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FLR101: A New Plateau

We’ve started his new 6 week schedule, and he’s past the two week mark.  I wasn’t really expecting much at this stage.  Maybe it’s the fact that his E-day is so far away that psychologically he’s just given up on ejaculation.  In any case, he seems to have a renewed stamina, and seems to go numb in his penis after my nine, and gains a second wind where he can pump like a machine allowing me to find and explore new heights.  My husband has given me more time by virtue of retention for me to explore my sexuality.  He just pumps endlessly, and I don’t have to worry he’s going to cum any minute.  He’s on top pumping, he pumps while I lay on my stomach, on my side, faster, deeper, faster and deeper, slow and deep, now deep and stop, you get the point. He’s giving me all the green eggs and ham configurations.  Sam I am I do like green eggs and ham, in a box with a fox, in a house with a mouse.  Would you could you in a car?  It goes forever until I can’t take it anymore, I would not could not in a car  …now let me be!  The first part during my nine is still very intense driving him crazy, and then that urge to release subsides in him, and he becomes the Terminator on foot chasing John Conner and Arnold in the car.  Unstoppable!  Seriously, I need to bring over some girlfriends that are married to minute men so they can get some of this.  This is an all you can eat buffet that’s just going to waste.

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In any case this green eggs and ham business has allowed me to reach a new plateau.  My nine are over, so I figure I’d just let him expend some energy thrusting and let him tire himself out before ending it.  He’s pumping me like a piston, and going deep awakening some new things in there in the depths.  He’s pumping, pumping, pumping, and then jams it and holds it against my cervix probably to stop himself from ejaculation.  While he holds it there throbbing against my cervix (or probably more accurately just beyond the cervix so it’s up against the lip of the cervix where the A spot is), I start to spasm and have an orgasm with no clitoral assistance.  We just stumbled onto this.  I didn’t know I could have a vaginal orgasm without the clitoral stimulation.  At first it was just subtle, and I had to listen to my body to become more aware of what I was experiencing.

I tell him to do it again. Pump fast and deep like a bunny and then jam it in there and hold.  And again it happens.  It’s like an orgasm button that says press here.  He does this about 10 or more times.  Each time I have an orgasm.  And each time I get wetter and wetter.  I’m always pretty wet, but this is spill on aisle 5 wet.  Get a mop!  He just keeps going and going, and the orgasms get stronger and stronger in my A spot region.  Pump like a bunny – and Jam – orgasm.  Now we have a system.  I tell him to pump, and when it’s time I say “Jam it!” I authoritatively state “Again!” signaling him to start pumping and then again and again repeating this process 10-15 times.  But this is the thing, he needs to be at his hardest for this to work.  If he’s not, he comes up short which is frustrating.   He’s got to press in there really hard, and it has to be his best penis.  But it’s getting the job done for sure, and I love feeling him so engorged and throbbing while he holds it ever so still in my holy of holies.


Vaginal orgasms with no clitoral stimulation: A New Frontier.  Mission accomplished.  He’s exhausted, spent, and covered in sweat, and he has pleasured me into another universe.  Two birds with one stone.  I can see this becoming a part of our regimen.  He’s working hard for his money.

The experience transcends just base sex, which is great, but this experience is a whole new discovery.  I’m with someone I love, someone whom I feel safe with and loved by.  When he holds it up there in that special spot usually in an embrace, I feel this expansiveness like I’m opening up like a flower.  I feel like every cell in my body is experiencing this flood of awakening.  I can only imagine the hormones, chemicals, and neurotransmitters being affected.  This fountain between my legs has now become a fountain of youth, making me feel like a vital twenty year old version of my self.  I feel high and energized, and I feel like every cell in my being has just been connected to Source.  Like hitting that magical spot in just the right way and holding on it has plugged me into this higher realm.  I feel a sacred communion with Divine, and yet it’s a result from his basest drive to just want to penetrate.  It’s like he’s the electrical outlet, and I’m the computer plugged into it.  The computer is nothing without the electricity flowing through it.


One reason I have my husband retain his semen is for my spiritual practice.  He’s leaving behind an ejaculating penis and developing a lingam stored with potent cosmic energy (jing/life essence) that is worthy for transcendent practice.  After a year we’re passing through a new gate.  As he loses himself in being an instrument of this practice, he finds himself as his heart is turned to his wife in his state of need, and we’re able to bond more intimately than before.  One reason I provide the threat of correction is to communicate to his lizard brain during the height of passion when his higher communication systems aren’t available.  This controls for ejaculation as we work to make it as rare as possible, bringing him into proper relationship to his wife.  I am not selfishly having this transcendent experience without him benefiting as well.  I know that some of those sacred chemicals from my orgasmic flow are being absorbed by the skin of his penis, sharing my essence that he’s worked so hard to produce letting him feed from my cosmic flow.  I believe the expansive energies I feel are beyond my physical body and affect my etheric body and charge his at the same time. 

I attended an interesting lecture with a speaker from the Heart Math Institute discussing their research which supports the idea that my heart is communicating with his heart, and we are affecting each other in this heavenly love making encounter.  Our hearts have an electromagnetic frequency which is emitted several feet beyond our bodies.  These electromagnetic waves of energy have been detected in the brains of other people nearby.  Yes our hearts can communicate.  What a beautiful thing!

Statistics show that the average male orgasm lasts from 2 -10 seconds and occurs 5-10 minutes after he begins to be excited where a woman takes 30 min to 1 hour to be aroused and be orgasmic. This performance asymmetry causes a lot of problems in a relationship.  This is the imbalance that I’m correcting bringing his performance in line with mine thereby producing harmony and allowing transcendence.
This new country wouldn’t have been discovered if I didn’t have a man practicing semen retention, and lasting 40-50 minutes thrusting.  These are the men that allow women to transcend.  As my husband gives up his self indulgence and self gratification, he helps me expand myself which in turn expands his pleasure even more than he thought possible.

Everything my husband and I do is arrived at through open communication and understanding of each other’s needs.  Everything we do is mutually agreed upon and done to increase the love and passion in our relationship as we move forward as a team.




Heart Math

Thanks to my hubby for help with the website …and the orgasms!

DISCLAIMER: This blog depicts the loving consensual agreed upon relationship between the author and her husband.  Every relationship should be safe, sane, and consensual.  Anything else is illegal. This blog is not meant to substitute for your personal due diligence and is not to be taken as medical advice.

This is one of a few blogs that were published by Yoga Girl at her website at http://flr101.blogspot.com. This site is now offline but all credit goes to her. There were no archived comments but feel free to leave your own comment!



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