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Powerteasing with breasts as a reconditioning procedure

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Forgive mispellings for English is not my native lang (Italian is). I am writing this for i suspect that breast play is way too undervalued, but a lady may exert a considerable amount of clout with that and wield a con siderable additional power.

When female breasts are sort of a cult to you it is no longer so relevant whether they are big or small, although of course huge, shockingly huge, is always better isn't it lol? Actually i have been in stories with ladies of just any kind in that regard, so it is just meant as fun and teasing when I speak of huge: as a matter of fact ladies may exploit their chest as an illustrious instrument of power, and play too, and they can do that totally regardless of size, although of course for breast games size may help. I think this is a neglected topic, and this is why I propose it to your attention. Breast play can be a high impact and very conditioning power play for the man and very fulfilling for the lady who owns him.

Huge or smaller, in a lady her chest is always an emblematic symbol of feminine influence, inasmuch as it is an easy anatomic district to show off in just any setting, and without having to require much disclosure (actually, none at all may work as well), and so it's fit to any social context, even the most formal ones. And it can be used in so many convenient ways to provide amusement to the lady who carries that "weapon", no matter whether the lady is dominant and enjoys savouring her sensual power or whether she is the relationship leader and still flattered by knowing she is admired by his man and by other men. A lady is a lady.

A lady always knows that, exploiting her breastsm she will be eye catching even if dressed in an informal or frugal fashion. Then the lady may decide how merciless to go: a little bit of cleavage? A more daring cleavage? No bra? Or maybe a pushup to make them brazenly blast upward and divergent?
In all cases she knows that all men, or ladies for that matter, will be looking. It is simply unavoidable. It is arguably a satisfaction knowing that walking in a mall or street you can surprise passerbys, and file that precious startled look of the random guys (maybe accompanied by their girlfriend lol) who, turning a corner, did not expect to see that and gets stunned but has to pretend he or she didn't! Precious!
And what to say about the fact those guys or ladies, in utter disbelief the former and sometimes in green jealousy the latter, wish they could take a harder look. But they can't, for it's not socially becoming. They have to behave and suffer. It sucks lol. And yet there they are, glancing and trying desperately not to make it too obvious that they looked indeed, and that they desperately wish they could look on. But they can't lol. That embarassment, or that futile effort to pretend they did not look while the lady perfectly knows they did, they are guilty, and that torment for the man to find the right occasion, if they can linger around with a suitable excuse, to have a second or third and fourth glance without appearing too intrusive. They all dream of the same thing, and the lady knows that, and she also knows that in a short time they, if unduly unlocked, will all be at home geting desperately and furiously busy all on their own lol
And what to say about those ladies (and sometimes men too) who will say you are ugly, or fat? They just know you have won over them, and that you could take away their partner and make him cheat with a snap of your fingers lol. Pathetic excuses, excuses. Men are so weak, ladies so strong, and a lady should nevr be jealous of another lady but, rather, seize the occasion to learn how to submit her men better.

Or you may walk with your girlfriend, and play a small play: she may wear a relatively daring cleavage and you keep walking hand in hand with her. You take the count of how many looks she collects, which is about the count of how many dudes she made hard. You would realize then how powerful your lady is. or maybe she will be the one who decided to play this to show to you how easily she might replace you: you have been warned lol! We all know that if she sits in a bar crossing legs she will get suitors but if a man sits alone in a bar he will be ignored. In case a man forgot that, or to be sure he doesn't, such play may be a good reminder to him!


Here is another play I may suggest. For the best part is when you can have a long and hard staring session, but remember: watch do not touch (just as if it were in the street).
You can then reveal to the lady how men would actually look if futile considerations of dignity would not interfere. Show hee, express yourself lol, and unman yourself of any manly pride. But remember: choose a name for your breasts that the man must use in case he mentions them. It cannot be a gross name, he should show respect at all times! Call them the globes of love, or untouchable graces, or whatever you fantasy may sugegst. Certainly nothing gross.

And now the man can do his job! Show her that men would gape, like utterly stupid, and actually drool and phisically drivel from their mouth in no time (in a couple of minutes they will be dribbling from all edges lol), and when you ask them questions they would answer mumbling in a dazzled and inchoerent way lol and the lady may have fun pretending she did not notice a partial nipple slip, or she may bend down to make her powerful breasts dangle for a flashing a second, or grab them as if to casually readjust them, or pass her fingers in between her breasts wondering: "is this what you would like to do, darling?" lol! You can even grope the air in front of her to show her how you would grope her luscious breasts if allowed (in your dreams! lol), so that she can decide whether you have the right skills lol. Or she can complain when you watch, ask you whether you're a pervert, and remind you of manners and that ladies are to be looked into the eyes, and forbid you from watching again, and when you do not watch she may wonder and ask what's wrong with you lol

The man should also make considerable efforts to praise the beauty of her breasts, in a totally polite and respectful manner: you may be a driveling mess, but you still have to be gentleman like. See, the learning curve! Improve! Improve!
Or she can tell you to get ready for a flash or for the full frontal (and who knows if she will follow through or keep teasing you and scold you for having been so weak to hope for that). But maybe that the lady, getting closer, will decide to you tell you to sniff them and as she grazes her nipples one millimeter away from your sealed lips she may whisper to you: do not even think of that lol, prove to me you have self control, that you are the right mannered gentleman for me lol. Abnegation, self control!

As for the option of suclking them, you will have to deveolp techniques: you can suckle one, or both at once if they are big enough to be squeezed together. You can suck them gently, or bob your head up and down as if... And do not be ashamed of producing ridiculous suction noises lol

The foreplay mey get pretty intriguing.
Hope you had fun reading, that was the intention, and maybe find some hint for a new play with your loved partner. Have fun, and a nice day.

Posted : 15/06/2021 6:02 pm
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