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FLR101 – Chapter 8: Extending the courtship phase into marriage

One of the cardinal rules in operant conditioning is that a continuous stimulus ceases to be a stimulus. After being married for over 10 years, it’s safe to say that I was a continuous stimulus to my husband, and for ten years he used my body whenever he desired it. Sometimes he was barely hard. Sometimes he was hard but he would pump forever because he wasn’t stimulated enough to ejaculate, with me staring at the ceiling wondering when it will end. Welcome to married sex land where routine sex is on the menu every night sex happens, and the waiter with the passion grinder never stops by your table. He had steak and lobster everyday, and he was sick of it. Loving wives offer themselves to their husbands continuously, and they are rewarded with disinterest and a lack of respect. Then some couples try things like swinging, hotwifing, or cuckolding in order to try to inject freshness into their marriage, finding that they are able to have passion in their marriage but only with other people while their partners watch. Many resign themselves to just being best friends and partners. And in this day and age, any marriage counselor would call that a resounding success story if they feel that way after 20 years. I mean you can’t have passion in your marriage forever, right? Wrong.


So, we have wives that are no longer a stimulus to their husbands because they are always ready to drop their pants whenever their husband has the slightest urge because they’re good wives after all and their husbands have needs, right? And we have husbands in the next room masturbating being stimulated by 30 novel females a minute on the Internet and yelling “When’s dinner going to be ready?” Or worse, they’re both dead inside, and the embers of their passion barely remain. How do we fix this?

Was it me that was the continuous stimulus or was it my body combined with his frequent ejaculation on demand? He had an appetite and a sex drive despite masturbating frequently as he is biologically driven. Even though he was ejaculating frequently, his release was not that intense for him. We had two continuous stimuli: my body and ejaculation. I could leave for a month, and I would be a stimulus again. But that’s not feasible or practical. The more feasible thing is to remove ejaculation and porn, keeping my body as a continuous stimulus. Doing this, his biology will do the rest as it pours his sex drive into me. In fact, this works. I now have a man that has enough passion for probably two or three more women and certainly can’t get enough of me.


For him to find you stimulating again, ejaculation will need to be removed except for 2-4 times a month or so. (Read making an ejaculation schedule for your husband ) Doing this he will come to live for your body hoping to touch it or even see it nude. If your husband has been using your vagina as a masturbation aid to stimulate his genitals, excluding your needs and desires, and masturbating by himself daily in addition for years, you may need to give him a 3 week break with daily intimate stimulation sessions with no ejaculation and let him replenish his desire. You both need to have a companion inventory and discuss your wants, needs, and goals as a couple. Hopefully one of the goals that you arrive at is that you’d like to have the passion you had as a couple the first week you met each other. I assure you it’s possible. After ten years, I was only slightly more arousing than the kitchen table to my husband thanks to his frequent ejaculations. Now, my husband is so passionate for me, he can’t even sleep in the same bed with me because his night time erections and attempts to hump me keep me awake. Steak and lobster is now off the menu except for very rare occasions, but he does get to look at it and touch it daily.

The idea of my husband not ejaculating never occurred to me before I learned about the centuries old tradition of semen retention. Not ejaculate? Of course he’s going to ejaculate. It’s what western men do. They do it on your chest. They’ll do it on your good vest. They’ll do it in your hair. They’ll do it on your pair. They’ll do it in your ass. They’ll do it in your grass. They’ll do it here. They’ll do it there. They’ll do it everywhere, Sam I am. They’ll even do it when they don’t feel like doing it. Women need to get over this notion that they must finish their man and that their man needs to finish once he’s started. My husband has had sex almost daily with infrequent ejaculations for the past year. It’s now his life. He’s been trained to accept it. Whereas in the past my vagina was used as a masturbation aid for 1-2 minutes for his pleasure, and I just laid there. Now, he makes mad passionate love to me for extended period where I receive 9-18 orgasms nearly daily, and he has one orgasm every 7 days or so which has intensified his pleasure immensely. A husband’s heart should be turned to the wife, and this method accomplishes that.


Once ejaculation is rare, we’re talking about extending courtship into marriage for decades. Your husband loves you, but he won’t be able to demonstrate it properly if he’s constantly in his PE (post ejaculation) phase. And if he’s ejaculated in the past week, he’s in his PE phase. Your husband wants to love, adore, honor and respect you, but just when he’s starting to have these positive feelings, you drop your pants and let him finish. We like the first two phases of this process where he’s interested and you drop your pants and you’re both intimate. But we’re going to eliminate the part where he finishes. He’s going to be more passionate if he can only conquer you intermittently. You can give your husband oral and have his brain turn to mush in less than minute, or you can do it the old way sucking on him for fifteen minutes, and he’s still only semi erect and half annoyed with your effort.

You can live in a world where you struggle to arouse your husband working his soft penis forever where the only thing that’s aroused is your own lack of self esteem. Or you can live on my planet where I can turn his brain to mush with a touch, and he profoundly thanks me for the opportunity to enter me, and begs for a chance to just give me 9 more orgasms to make his intercourse session last a little longer. And if the kitchen is spotless, I might reward him by letting him give me 9 more before we put his penis away until tomorrow. But really, 27 orgasms is usually my limit no matter how clean the kitchen is.

The typical cycle for a relationship is courtship, marriage, continual on demand ejaculation allowed by the female through intercourse or masturbation, boredom, routine, male seeks novel females through adultery and porn leading to eventual divorce in many cases. I hope these scientific principles of a continuous stimulus, and intermittent reinforcement have resonated with you and you’re motivated to keeping ejaculation a rare stimulus in his life. As you do, you will be rewarded with passion, love, and affection beyond what you thought was possible.


Thanks to my hubby for help with the website …and the orgasms!

DISCLAIMER: This blog depicts the loving consensual agreed upon relationship between the author and her husband. Every relationship should be safe, sane and consensual. Anything else is illegal. This blog is not meant to substitute for your personal due diligence and is not to be taken as medical advice.

This is one of a few blogs that were published by Yoga Girl at her website at http://flr101.blogspot.com. This site is now offline but all credit goes to her. This blog had no previous comments.



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