Statue Of Man With Small Penis

Is penis size inversely linked to intelligence?

No. I looked through numerous studies and I could not find a single one that linked penis size to IQ with anything statistically meaningful. There was lots of racist conjecture about certain races having large penises and lower IQs and others having the inverse. So yeah, you can stop reading here if you want. The question is answered.

What I did find during the research of the above question that came into my mind while I was at CrossFit this morning is that the ancient Greeks found small penises to be preferably to large ones. Small penises in Greek culture were directly associated with intelligence, modesty elegance and self control. Large penises were animalistic and a source of grotesque amusement. This is why nude art from that time depicted generally small schlongs.

Now remember that women were second class citizens since basically forever so our sexual pleasure was unimportant for most of human history. As female satisfaction comes into play, we now realize that a larger phallus may indeed equal more pleasure and certainly a different sexual experience. Much of our affinity for large penises still comes from racist undertones that started with the American slave culture. Much of the cuckold fetish stems from a very racist place. That is why it took me so long to accept the word cuck or cuckold as non-offensive.


While the Greek and Roman small schlong body concept is an interesting thing, there is a thought that the small penis may come back into fashion. I personally think that the nature/nurture balance comes into play with regard to penis size. If a guy realizes that he isn’t quite equipped to the extent of the other guys in the locker room, he may realize that he needs to create a more emotional bond with a female since he may feel that he cannot compete on the physical level. While this may not be true, remember how closely tied the male ego is tied to his penis. For those guys who know that they have a bigger willie than the rest of the guys in the locker room, they may be overconfident and know that their bits and pieces are a source of fascination for the opposite sex. With no consideration for the man they are attached to, if there are two dicks side by side with and one is much larger there is little question that I’ll have much more interest in the larger one. When I had hookups and friends with benefits, it was usually a guy who was equipped in an above average way. I wasn’t looking for anything long term or an emotional connection and therefore just looking for a good time.

This reinforces my personal belief that larger guys are more interesting to me for short term or supplemental relationships while average sized fellas are better equipped for longer term emotional relationships. This article from Vice is really interesting and it suggests that the pendulum of penis size may shift back to a preference for the smaller side of things. What the article doesn’t take into account is a heightening importance on the female desire and focus on her pleasure. The orgasm gap is a very real thing and the article doesn’t touch on the yin/yang relationship of female pleasure in terms of emotional and physical connection.


In the meantime, I think there is merit for those of us who want both. A highly emotional bond with one man with whom lovemaking is soft and gentle. Supplement that with a physical bond with a different man who is more passionate and animalistic. I want to be married to my best friend but the more complex sexual needs of the female experience may thrive with just a little bit more.



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I love this! My husband is my soul mate and we share everything but he will be the first to admit that he isn’t bless with the locker room envy as you describe it. I don’t want anyone else as an emotional partner but we do disucss a way to satisfy the purely physical side. I think it is only natural and it does not need to mean anything is missing from our relationship.


If a larger fellow can be gentle and refrain from full penetration, when called on, it may be possible to have the best of both worlds in one package, so to speak.

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