Size Doesnt Matter

Unpopular Opinion: You shouldn’t have to say size doesn’t matter to spare his feelings

Does size matter to some? Absolutely! As I’ve explored on my blog, a small penis is wonderful for emotional lovemaking but a larger penis is just what the doctor ordered for passionate sex. Do I want an enormous monster penis, um hell no. I don’t want to be sore. Do I want a penis that is noticeably different from my long term emotional partner? Yes!

Why is a larger penis important?

There are a few reasons why a larger member is important to me. For starters, it has the wow factor when I look at it. It feels larger in my hand. In many ways, this is like asking how sex with a muscular man is different from a man with a normal build. There is a wow factor, when he holds me I feel more secure. When I touch him, I run my hands over his biceps which feel firmer and more defined than I am used to. The pee pee is no different. His larger member makes me feel more secure and creates a gasp of novelty.

Big boobs!

If you are a man reading this, think about it like big boobs. Would you like a nice set of big boobs to play with? Do you want to hear about the upper back problems that come along with a novelty set of knockers? Do you even care who the boobs are attached to? Probably not, you just want to wiggle them around a bit and maybe give them a motorboat or two. Well, I want to wiggle his penis around a bit and maybe motorboat his balls (is that a thing? let’s make it a thing!).


His perception

Watching me with a similar size cock might give him the perception that he is able to satisfy me in the same way. A larger penis will immediately set him in his place and no amount of bedroom gyrations or stamina will ever change his size. The size difference helps him enter a headspace of compersion because he lets his guard down and accepts the situation more quickly. Even a fully convinced and experienced couple has a certain level of apprehension going into a partner sharing situation.

A shock to the feels

Hearing you say things about an attribute that he is unable to change provokes deep feelings. For some men, dealing with those types of feelings is not a pleasurable experience. For other men, this creates a feeling of penis envy or mate competition which gives them a hormonal high. Try putting your hand on his crotch and telling him that you wish he was a little bit bigger. If he gets hard, he is the latter. If he punches you in the face, he is the former. Domestic violence is a horrible thing and isn’t funny. This I absolutely know but it does reinforce the fear many of us have about broaching a subject like this. Not only are we afraid of heartbreak but we are also afraid of his feelings. Men don’t know how to handle feelings and misunderstood feelings often turn to anger. There is no doubt that this sort of conversation will hit a sore spot or two and you need to be confident that he is capable of reacting like an adult. Tread carefully or don’t tread at all.


Being replaced

One of the biggest and most exciting part of the cuckold experience for the man is the fear of being replaced. The fear of being replaced by a “better” man creates the sperm competition reaction. If your cuckold experience is fueled by a fear of replacement, consider focusing your attention on this aspect. I was recently contacted by a couple that setup a cuckold experience while visiting friends in New Orleans. Once they got undressed in the hotel room the woman decided that their new friend was too large. Well, larger than she felt comfortable accommodating vaginally. Rather than send him on his merry way, she played with it orally with lots of verbal compliments and comparisons. Even though there was no vaginal play, they both said it was one of their best and most intense experiences. The wife got to see her husband in a headspace that she had never seen him in. The husband had an absolute feeling of penile inferiority and his wife’s size comparison narrative was one of the hottest sexual experiences that he ever had. Their new friend had a great time as well and said that he didn’t feel the least bit disappointed about the way things played out.


A larger apparatus makes me feel a quicker connection with him. Holding a smaller one inside me is challenging but holding a larger one inside me and just cuddling can be very arousing experience. There is an emotional aspect for women as well and the larger penis takes me out of the physical side and straight into the emotional side. The first time is exciting and anxiety-inspiring but the second and future times are more confident and comfortable. The isn’t much opportunity for a connection on the first encounter but the size does play a part in future encounters happening. He knows it too. The fact that you called him back to do it again is an absolute compliment.


There is something to be said for being sore for a day or two. I like it. The soreness is a pleasant reminder of the experience and sometimes it can last as long as the emotional glow about the situation. Do I want a partner that will make me feel sore every single day? No way. For my every day partner, I want a normal size guy who knows his way around the size he was given.


If my size is fine, why are some of your toys so much bigger than me? Because your size is fine but sometimes I want to feel a little bit stretched out. I want to feel that feeling of fullness that only a large toy can provide. A large toy hits places that you don’t and it can give a very different type of stimulation and possibly orgasm.


If size didn’t matter, it wouldn’t always come up. Size is important to many women, some want a big one all the time. Some women want a little one all the time (haven’t met her but she must be out there, haha) I think the vast majority of women want a medium sized one most of the time but fantasize about a larger one in certain moods and situations.



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Well hello Emma. Is there something you aren’t telling us? You don’t post too much about cuckolding but now that you are married it sounds like you might be getting curious.


I get it!


My wife Vanessa is a size queen. I’m about average maybe a little thin. We started w toys, then and extender. Me and a toy dvp was how she came early on in our relationship. Then she liked when I wore an extender. Now she just loves thick cocks and doesn’t allow me to have intercourse anymore. Hardcore denial like this isn’t easy as I’m needy for other things like pegging, spankings, verbal dominance while she explores her submissive sexuality with her boyfriends

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