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FLR101 – Sarah’s Experience: Chapter 3 “Four Days In”

We are having fun with this so far, as it has greatly enhanced our sex life even with just this short run so far. The desired goal is to get him retaining his ejaculations for a period of 7 days with each cycle, and to completely eliminate self pleasuring for him. He is only permitted to ejaculate from intercourse with me and only upon receiving my final permission in each case. It is my belief that not only will his retention improve his overall health and mental well being, but also that these improvements will also naturally transcend into other aspects of his life – not limited to just our own partnership.

Outside of sex, semen retention and NO masturbation, I am also expecting him to improve his behavior in all other areas of life. This ranges from performance of all household tasks, his performance at his job, and any social functions we happen to be engaged in outside of the home. Any sub par performance in any of these other areas is also subject to application of correction. I am judge and jury in this and I am allowed to administer justice at my complete discretion.

In recognition of this, and to help motivate him with these significant behavioral enhancements, I pledge to him the following (most of these are a given regardless of his ability to retain etc. – but I thought it would be nice to put this in writing for him in the context of this discussion)


1) To express my love for him honestly and freely.
2) To treat him with respect.
3) To be a positive force in his life.
4) Fair and consistent application of corrections based on his
achievements and performance as a committed partner in our
special relationship.
5) Regular stimulation of his penis through intercourse.
Ejaculation to occur only per his E-day cycle.
6) Any other manner of sexual edging both mental and physical, in
any degree and quantity and at my total discretion to provide
suitable motivation and reward for good performance when I see

And finally a summary of where we are are with his retention program currently


Start of retention program: January 12th 2018
Current E-day interval: 7 days
Days into current retention cycle: 2
Number of E-days achieved: 0
Number of spillages and corresponding corrections: 1
Non Spillage related corrections applied: 0
Number of Orgasms for Sarah (running total since start of program): 4

Since were just starting off it may prove useful to keep track of things, in time I’m sure that will be to much overhead.


First congratulations to you and your husband on reaching your new plateau! Just reading about that gave me goose bumps – just wow! They say that behind every good man is a good woman. I think that certainly in this particular case that the good woman is you – and you are squarely in front of him and not behind, leading him all the way. What a stud thrusting machine you have created!!! He must feel so proud and virile to be able to service you so masterfully! V2.0 was quite the update!

I have thought over your suggestion about separating my posts out into its own article. I think I like that offer. For one I would like to continue to periodically post about our experiences. There might be some other women out there who might find that helpful as they try their own implementations of the Yoga Girl Semen Retention Program. Its helpful sometimes to see where other people have stumbled and fallen so you can avoid those same mistakes. Secondly, you guys are currently in such an advanced state with your own retention program. I hate to say or write anything which somehow infringes upon or muddies the intent of your blog with my own rookie thoughts. This is your blog and I want to be very respectful of that. So I think the separation of my stuff into its own pigeon hole is a good idea. Please go ahead and do that. I will then occasionally post to that new section when I think I have something to share.

Also, I think I need to retire the phrase “my fiancé” with some new name for posting purposes going forward. That just gets so tiring having to say “My Fiancé” all of the time. So just like my real name is not really Sarah – I’m going to give him a stage name for my posts. So henceforth he’s “Peter” and not “My Fiancée” in my posts….

Our current stats…. drum roll please….

Start of retention program: January 12th 2018
Current E-day interval: 7 days
Days into current retention cycle: 4
Number of E-days achieved: 0
Number of spillages and corresponding corrections: 1
Non Spillage related corrections applied: 1
Number of Orgasms for Sarah (running total since start of program): 8

So from above you will see that Peter had another correction. Not from a spillage I am very happy to say. We’ve been very very careful to slow down our lovemaking and his thrusting to a much slower and controlled rate with the “t position”. It is helping tremendously to keep him from erupting before his scheduled time as well as prolonging our sessions to the point where I am able to reach more of my own orgasms than I was achieving previously. Its no longer “wham bam thank you ma’am” from Peter. Its now “thank you Peter, why don’t you just keep on going and I think I will have a try for another…” So this has become a new mindset for our lovemaking. It’s no longer just about him off to the races anymore to get his orgasm and for me to be left hanging still dry when he hops off. He’s learning how to service my needs now instead of just his own.

His latest correction came from something negative he said about a sales clerk in the store while we were out shopping. He made some crappy comments about how slow she was to me. He knows that irks me. What he was failing to see was how overworked she was and how understaffed the store was… so I thought that this lack of compassion needed some adjustment on his part. So when we got home last night – over the knee he went, and into the corner afterwards. I didn’t reset his e-day count with this correction unlike his spillage correction. As result he still got his little soldier wet later that night. Maybe when we progress further along this type of correction will also cause a reset as well. But for right now I just want him to get to his first e-day on the merits of him being able to retain successfully without putting too many obstacles in his path.

I’m starting to notice a pattern to his corner time following the spanking. He goes into the corner all small and shriveled up. He’s teary eyed and really thankful that his correction is over when I put him there. Then while hes in the corner – on display to me with his red tenderized butt facing me – his cock swells up pretty firmly as he stands there. So I think my new control over his behavior cant be all that bad for him. There something in this that is speaking nicely to him.

My main concern right now with his whole retention schedule is masturbation. During the weekend its not too big of a concern for me because I am around. But during the week he has admitted to me that he was frequently masturbating twice a day. So right now I am taking him at his word that he is not doing that per our new retention rules. I don’t know how to effectively evaluate that portion of the equation yet. When he gets to his first e-day I can take careful note of how much semen he produces and like you Yoga Girl I will at the very least taste it to get a feel for what a full 7 days of retention tastes like. That will help establish an abiding by the rules baseline for me, but I will need a few of those occurrences to get a real feel for what is right and what is not if he were to cheat that way. I would be very disappointed if he did. Like you I don’t want to get into the whole chastity cage thing. I like seeing him stiffen up around me and I also question how healthy that might be as well. I do ask him each night though before sex if hes been a good boy or not. Usually I can read when he’s lying to me – hes not very suave that way which is good.

So that’s it for now. I guess the main thing is hes been able to go for another couple of days. Only 3 more to go and he makes it to his first scheduled e-day!

 DISCLAIMER: This blog depicts the loving consensual agreed upon relationship between the author and her husband.  Every relationship should be safe, sane, and consensual.  Anything else is illegal. This blog is not meant to substitute for your personal due diligence and is not to be taken as medical advice.

This is one of a few blogs that were published by Yoga Girl at her website at This site is now offline but all credit goes to her. There were no archived comments but feel free to leave your own comment!



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