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LoopLok: What Does a Lock on a Beltloop Mean?

Have you see people walking around town with locks on their beltloop? Have you wondered just what in tarnation those are about? Look no further, we will unfold the details of the looplok craze. The latest craze in the male chastity community is a lock on the beltloop known as the looplok. The lock is the male equivalent of the key necklace and signifies that the male is locked up in a male chastity device. Since public display of genitals locked in a chastity device is generally frowned upon, this allows a couple to proudly display their commitment to each other in a public manner. While a looplok is certainly not necessary to participate in male chastity, it is often something that couples take a great deal of pride in.

What exactly is male chastity?

Before you can understand looplok, you need to first have an understanding of male chastity. This is a practice of male partners freely offering control of their genitals to their partner. While wearing a chastity device, erections are uncomfortable and penile stimulation is severely limited. PIV (penis in vagina) sex is generally impossible due to the device. Male chastity is often a symbolic gesture that accompanies a female led relationship (FLR).

Why would a couple be interested in male chastity?

Couples can be interested in male chastity for many reasons really but the biggest reason is to show commitment and submission within the partnered relationship. I’ve got plenty of blogs on this site about the benefits for both men and women in a committed relationship but a general overview is that it changes the power dynamic. Willful sacrifice of wearing a device can be endearing and strengthening for a relationship and can also be a cure for unhealthy masturbation habits within a relationship.


How long does he take?

Male chastity is also a great way to help couples with male ejaculation/orgasm challenges. A lock can give emotional and psychological control to allow for some fun behavior modification. Does he cum too quick or does he take to long? A cage can help him learn the appropriate time for arousal and operant conditioning can help delay his ejaculation until she is done or at least extend it.

What does a cock cage look like?

There are all sorts of colors and flavors of cock cages. Pink, stainless steel, black, white, plastic; the variations are seemingly endless. Some of them have padlocks while others have internal locks of some kind but the overarching theme is that the device inhibits the ability for a person equipped with male genitals to manually stimulate their penis.


Why would I want to share my partner’s locked status?

Some couples like to share their locked status as a source of pride in their relationship. Not every couple carries this dynamic and many couples are very proud that they’ve established something unique in their relationship. Male chastity is a big deal and a large part of a relationship dynamic and sometimes it is nice to share this with others. While it is clearly inappropriate to display one’s genitals in most public settings, the looplok and key necklace are ways that one couple can share with others in a safe manner. If you know, you know. If you don’t, you google it and end up here.

How do I participate?

The looplok is a symbol of locked status and should not be confused with the lock on your genitalia. This is a completely different lock and a completely different key. It is also very important that you remove the looplok prior to doing laundry because locks won’t do well in your washer and dryer. Aside from that, there are no real rules or guidelines about looplok. It is simply a way to show your pride for your chastity lifestyle. It is typically accepted that you are currently locked if you are wearing a looplok.

A big thanks to Wolf for allowing me to use his looplok image as the main photo for this blog. Want to include your looplok photo? Add your pic here and I’ll consider adding it to this blog.

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I’m all for normalizing chastity, orgasm control and Female Led Relationships and approve of this but just like the women wearing a key, we have to be ready and willing to tell people what it means or it will be just a fashion.

This didn’t get much attention this year; I only saw it less than a week before but if it gets repeated like Locktober, or maybe once a month it could really do some good to start people talking and considering chastity.

So every June 9th, or maybe every first Friday of the month?

And all of us able to display it as part of our everyday wear, just need to be prepared to answer some questions when people start to ask what it’s all about – Be Proud and share the purpose and benefits of locking the cock!


I really appreciate your posts and the time and care you take in writing them. I refer others to this sight as the best place to really understand the dimensions of FLR. I particularly appreciate your pieces on chastity (like this one) and on cuckholding. Terrific work. S


I think this is a great way of normalizing chastity and FLRs. It also helps FemDom couples identify each other in public and safely approach each other.


I like this idea and here is how my Plaything wears his. This allows him to tuck it under the zipper flap when we are with vanilla friends or family – @MPowerYou – I agree we should all be proud and confident in our lifestyle choice, but I really don’t need or want to have that conversation with others who are not in the lifestyle.


Cool article. Educational


What a great writing.
I think signaling chastity is fantastic. I never dreamed! I would be a proponent of chastity. Why would any man? Then some of us realize? Many women are more comfortable with their partner’s or men in general locked. Many feel safer. Some like the control.
So? That men wear a lock signals. That they are.caged and under control. That they are submitting to feminine authority. How sexy is that! To want to please your partner and celebrate women.


I’ve often wondered as I walk around town how many of the other guys I pass have their cocks caged. Am I the only one or is every bloke I pass also thinking the same thing? I’ve not come across the beltloop lock before but love the idea and will now be keeping my eyes peeled. Being locked up feels great and going about in public whilst caged feels amazing so I’ll certainly be joining the looplok gang.

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