Locks And Keys

Male Chastity: The lock and key are important symbols of our relationship. πŸ”

Some couples have a song, perhaps the song that they danced to at their wedding. Some couples have a place such as their honeymoon location or another place that has special meaning to them. We all have symbols that represent various things to them and for Kev and I, the key and lock are synonymous with our love for each other. The lock symbolizes exterior strength with a complex inside that can only be unlocked with a delicate key that is a precise and perfect fit. The lock unites two people and binds them together through devotion.

Keys symbolize opening doors, embracing new opportunities and even unlocking the heart. The lock and key also represent a secret that is only shared by the holders of the key or the lock. The ancient Greeks saw the key as a symbol of authority, love and possibility. Keys also symbolize security and confidence. A locked door gives you confidence knowing that nobody else has the key. The relationship between the lock and key is unique and invokes feelings of safeness and intimacy.

In our relationship, the lock and key symbolizes the one sided erotic relationship where I withhold his sexual relief in exchange he is expected to satisfied my needs even as his own are denied. Through this experience he learns a greater respect for female authority and a greater understanding for his own selfish sexual tendencies.


Play is a foundational theme in our marriage. We take pride in the play that we inject into every part of our marriage. The silliness and the laughter that sometimes disappear and wither as couples age will never wither with us. The key and lock are a symbol of the commitment to fun that we both pride ourselves in. A symbol to never stop playing and never stop enjoying each other.

The lock and key are a symbol of female confidence and leadership. Women can sometimes feel like they don’t deserve pleasure. A sexually confident woman not only knows that she is allowed to experience pleasure but she knows that she is entitled to it. Sexual confidence is about sharing not only your sexual needs but your sexual wants. The lock and key are a form of expression and they say to both of us; you have all of me. All that there is, you have it. From my deepest desires to my deepest fears, I give them all to you.


The key is a symbol of my freedom while the lock is a symbol of his stability, surrender, submission and servitude. In our marriage I have certain freedoms to explore and through all of that he is my rock, my emotional partner. My key is a perfect fit for no other lock and we are forever bonded together with our unique combination.

Sexual rituals are important in a relationship. We have a habit of spending Sunday evenings together as a special time for the two of us. It is special time that we reserve for Kev in appreciation of his sexual needs and his sacrifices he makes for our relationship. We have other rituals as well, Kev asks if he can go down on me at least once a day. Shoulder massages, back massages are unsolicited and plentiful. I appreciate this man and I appreciate what the lock and key symbolize for both of us. I also appreciate all of you and every perspective and idea that you bring to the table by way of your comments and contributions to this site.

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In our relationship, the lock and key symbolizes the one sided erotic relationship where I withhold his sexual relief in exchange he is expected to satisfied my needs even as his own are denied.”

This is exactly what the lock and key represents in our marriage as well. In our very smartly decorated bedroom, right above the very stylish headboard, there are four boxes with a glass front hanging on the wall. Each one is an expertly crafted, beautiful wooden box, and each contains an antique lock mounted inside, and the antique key that opens the box. Those are there for the specific purpose of [putting on display, symbols of our WLM lifestyle. Anyone not in the lifestyle would never know what they might mean. Anyone in the lifestyle might very well understand.

Our other favorite form of displayed symbolism can be seen in my avatar. A beautiful Tiffany necklace that Ms. K. wears proudly. That’s actually her and the key in the picture. Again, those in the lifestyle might very well know what that key symbolizes. Most random people do not.

Rituals are very important to us as well. We have several but my favorite is kneeling before every time she is about to get dressed. She will hand me her panties and I guide them into place, being allowed to kiss my way up her body. Once they are in place on her gorgeous, she will allow a moment for me to hold her, with my had on her belly. Those precious seconds everyday are vitally important to both of us.



I feel like this may also be the perfect opportunity to include some fun, and dominance outside of the bedroom. At the end of the day, keyholding is about Power. You have something, that give you and advantage. To get it back, your partner needs to do what you want?

To that end it may be possible to extend this power dynamic outside of the bedroom (temporarily) or as much as you choose.

Imagine a lazy Sunday, which you relax after getting your breakfast in bed, and perhaps a couple of of pleasurable orgasms.

You caged up (and likely very pliable mate) could now kneel as you dictate or write out a list of chores. Which would are required to be satisfactorily completed, for the hopes of being released later in the day.

Chastity, certainly provides men with extra time and energy, I say you may want to redirect that energy into something that can be fun and useful for both of you πŸ™‚


Being locked and denied has definitely taught me to appreciate the rewards of being in service to my Lady.
The longer it goes on the longer we both want it to
A true Win Win situation


For us the Lock and Key are more than just symbols

Control of the key and of course when it might be used and of course IF really does make my Lady feel empowered… and myself increasingly under her control
We utilise my PA for added security and the enhanced feelings we both get from knowing I can’t get out without her permission using the key, or with tools without her knowing really does magnify the experience.

The longer I am locked the longer I want to be and my reward for that is that I am allowed and expected to serve my Lady in any way she desires
The longer I am allowed to serve the more I feel I want to
I never regarded myself as the submissive type at all and now I strive to be better at being so


I often wear a pendant that is a lock and have received a few questions about it, not sure anyone knew what it symbolizes,

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