Post Nut Clarity

Post-Nut Humiliation: The Perfect Time to Play with Emotions

Post nut clarity is time when sexual arousal decreases after an orgasm. That clear feeling after he lets loose of his juice and he is in a temporary psychological state that occurs due to the release of endorphins, dopamine and prolactin. This is the one time when he “cums to his senses” and his sexual arousal doesn’t cloud his emotions. He is no longer focused on achieving sex, he is able to think about non-sex things and often finds things revolting that he found incredibly arousing just moments before. This is a wonderful and potentially dangerous time to play with some raw emotions. As with all things sexual, make sure that you keep the lines of communication open and stop any teasing play immediately if he utters the safe word. The Japanese have a word for post-nut clarity, “KenjaTaimu” which directly translates to wisdom time. For this one, there isn’t much available online so I’ll do something that I haven’t done much as late and share some anecdotes from the EvolvingYourMan palace 🏰👸.

Just a few nights ago, Kev was delightfully unlocked and standing beside the bed. I laid on the bed and played with myself for him to enjoy. It didn’t take long before his little guy spat out a little batch of swimmers into his cupped hand. We will get back to what happened to the contents of his hand in a later section but for now lets move on to the teasing portion of today’s presentation.

Post-Nut Teasing

Teasing is incredibly arousing and if you are new to the site, you will quickly learn that we do a fair amount of it in our home. I went through a nice little script of SPH teasing including reminding him that he will never satisfy me with his little guy and his inferior penis is that’s why I have a need to have a boyfriend (more on that some other time). His reaction was notably different after his orgasm since he wasn’t masking other emotions with the fog of arousal. Those raw emotions were exposed and he confirmed that he felt shame and humiliation because of his sexual inadequacy. Arousal is a comfort blanket that turns the teasings into an arousal mechanism. I asked him to sit on his hands and watch as I pleasured myself or orgasm with my lovely purple toy. As I pleasured myself I gave him reminders of why I was pleasuring myself instead of allowing him to do it with his little inadequate penis. After I had an orgasm, I told him to come closer use his tongue to bring me to another orgasm. I laid back and thanked him for bringing me pleasure and requested that he lock himself back up in his cage.


Post-Nut Cum Cleanup

This one is only really possible in the post-nut world. For many men, the idea of licking up cum is deeply arousing until the moment that their body expels said fluid. From that point forward, it is a gross idea that they wouldn’t consider. Getting your fella to agree to clean himself up isn’t difficult but getting him to follow through with it can be much more difficult because the rules that govern his arousal change. In the story in the previous section, Kev’s outstretched cupped hand collected his goo and he looked the contents of his hand and back at me. I didn’t break eye contact, nodded my head and responded, “yes love”. To which he took the contents of his cupped hand and emptied it into his mouth, licking his bare hand to not leave any stranded swimmers. It hasn’t always been this easy, in fact it was a bit of a struggle the first few times we tried this. He would agree to it prior to orgasm but try to renege on his commitment shortly after the fountain flowed. I like the taste of cum and I don’t mind swallowing but I think guys are wired to a certain level of disgust or disdain for their juice after they expel it from their bodies. In any case, this is a great one because it takes some build up and can eventually desensitize them to this practice. Now it doesn’t take much of anything and cleanup is a breeze when he self-cleans. The expectation is that he cleans himself up 100% of the time because it has been proven to improve your mood and acts as a natural antidepressant. The ingredients of his special juice cocktail include endorphins, estrone, prolactin, oxytocin, thyrotropin-releasing hormone, serotonin and last but not least, melatonin. Swallowed semen is digested the same way as food and it is composed of sugar, sodium, citrate, zinc, chloride, calcium, lactic acid, magnesium, potassium and urea. Almost identical contents to the multivitamin that he takes daily.

Depletion Denial

Orgasm denial is a great relationship tool that we discuss frequently but what about self-denial due to sexual exhaustion? During our weekly releases, we’ve played with sex doll humiliation until he finishes three or even four times with his Fleshlight or doll. Once he is sexually depleted, “out of rounds in the chamber”, exhausted and unable to perform with his lovely doll, I enthusiastically offer myself to him. Since denial is due to his own inability to continue to perform, it can be incredibly frustrating when he inevitably turns me down and an entirely different dynamic than our typical cock cage orgasm denial. This is a fun type of role play because I can beg him to fuck me and tell him how much I need him which builds on and redirects that frustration onto himself and his own inadequacy or inability. Men are multi-orgasmic but only to a certain extent at which point they either are unable to get erections or ejaculate due to exhaustion. This is great ejaculation training and a fun game to see how many deposits your fella is capable of. A good book or a movie may be good options to keep you entertained while he builds his stamina and cardio through his ejaculatory efforts. You don’t really need to stay overly engaged while he does his thing. You can give him rewards for high scores and you can post your scores in the comments below; our best effort is five. Be prepared that depletion denial can take some time especially as he gets more exhausted and frustrated.


Post-Nut Pegging

We love pegging and the build-up of sexuality that it creates for him but what about after he cums? Pegging for him is about intimacy and submission but it too is covered with the fog of arousal. When pegging him, much of our play is based upon his enjoyment of backdoor and prostate pleasure but sometimes we add a bit of humiliation to the mix. Things like “if you were more of a man, you would be fucking me but your face is buried in the pillow because you are my little bitch” and “some men fuck their wives but look at you, moaning like a whore as I fuck your cute little ass.” Pegging for us is a very sensual and loving thing but sometimes we like to step outside that boundary and some humiliation on with my dildo. This is also a great opportunity for “forced” feminization, humiliation, submission or role-play.

Post-Nut Date

Kev and I have a one sided open relationship which is a blend of hotwife and cuckold characteristics. I date a few days a week and I’ve got a few guys who I see for actual dates (movies, dinner etc.) and Kev is usually at home either cleaning, playing video games, out with his friends or some combination of those. Typically he is locked during that time because my dates are most often mid-week because of our schedules. One fun twist is for Kev to cum and immediately lock back up while I am getting ready for my date. This does two things, one it allows him to get off on the idea that I am seeing other guys which we both find lovely and intoxicating. The other thing is it provides the post nut clarity that I’m out with another man. This takes the cuckold experience to an entirely different level because his feelings aren’t clouded with the fog of arousal. He has a very visceral reaction when he thinks about what his wife is up to. He knows that I’m out having fun and enjoying the company of another man in whatever context that may be. Depending on the type of date and the setup that we are doing, my commentary is frequently themed at his inadequacy to satisfy my needs, necessitating another man to step in to help meet my needs.

Post Nut Clarity 2

When Kev accompanies me on my dates for a cuckold type adventure, he sits in the corner of the room. My bull and I watch him as he plays with himself while I very clearly remind him that my bull will be satisfying me in ways that he could never. We’ve only done this once and he was visibly agitated and uncomfortable after losing his fog of arousal so he is normally locked when we play like this.

Post-Nut Thoughts

Whatever the case above, this is FANTASY and it includes him at the core level. So many couples do this separately but we make sure to discuss the reasoning around why I step outside our marriage and the shortcomings that he has as a husband. I bring all of this fantasy back to him and give him full ownership of the humiliation which adds to the eroticism of the entire situation. I date other guys because you don’t satisfy me with that tiny dick. I play with myself because you could never satisfy me. I make you clean up your cum because nobody else wants it. All of these things are accompanied by strong emotions with the fog of arousal but when you strip that arousal, they are hard hitting and real. There are times when I return to a man on the brink of full emotional submission.

The last but absolute most important part of this entire blog is aftercare. Kev is the reason that I am able to play, have the confidence and emotional security to venture outside and explore with others. He is big enough and he is man enough and is the perfect partner for me. We both love the emotional rollercoaster of humiliation that he feels along with the feelings of empowerment and domination that I get from it. This is a form of BDSM and we both enjoy the feelings that our activities inspire. Consent is first and foremost, he can text me with our safe-word at anytime and I’ll return home. Post-nut clarity is simply another nuance to an exciting play dynamic that we have in our marriage and it amplifies things in a MAJOR way but that means aftercare needs to be amplified as well. The ups and downs on his rollercoaster of emotions are that much more intense and they must be treated with love, care and deep affection.

Yes, we have taken our relationship up a few notches and I’m giving you a window into it with this blog. Yes our play is fairly extreme but it is play nonetheless. We both enjoy playing with the strong emotions that accompany this sort of play. Kev is a very willing participant and we both talk openly and honestly about the parts of this lifestyle that we like and the parts that we do not like.

What are your post-nut thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!



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Really great post! I’ve always struggled with the “post-nut clarity” phase. Sometimes my partner clearly doesn’t want my submissiveness to fade at that point, but I’m a little too resistant and she doesn’t push me too hard on it. I very often regret my resistance a very short time later and wish that I had just gone with it. A lot of what you’ve described sounds really fun, and maybe I’ll be able to keep it in mind and do better at letting go in the future.


It’s a really hard thing to do but it is fulfilling on entirely different level then before you cum. For me the cum cleanup was one of deepest fantasies and shames. I’d ask for it and not follow through. It began to put a damper on all of our dom sub play because it felt fake. So one night we were talking about the issues I was having following through. My wife was kind and thoughtful and o was honest. So we made a plan and locked it in place while my balls were nice and full. The next night she brought out a bottle of scotch we each had a couple of glasses to loosen our inhibitions. As we discussed the night before I was tied securely to the bed. She spent the better part of an hour teasing me to the point that my brain was a puddle and I was beginning in complete earnest for her to feed me my first creampie. She got on top and I shit you not 3 pumps and I had the biggest orgasm of my life! She waisted no time as the details were already agreed upon. She sat down firmly and didn’t get up until the job was done. It was life changing one of the most intensely erotic experiences I’ve ever felt. Since that day the only time I don’t clean my on mess is if she won’t allow me to. I still don’t crave it after I finish but I crave that sub high of doing it anyway because she tells me to on an unimaginable level. My advice is set it before hand tell her not to let you back out and enjoy the ride.


Incredibly fascinating, Emma. There isn’t much said in the cyber sphere about post-nut things, and as you have so aptly pointed out, there is much to know and learn about it.

I agree with almost everything you said. Post-nut is the perfect time to test, train, reveal, and add emphasis on many important relationship aspects of a WLM. I disagree wholeheartedly with the use of humiliation, especially in a post-nut scenario, even if it is in jest or under the overall guise of ‘I don’t really mean it.’. But I think you already know that about me, so I won’t harp on it … too much. That said, I will say that every time I hear words to the effect of ” … my commentary is frequently themed at his inadequacy to satisfy my needs, necessitating another man to step in to help meet my needs.”, it makes me sad to imagine my Wife ever feeling that way let alone saying it. I’d be heartbroken and I just could never sexualize that feeling. “I date other guys because you don’t satisfy me with that tiny dick. I play with myself because you could never satisfy me. I make you clean up your cum because nobody else wants it.” I realize these are my feelings and, as such, have nothing to do with what others do and enjoy.

“By sarcasm, they mean they’re mean, but in a passive-aggressive way.” – Unknown

Of course, post-nut will absolutely clear the lust-induced fog that will have any agreeing to most things. The beautiful Ms. K. is very keenly aware of the post-nut condition and will utilize it in her decision process in our marriage. For example, if I am going to be away from her overnight or for a few days, she will sometimes (not often) order me to me nut immediately before my departure so that she is subject to the refractory period that is very detrimental to any WLM/FLR.

Additionally, when she is especially unhappy with me and my performance as her owned slave husband, she will require that I masturbate to a full, deep orgasm immediately prior to administering a harsh spanking. She knows (and so do I) that receiving a spanking right after a nut mostly eliminates erotic or pleasurable thoughts of my pending punishment. In other words, it sucks ass big time to be harshly spanked right after an orgasm. The meaningful impact of such a punishment is profound and long-lasting.

She has also used in what she calls cock training. Her method of improving my sexual stamina. Basically, she will bring me to the edge of orgasm in a variety of ways. When I reach the edge, she will stop and paddle my bottom. If it is too quick, the paddling is more severe and less so the longer it takes to get to the edge. In any event, however, it is already known by me ahead of time that when I actually do ejaculate, there will be a harsh spanking that follows, regardless of well the training session. The idea behind it is to associate the urge to cum with the pain of the paddle. And it works!

I love this: The expectation is that he cleans himself up 100% of the time because it has been proven to improve your mood and acts as a natural antidepressant.”

This has always been something that I wish Mistress K. would require of me. It’s not because I want to eat my cum. I don’t! I just want to be required to do so, whether it is in hand (like Kev’s was), on her body, in or around her pussy or ass, or even on the floor. Wherever it is after it leaves my body wouldn’t matter. The requirement would always be there. I suspect that it would initially cause me to pause on whether or not I would ask (beg) for an orgasm (or ruined orgasm), but after a while, I would become so accustomed to it that it wouldn’t matter.

All that said Emma, you are absolutely spot-on. Post-nut clarity (so very well put btw) is real and an essential natural element that each party needs to be intimately familiar with. It is NEVER allowed to be an excuse for subpar performance on my part, but it is a real thing.

Thank you for such an essential and relevant blog post.


Hey, really dig the rapid fire blog posts lately, and recently started checking out the twitter too, thanks for the content!

One of my favorite things about this site is the window into the evolution of your relationship that each post offers, kinda like a peak behind the curtain. The ‘Post-Nut Cum Cleanup’ segment reminded me of one of your 2018 post ‘To Eat His Own’. In the earlier post you mentioned “I don’t think that this will be a normal thing for us” but in this most recent post things have shifted; “The expectation is that he cleans himself up 100% of the time”. It’s neat picturing the journey, I imagine lots of coaxing & encouragement until it became second nature.

Another great write up, you and Kev have it figured it.


Great article. No question that after release the desire to do things after is way less than before. Hard wired male DNA! One thing that has worked for us is if I am allowed to cum in or on her an immediate command to clean is given with her hand on head, shoulders, etc. if a spilled orgasm she relishes in using her fingers to feed me. All the while commenting that she is proud of me for the ultimate submission to her.


Biting comments … but he ain’t wrong.

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