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I read a really sad post titled "No sex drive and failing sex life"    I tried to post to it, but for some reason, I could not.    I thought this area might be the best place to respond to it.

I can relate to the post and with my wife's lack of sexual interest, I channeled my masculine energy into porn which only compounded the issues.    The comments from Emma and others is the hard truth.   You can't blame your spouse for her lack of sexual interest.    When you stand naked in front of the mirror, do you think yeah this will make her wet or do you cringe?    

In college I was fit, and had women who I never hooked up with embarrassingly confess they would think of me when they masturbate.   I had girls ask me to do a strip tease for them.   It was flattering.

After college I sacrificed my body for my career and money.   I accomplished that goal, but realized while money and power make for a great life for my wife and myself it doesn't really help in the bedroom.   

I started following this blog many years ago, and discovered semen retention.   I guess at the time my addiction was too great or I just had no will power, but I could not do the honor system.   It was like a rock hard throbbing alarm in my pants would go off and I had to take care of it.    I tried a cage, and wow it changed my life.   I suddenly became in charge of my dick, instead of the other way around.   My wife however thought the cage was repulsive.   It was never to be a part of our bedroom activities, and I put it away.  


Fast forward a couple years, and my wife encouraged me to get a personal trainer and when I saw the post on Miss Fit using Chastity in Fitness Training, I thought if anything would get my wife onboard with the cage it would be me getting my old body back.    It worked, well is working.   When I started self locking during the day, she tolerated it as out of site out of mind.   She could see my extra energy through the day.  I was more present.   I didn't need her to give me a chore list.   I just used my excess energy to start knocking things out.   It felt good.    It hasn't been long, but I have lost 11 pounds by sticking to Miss Fit's nutrition and exercise plan.    She is a Physical Trainer and not a Dom, which is perfect for me.    She knows my desire is to bring my wife and I closer together and is helping me improve my appearance by holding me accountable to my fitness goals.    The fact that she knows I am locked makes it more fun for me.    I highly recommend Miss Fit, if you are looking to make a change in your appearance or health. 

It was actually one of our children who was reading "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill and asked my wife about Sexual Transmutation, which Hill dedicated a chapter to.    She had no idea what Sexual Transmutation was, so this sent her down a rabbit hole of internet research and when she came out said "you are going on an ejaculation schedule.  You can look forward to Saturdays, and then smiled, but only if I am in the mood."    Multiple times a week now she has started edging and denying me with her hand and PIV before I giver her oral and we go to sleep spooning.   I have had three ruined orgasm in the past month and zero fulls.   My sexual energy is like a newfound super power or a battery that she is trickle charging to keep at max charge.     I have to hold back my desire to hug, cuddle, and kiss her as there is only so much she can take, before it becomes annoying to her.  I would smother her if I focused this all on her, so I give her what she wants which is about 10% of my sexual energy and use the remaining 90% to improve myself.   

Everyone's journey is different, but I thought my post might help the original poster of "No sex drive and failing sex life"    

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