or make entry to the vagina difficult by clenching.  Your vagina can and should function like a third hand.  A Yoni Egg or Jade Eggs can be essential to restoring an atrophied vagina, prevent uterine or bladder prolapse, and keep the vaginal tissues plump and lubricated well into menopause without the use of hormone replacement.  It can keep vaginal muscles toned that may have essentially gone unused for years due to a woman’s own lack of awareness about her body despite the fact that she is penetrated regularly.  Letting a man fuck you doesn’t mean your vagina is actively participating in the act.  I insert a yoni egg almost daily, and my vagina clenches it to keep it from falling out.  My husband knows when my vagina clenches his penis, and he almost loses it. The Yoni Egg can be essential to gaining more sensation in the vagina.  Once you’ve achieved vaginal muscle tone, you’ll have your husband crying for release in no time.

Yoni Eggs come in different sizes. You can buy them in a set of three: small, medium and large.  You generally start with the large, and as you gain muscle tone, work your way to the small stone.  Do your research on them.  Personally, I would start with a jade stone and make sure it’s certified with a gem certificate.  There’s a lot of hanky panky in the Yoni Egg biz.  Make sure what your putting in your vagina is what it says it is on the box.  Thoroughly vett your supplier.
Some eggs will have a hole drilled through the top to run a string through it so you can hang weights on the string.  Women can suspend many pounds of weights clenching the egg tightly with their vagina suspending the weights from it.  As you build this strength, it will enhance your sexuality, give you mind-blowing orgasms, and create internal balance.  Personally, I have a drilled set of yoni gem stones for weight lifting and undrilled sets for insertion for long periods of time.  My Jade Eggs are undrilled for longer wear.  I feel the drilled sets may harbor bacteria though they can be cleaned.  I just prefer the undrilled solid stone for longer wear. 

Jade actually emits infrared radiation which is the healthy kind.  It’s a healing radiation that penetrates deep into your body and relieves pain, improves blood circulation, reduces tension and stress. Also,jade emits negative ions, which is important for general wellness.  When heated, the infrared energy from a jade stone can penetrate 5-6 inches into the body.  I don’t recommend heating your Yoni Egg.  I’m just explaining how jade reacts with heat, and of course, your stone inserted deep into your core will warm your stone.  As far as depth is concerned for healing, your Jade Egg is already inserted deep into the core of your body, and jade unheated still emits this healthy healing radiation.  Some have stated that Far Infrared is the ‘chi’ energy in humans and animals, also emitted from sunlight.  I also have Yoni Egg sets in different kinds of crystals.  I’ll let you delve into in deeper on your own.  There is so much to read on the subject that goes beyond the scope of this article.  A link for Yoni Eggs is provided below.


Karezza has been mentioned in previous chapters.  I believe this practice is also essential to awakening your yoni so that it can be properly serviced by your husband’s lingam.  If he is hung well enough to get get into your A-Spot, you can lay together with him moving very little, grinding the knob of his penis into your A-Spot.  This should also build his stamina as he is not thrusting so he should be able to refrain from ejaculation.  As mentioned, you can also use a jade yoni stone to make up the space between the head of his penis and your A-Spot if your husband is shorter.  Personally, I like my husband to thrust with long strokes ending in my A-Spot, and I enjoy it both with and without my stone.  I build to orgasm quickly with that method.  Karezza initially began with only the male abstaining from orgasm, and that’s the way it should be practiced.  It’s a strong practice that can increase intimacy for a couple.

Another Male?

What about finding another well hung male for this duty if your husband is inadequate for the task?  Fantasy is often better than reality.  I think adding partners is risky even with condoms, and it affects the psyche of both partners in multiple ways that one may not be prepared for.  I only bring this up because I know some may be into swinging, hotwifing etc.  But I think a woman should be careful with another male that stimulates this A-Spot area as it can be a very bonding experience.  It is for me. Your husband would need to be aware that you would likely bond with a male that stimulated you in this region in a special way that you wouldn’t have with your husband, and it would be a unique shared experience between you and the other male that would exclude him.

Artificial Stimulation

You can also buy an AFE (It’s long thin and upward curved at its tip) vibrator to probe and explore this zone.  I haven’t tried it as I don’t view it as necessary for me, natural, or possessing any energy like a human lingam holds, but I wanted to present all the options.  I see a lot of focus on stimulating the clitoris orally and artificially in different literature because it’s so accessible, and little on the importance of the union between the yoni and lingam.  I feel this is where the energy lies.  My husband has a storehouse of energy that can be delivered to me through his lingam that a dildo or vibrator just can’t match.  I strongly advocate trying to awaken your yoni with your husband’s libido and lingam.  I have a drawer of artificial aids that are no longer used.  There is nothing like a live vibrant engorged penis full of chi anxiously awaiting to enter you.  Love it, cherish it, suck on it, and know that it is only for you.  It is aroused only for you.  It’s there to service you.  You will draw energy from this, and it will be put away without ejaculation only when you’re done with it.  The pleasure he receives will be through you and the knowledge that he’s serviced you.


I hope this has been helpful.  If you’ve followed all the other steps in previous chapters, you’ve got a male with a healthy libido filled with desire ready to service you with a  healthy engorged penis that has the best chance to reach your A-Spot.  As a woman, in time you should be able to repeat orgasm after orgasm with no refractory time until you’re fully satisfied before putting his penis away until tomorrow.  I feel that sex is not about oral sex or dildos, but about the union between the lingam and the yoni.  This is when man and woman become one sharing their essence and energy building chi and jing, and they can transcend together in this experience.  I view everything that I’ve shared from semen retention, the ejaculation schedule to the agreed upon consequences for unauthorized ejaculation as a means to achieve that end.  In practicing these principles, I’ve changed as a woman, and he’s changed as a man.  ~Namaste

A source for Jade Eggs.

Thanks to my hubby for helping with the graphics …. and the orgasms.

DISCLAIMER: This blog depicts the loving consensual agreed upon relationship between the author and her husband.  Every relationship should be safe, sane and consensual.  Anything else is illegal. This blog is not meant to substitute for your personal due diligence and is not to be taken as medical advice.



Monday, October 03, 2016
Thanks Yoga Girl. Especially about cervical orgasms and the Yoni eggs. I’d always thought these were for wearing when the woman wanted to, not during actual intercourse. I feel that your husband is the same size as me, and I have found that pressure on the cervix can be painful for the woman. However my question arises about the kind of “penis enhancer” that a man can wear like the thickest of condoms. I see that dildos and artificial aids aren’t your favorite, but the enhancer is still the man’s penis albeit thicker and longer. No direct contact but he will definitely experience making love with an orgasmic woman while being denied semen release himself. The woman experiences something bigger, if that is what is required to stimulate her cervix, and of course very much longer lasting. I had always thought these might be kind of ideal and quite educational for the man. Seems I might be wrong about that. Finding just the right size might entail some trials I imagine. I have one but can’t get it on, it was probably made for a vibrator I think. I only ask for the purposes of being married. I am not married yet but when I am fortunate enough I do not expect my penis to be perfect for her, and will do whatever it takes to make her happy. Dildo, toy, penis extender, if she prefers that over me I accept her orgasm is central to our life together. I imagine the penis extender fails in your eyes as the mans skin is not in contact with the woman’s secretions and I do see your point about the man’s energy. You have expressed that well and have opened my eyes to Jade eggs. So thank you for that. I would still like to hear your opinion on the penis extenders though, as I have long thought about the possibility my wife will be quite vanilla, and getting her to allow her Yoni to be awakened would be something I very much desire for her, so perhaps some form of toy could be an intermediate step. I know what a delicate approach it would have to be for most women, which will one day be looked back upon as quite the laugh, when my wife is in the same position to me as you are to your husband. You are very much a wonderful example to me. I realize my thoughts on freeing my wife from any inhibitions she might have to become a size queen might not be the best with artificial penises. However she can definitely be the “size she prefers” queen. I can’t think of anything that would make me happier than my wife experiencing untold pleasure. So therein lies the truth about male orgasm. I hardly think about it compared to hers. The fulfilment of female desire is what makes my heart pound. Watching a marvellous Formula1 beat an overblown volkswagon every time should be more common knowledge than it is and you (and your husband) are doing your part. Thank you.

Yoga Girl

Monday, October 03, 2016
If your as long as my husband, you shouldn’t need an extender, but it’s very much tied to the anatomy of the particular woman your with. I wouldn’t want to say anything to discourage anything people may want to try. It may be great for her, but deaden sensation for you. If my husband were wearing something like that, it would decrease my pleasure substantially even if it allowed him to reach the right spots. I derive pleasure from riding him on the brink of his ejaculation applying intense pre-climax stimulation to him. That energy launches me into orgasm. Putting him in a state of excruciating pleasure and delirium is central to our activity. The stimulation affects him chemically. If he’s isolated from stimulation, it defeats the purpose in that regard even if he’s lasting longer. You’re still getting psychological stimulation though. But I think stimulating the penis directly is important in regards to energy exchange. I think it’s something you would have to experiment with. Personally, if I were having sex with you and I couldn’t put you in a state of excruciating pleasurable agony, I wouldn’t be interested because your also isolating me from my power to affect you as a woman. Just my thoughts. It’s worth experimenting with when you find the right woman.

As far as your experience with pressure on the cervix being painful to the woman. It is a pocket the penis needs to slip into. The woman may need to tilt and adjust their hips to guide the penis into the anterior fornix area past the cervical opening. Don’t put pressure on the cervical opening itself.



Monday, October 03, 2016
This post is again thought-provoking and gives me plenty to think about and discuss with my wife.

Right now though I do want to ask about the part where you discuss the man trying to stimulate his woman’s cervix. First, a couple of facts about my wife and I: My lingam is right at 6 inches when fully erect. Secondly, my wife has what is called an inverted uterus, which matters in regards to this discussion because it changes the angle at which the cervix opens up into the rest of the vagina.

There have been times where I can really pound away and give her a lot of pleasure (probably not orgasmic), but most other times it doesn’t work or, like many people, it can be painful. We’ve noticed this can change depending on which part of her cycle she is on.

So what ways do you think we could maximize the potential of fully exploring her pleasure possibilities here? Based on the facts above, is it even possible? If so, what sex position would be most conducive to this?

I intend to ask other questions regarding other things in your article, but I’ve decided to start here for now! 🙂 Thanks again

Yoga Girl

Tuesday, October 04, 2016
I’m assuming you are really referring to a tipped or tilted uterus which is when the uterus is on the posterior side of the body rather than the anterior side which will move the cervix into a different angle. A truly inverted uterus often occurs with complications during child birth and is when the uterus actually gets pulled through the cervix and is inside out which can become a life threatening event due to severe bleeding.

If you mean a tipped uterus, I would suggest trying different positions such us doggie style or entering from the side. If your wife tries tilting her pelvis in different positions, she may stumble onto a position which helps her to assist stimulation of the A-Spot.

If it’s truly inverted, I could see how intercourse could be extremely uncomfortable, and I’m not sure if there is any position that would make it better. In that case, I would consult her gynecologist. Perhaps a surgical intervention could help.


Tuesday, October 04, 2016
She used the term ‘inverted’, but I think you’re right in saying that’s more a ‘tipped or tilted’ uterus. She’s had multiple children, and its given her some problems but she’s done most of those naturally, so it’s definitely not the ‘inverted’ you speak of above.

Interestingly, it is the ‘doggie’ position, at certain angles anyway, that most often causes the cervical discomfort for her. But maybe that means that I’m actually hitting the right spot, but need to soften or change the thrust? Thoughts?

How about cervical dearmoring? I tried that on her once (including the rest of the vagina), with little to show for it except her discomfort (though it was relatively mild).


Tuesday, October 04, 2016
See the diagram here: http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/female-infertility/multimedia/tipped-uterus/img-20008147

If the diagram is correct, when I thrust deep into her it I directly hitting the cervix, instead of brushing it.

Yoga Girl

Friday, October 07, 2016
Continue to try different positions. Take it slow. she will have to tilt and adjust her hips to find a good position. Most importantly, don’t introduce anxiety and frustration into the experience. She can also experiment on her own with the AFE vibrator mentioned in the article to probe that area see if she can find that spot.

And please don’t underestimate the power of the Yoni Egg and vaginal weight lifting to increase her pleasure. Watch these videos. They should peak her interest:



It’s a journey to a toned responsive vagina that will empower her.


Friday, October 07, 2016
We’ve bought a jade egg and she’s been using it. Here’s to hoping it helps in her awakening process!

Yoga Girl

Saturday, October 08, 2016
I wish you both well on your journey. 🙂 Namaste


Monday, October 03, 2016
“Putting him in a state of excruciating pleasure and delirium is central to our activity.”

I admire your husbands control. Or more exactly your control of your husband. He must be begging you to stop at times even with a prior knowledge of correction. Yes I can see that would definitely augment your relationship and in the right way.
The chemical change is very interesting. Your relationship seems to be evidence of there being something to it. Similarly I once asked in biochemistry about the class of pro-hormones allegedly secreted in a woman’s vaginal fluid, primarily at orgasm, that bonded her partner to her, particularly altering his mental state. The feeling was that they were a bit of a myth, a product of the internet, and as I couldn’t find any support for their action I had to go with that. That I still mention them means deep down I still believe it makes logical sense. I had always thought that copious amounts of oral ingestion would be the route of administration into the male body, but adsorption through stretched penile tissue – well it bears thinking about. An erect male penis held and smothered inside a vagina while the woman orgasms, on a very regular basis also makes a lot of sense. I believe the substances were referred to as copulins? Anyway Yoga Girl I thank you very much for your reply.

Yoga Girl

Friday, October 07, 2016
Copulins are a mind blowing concept if true. The term doesn’t even come up in Pub Med. Personally, I don’t give the mind control concept of copulins much credence, but at the same time there’s no question that my method does influence his mind and behavior.

There is no question hormones are absorbed through the skin. The skin is a sponge that absorbs everything including dangerous toxins.

When we want to increase testosterone, we apply it to the skin to absorb it into the male system. When we want to increase progesterone, there’s a progesterone cream that’s applied to the woman’s skin as well as an oral method. I think there’s no question that there is an essence exchange between the skin of the shaft, head, and urethral opening of the penis, and vaginal tissues when a penis is inside a vagina for a prolonged periods that effects both partners in ways that isn’t fully understood at this point.


Tuesday, October 04, 2016
Thank you Yoga girl for your articles,they are very useful. l am looking forward for your new articles.l also think men should ejaculate just for procreation and fluid exchange between women and men is very interesting topic. Man can absorb female fluid “amrita” through his penis that nourishes him and a lot of benefits for woman.

Yoga Girl

Friday, October 07, 2016
I just want to point out that I state in the article:

“If the male seed is not required for procreation, he should retain it according to the ejaculation schedule his wife has set for him…”

It may be ideal to state the male should only ejaculate for procreation, but not practical. I believe the male should be drained periodically not only for health reasons but to maintain his optimal sexual performance. If he never ejaculates, his penis will lose hope as it’s never reinforced for getting an erection. I think there is a point where there is a fall off in the quality of erection with increased length of time retaining. From my experience, 1-2 weeks of retention with almost daily stimulation produces a healthy engorged penis that’s ready to serve on demand and prevents dissipation of the male’s sexual energy.

I think it’s a vital thing for the male to absorb the female essence. He not only absorbs it through his penis from my vagina, but I feed him orally during my orgasms with my ejaculate, and fluids from my vagina as well as relieving my self in his mouth at the end of the session. This effects him in profound ways. It’s emotional for both of us.


Friday, October 07, 2016
Hi Yoga girl,thanks for your Amazing blog.Could you write please,how husband should worship,serve and cherish his wife everyday.How should he please and make her happy in all ways.What should he do to help her awaken her Yoni and her real nature.Vice versa how wife should teach her partner to became a better husband and to learn his true nature, through tantra and tao philosophy.As tantra explains women are much stronger sexually then men.Women are leaders and men are followers in tantra and tao.A lot of wives are unsatisfied with their sexual life.Husbands abuse of them, and use as dolls for ejaculation.In this way they woman can’t reach orgasm,awaken her yoni and express her true nature.People nowadays are ignorant of this topic.On my opinion boys should be taught how to control their sexual energy to became better men and husband for their wives,and make their relationship happier.This shift must occur.The same for girl,they should learn about their divine nature.You can use better words and your knowledge to express this topic.

Yoga Girl

Saturday, October 08, 2016
“Could you write please,how husband should worship,serve and cherish his wife everyday.”

I have issues with the word “should.” I hate telling anyone what they “should” do. My husband and I came to an agreement that he will practice semen retention because of the tremendous benefits it brings to our relationship. Once he practices the sacred principle of semen retention, the “worship,serve and cherish” comes naturally as his true nature is revealed to him depending on how much I extend his ejaculation schedule and how much I demand. It’s the wife’s responsibility to prevent the husband’s dissipation of sexual energy through ejaculation. As she applies extensive stimulation through the union of the yoni and lingam, her yoni will begin to awaken

“how wife should teach her partner to became a better husband and to learn his true nature, through tantra and tao philosophy”

Well, what I’m doing contains aspects of Tantra, Tao, karezza and truth wherever I find it. I’m not bound by any teachings. I very much march to my own drummer. I look at what I’m doing as an evolution of those principles, as women have evolved in ways in 2016 that would not have been possible a 1000 years ago. I don’t muddle my practice with a lot of Tantra or Tao jargon. I practice simply what works and discard anything that doesn’t speak to me. What you read here is Tao according to Yoga Girl, where science/behaviorism meets the Tao. My Yoga practice is a blend of whatever I deem appropriate. I practice what’s revealed to me. Everything I do is rooted in the Tao, but there is much about the Tao that has not been discovered and yet to be written about.

More women will come to realize their potential as they stumble on to posts like this and others, and men can help them find these things. More and more media portrays strong women which I think really helps, but it can’t explore the sexual potential. I think of shows like Game of Thrones and all the amazing, strong, powerful women depicted. As women observe these things, they will abolish Eve and embrace Lilith.


Friday, October 07, 2016
Hi Yoga Girl, do you practice mutual absorption of sublime essence with your husband and what benefits you get from that.

Yoga Girl

Saturday, October 08, 2016
Sublime essence is a natural result of how we have intercourse. It would only be speculation as to what the benefits are, but I think the benefits of it are discussed in previous chapters. I think the main benefit for me is that my vagina is wet, supple and toned as it pertains to this chapter.


Monday, October 10, 2016
So I’m going to get to the second question that I have.

The question I have is this: How do vibrators hinder or assist a woman in awakening her yoni?

I ask this because my wife can only orgasm through a vibrator at this point. For a long time even they didn’t work for her, but we eventually were able to figure out how to help her orgasm with one.

Now however, we’d like to be able to orgasm without one. We have tried many things, but even with loving and persevering clitoral stimulation, she hasn’t been able to get there without it.

So we’re at a crossroad of a sort: Do we continue to use the vibrator some so that she can still enjoy having orgasms, or should we try to move away from them by doing other things, even if that means she goes without orgasms for a time? If we do this second option, what is the best way to proceed?

I ask this because this has been a significant barrier for us in our marriage, whether we were doing FLR aspects or not. Now, with FLR and its focus on the woman’s pleasure and the man beginning to retain and very much wanting his woman to experience bliss, her orgasm difficulties come to a forefront. We’ve worked it out so far, and currently she uses the vibrator sometimes to achieve occasional orgasmic pleasure, but we forgo it other times to try to expand her sexual abilities. We can’t help but wonder: Are we doing this wrong? Where do we turn to for help?

Yoga Girl

Tuesday, October 11, 2016
I would look at decreasing the expectation of her having an orgasm. I might even encourage the form of karezza where both parties engage in frequent stimulation and both parties abstain from orgasm. Banning orgasms for a period of time may take the pressure off enough that orgasmic feelings begin occurring.

I know for myself, I get frustrating having a male stimulate my clitoris in a way that really feels good, but I just can’t get that release for what seems like forever. I have to have something that feels good, and then there has to be a change – like shifting gears – to bring me to full climax. When I have that great simulation to my A-spot, my G-spot also gets some action, and my U-spot (which is the area around the urethral opening), and my clitoris are all experiencing stimulation from the contact and rhythmically pressing against each others bodies and lifting away. When I feel highly aroused, I change gears by jumping on his face for a few fast flicks of his tongue against my clitoris, or use my hands to stimulate my clitoris if I’m on the bottom, and that’s just the quick change I need.

If ultimately, she enjoys the vibrator and it works, I certainly wouldn’t want to discourage her from using it as her pleasure is what’s important. Sex shouldn’t become a frustration or other issues could arise.

Hope that helps.


Wednesday, October 12, 2016
We may give female karezza a shot, for a time at least. The goal being to help awaken her yoni further, seeing if the vibrator has been a inhibitor of that awakening. To me then, if she can become orgasmic without the vibrator, we will have achieved success. If not, she can begin to use it again so she can still experience that pleasure. I think patience and communication will be the name of the game for us, for a time.


Friday, October 14, 2016
Ok, my third question is about vaginal de-armoring.

Though I’m sure you’re familiar with it, there’s a good article about it here: http://babyfaceblog.se/2016/01/14/de-armouring-5-steps-to-get-a-fully-feeling-and-orgasmic-vagina/

So I attempted a de-armoring session with my wife to see if this would help, because a lack of sensitivity seems to an issue for her. Sadly, we didn’t see much of a difference, besides that it was uncomfortable for her. I’ve heard sometimes it can take more than once, though.

So I want to ask what you know about this topic, and if you have any wisdom or insight into how we should or should not incorporate this practice. It really seems like something that could help us, based on the descriptions and also the reasons why women have it done in the first place. But in order for us to plow forward, I need to be able to reassure my wife that it’s worth it. Any help and advice you could provide would be great.

Yoga Girl

Friday, October 14, 2016
I have a problem advising anyone to cause enough pain inside the vagina so the pain level is a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. I just don’t know enough about this to offer an opinion other than that if I were interested enough to try it, I would want someone with experience to do it on me ie; a qualified professional with references. In short, I can’t recommend it because I’m not knowledgeable enough about this.


Friday, October 14, 2016
Thanks for the honest reply. It’s just something that I keep coming across in blogs and websites that also mention tantra, sacred sex and jade eggs.

Layla Martin (whom you’ve linked to before) also brings it up here: https://www.layla-martin.com/2015/sexual-healing-for-lovers/

I, like you, was hesitant to take the pain to ‘9’, so I didn’t, but took it to more like 5 or 6 I suppose. So before trying again my wife and I are trying to gather more information, but there’s not a lot out there.


Tuesday, December 27, 2016
I don’t know your training or your occupation, but your claim to a scientific background is plainly dubious. You claim that jade emits penetrating infrared radiation. You should know that All objects, be they animal, vegetable or mineral, emit thermal radiation, the amount depending only on temperature and emissivity. Penetration thru tissue is 0.1 to 1.5 in. Jade has no special properties!

Yoga Girl

Wednesday, December 28, 2016
Gemology is far outside my expertise. People will have to do their own due diligence on the therapeutic benefits of FIR. It’s theorized that FIR may operate by enhancing mitochondrial respiration by increasing ATP production. It’s stated that FIR will penetrate 2-3 inches and Jade helps FIR penetrate even deeper hence the reason for incorporating Jade into so many FIR products. You will have to determine if all those people are liars. I only cite info from what I’ve read. If unheated Jade only emits to a minimal depth, the jade egg is still right next to the cervix.


Far-infrared rays have certain kinds of effects on the human body, especially on skin, blood circulation, and skin cell vitalizing. Some jewelry powders radiate far-infrared rays. Jade has powerful far-infrared ray radiation, and tourmaline has pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties and radiated far-infrared rays. The jewelry powders (fine powdered jade and tourmaline powders) were screened by far-infrared rays for radiation properties and tested for the effects of far-infrared rays on the human skin by temperature observation using an infrared thermal analyzer.


The benefits of far infrared therapy are enhanced by jade stone, which helps healing heat penetrate deeper while producing soothing negative ions. Heating pads combining far infrared heat with jade stone are now available to provide convenient at-home relief for individuals seeking to increase flexibility, relieve discomfort, boost circulation, and relieve stress and fatigue.

This claim is made consistently:

The power of natural jade has the ability to emit far-infrared waves of 8-14 micron wavelength. When the jade is heated, it emits long wave infrared rays that penetrate the body 14-15cm (5.5 to 6 inches).

Are they lying? You decide. I assume they’re pulling it from research somewhere. Do your own due diligence.


Thursday, December 29, 2016
My deepest apologies; you obviously weren’t making this up. I remain skeptical, however, about the validity of the claimed effects.


Thursday, December 29, 2016
Sorry to be a cantankerous bore, but I can’t resist a lecture based on elementary science and common sense. Any electromagnetic radiation, such as infrared, is energy and requires an energy source. Jade, not being radioactive, has no energy source beyond external warming. Let me ask: when you insert a jade stone at room temperature do you feel any special warming? If not, you’re not being irradiated, because that’s all infrared radiation is—warming rays.

Yoga Girl

Friday, December 30, 2016
First, I should state that I don’t use a yoni egg for any benefit other than to strengthen and tone the vagina, and it works. I know that is a fact. I have better tone, strength and moisture because of it.

The possible FIR benefit is a bonus. I don’t feel heat, but even if there was 1-2 degree difference, I doubt I would notice it. As I stated, it is right next to and probably touching the cervix all day so who knows. The science is soft and fairly young for FIR. I mention it in the article because it is talked about, and the article would be incomplete without it.

I have different sets of eggs in different crystals. I use my left brain all day. I like to also give my right brain a workout too. I’m open to all that the universe has to offer. I’m firmly anchored in standard of care in medicine, but there are times when western medicine falls far short of getting results, and results can be obtained outside the current limiting paradigm. We must reach into the future of the coming paradigm. I try to stay on the cutting edge of my field and have one eye on the horizon of what’s coming in 20 years.

This is one of a few blogs that were published by Yoga Girl at her website at http://flr101.blogspot.com. This site is now offline but all credit goes to her. 



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